MSNBC Readers: An Intro to Rachel Rodgers Law Office

Several days ago, I had the pleasure of being featured in a story called “Law Grads Going Solo and Loving It” on MSNBC. The article generated a lot of buzz in the legal community, especially among solo lawyers. I received some pretty negative feedback from the naysayer-types who believe that if they couldn't do it, how could I? (But we know better than to let naysayers stop us, right?).

I also received a great deal of positive feedback from lawyers and entrepreneurs alike who were inspired by the article and starting to think about how they could take a chance and follow their own dreams. Many of these folks have become a part of this little community by subscribing to my Savvy Entrepreneur Newsletter and following me on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

If you are new to the community, I'm sending a big “WELCOME” you way!

In addition to welcoming you in, I wanted to give you a brief guide to my website, tell you where I've been and where I'm headed:

Here’s a brief guide to the site:

Where I've Been:

This past year has been an amazing roller coaster ride! I took a leap of faith, started my own law practice, developed my own niche and have helped lots of ambitious entrepreneurs start and grow their own businesses. I also have an awesome community of entrepreneurs, lawyers and just generally awesome folks to interact with daily, started another website for lawyers, scored two writing gigs and more press than I could have imagined. The day I started, I was just hoping to create a location independent lifestyle and make a decent living; it has been so much more than that.  So my message to you, as always, is go for it!

Where I'm Going:

There have been some growing pains around here lately as more clients and more big ideas flood in. I am working on implementing a free monthly call, writing an ebook for entrepreneurs, developing a live teleclass for lawyers and am consulting with lawyers who want to go solo. In addition, I'm setting up better infrastructure so that I can improve customer service and serve even more clients. My goal is to help as many people as possible experience the wonderful freedom that is creating your own business, maintaining your ideal lifestyle and, as Oprah says, living your best life!

If there is any way I can help you take the first step or the next step in your entrepreneurial journey, please let me know. Introduce yourself in the comments or touch base on Facebook or Twitter.

I can’t wait to hear from you! 🙂

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