Have you hit a revenue plateau? Try this.

Change is hard.

We are hardwired for the familiar. We want things to be predictable and safe. The moment we discover something new we’d like to create, we also discover new and creative ways to talk ourselves out of it.

“Resistance is the equal-and-opposite-reaction of nature to the New Thing that you and I are called to bring forth out of nothing. There would be no Resistance without the Dream.” – Steven Pressfield

This Resistance to The Dream is what’s causing your revenue plateau.

Everyday when you take a look at what is on your calendar, it’s the same ‘ol, same ‘ol. Appointments with clients, work that needs to be completed, a blog post that needs to be written. You are showing up and consistently doing the work, the only problem is it’s last year’s dream that you are working on.

You can’t keep doing the same things you did last year and expect a different result then what you got last year. If you made $100k last year by doing two launches, writing weekly blog posts and responding timely to the opportunities in your inbox. You can expect to make $110k this year if you again do two launches, write weekly blog posts and are responding timely to the opportunities in your inbox. If you want to make more than small, incremental improvements over last year’s numbers, then you need to do more than the exact same thing you did last year only slightly better.

If your daily calendar looks the same as it did last year, then your revenue will, too.

You have to do something new. You have to make a change if you want to change your results. Doubling, tripling or 10x’ing that $100k revenue is possible but only if you are willing to do battle with your Resistance and start working on this year’s dream.

That means that when you check your calendar for the day, it’s going to be new and different. In addition to writing weekly blog posts and appointments with clients, you will need to create a new webinar, re-work your sales process, interview candidates for that executive assistant role you are hiring for, send emails asking past clients for testimonials and create a new, scaleable offer. And it’s going to suck.

Because it’s new and different, it’s going to be a challenge. Your old, familiar daily cadence will call you with a sweet, siren song. You have to resist the roar of the comfortable to bring forth The Dream, and the increased revenue that comes along with it.

Growing your business won’t ever be convenient.

Embrace change. As an entrepreneur you have committed yourself to a life of transition. Your job as CEO of your empire will be ever-changing. You are faced with decisions, each day, that allow you to choose to take it to the next level or stay exactly where you are. Where you are may feel comfortable, but here’s the thing about comfort—it’s a temporary illusion that keeps us safe in the moment. Comfort fails to take the future into consideration.  

The good news is that it does get easier to take on new challenges. As you progress in your entrepreneurial journey, you will build that change-embracing muscle and find it easier to step up to the next challenge. You’ll get better at slaying the Resistance dragon.

Start by reclaiming your time.

So if you truly want to get past your current revenue plateau, here’s an action step I recommend: conduct a time audit. Track your time for 10 days and find out what you are really busy doing every day. I’d bet money that you do actually have time to take on that project that will make you a lot more money. And you’ll also discover that you have plenty of time to reclaim from things that aren’t important to you and redirect towards The Dream.

When you start showing up for The Dream, the dream revenue will start showing up for you. What got you to $100k is not going to get you to your million. Embrace the change.


PS: Resistance is why the coaching industry exists. My team and I can help you identify your business Dream and teach you the exact step-by-step strategies to achieve it. And our coaches, community and content are here for you on a daily basis to help you keep moving forward no matter how enticing the siren song of comfort sounds. Our next round of Glow Up for women entrepreneurs earning $100k or more who want to scale to $1m starts soon – book a call + fill out our short application to apply.

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