How a haircut made me more money

Once upon a time, before I grew my business to 8 figures…

Before I got verified on Instagram

Before I was featured on Good Morning America or any other news outlets…

I was living in and growing my law practice from my 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom cottage with my husband and 3, count ‘em, THREE children.

Needless to say, it was very hard to grow my business, serve clients, and manage a team in this extremely cramped space.

The one thing that helped me maintain the tiny sliver of sanity I had left…

Was going for walks around my neighborhood.

And I always made sure to go up the hill where all the big, fancy houses were.

One day I noticed a new house being built on my favorite street in the neighborhood.

It was enormous and beautiful — literally my dream house. 

Some time later, I noticed a sign in the front yard of my dream house: it was officially for sale.

I ran home to check a real estate website to see just how much the house cost.

But when I saw the listing, my heart sank.

$2.7 million. 

That was only about, um, $2.3 million out of my price range.

I was so disappointed. I felt defeated.

My tiny little house with my teenager shoved in with the toddlers and my husband and me without any privacy and my so-called empire crammed into a corner by the front door…

None of that made me feel like a badass.

But then, after a tough love pep talk from my husband…

I dusted myself off and allowed myself to dream.

So what if I couldn’t afford a mansion on a hill right now? It didn’t mean that I would never be able to afford one.

So, I decided to make it real by calculating the actual cost of buying my dream house — down payment, mortgage, and maintenance.

Then I got to work brainstorming ideas to increase my income significantly, so that I could make this dream come to life.

But that’s not the only thing I did…

I also started getting professional haircuts every month.

And in a few years, my family and I moved to North Carolina where we built our dream house from scratch.

Okay, pause.

Right now you’re reading this and you’re probably like…

Rachel, how did you go from getting your hair cut every month to building your dream house?? The math ain’t mathing, sis!

Don’t worry, boo. I gotchu!

You can read the full story of How getting professional haircuts helped me achieve my Million Dollar Vision over on Facebook Bulletin, where I explain:

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See you on Bulletin. 😉


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