Don’t change courses (again) yet. Your new plans need time.

rodgerscollective_adlawsonlineOne of the biggest challenges I face everyday is staying the course to grow my business. As owners, there are so many new shiny options and so many new shiny paths to distract us from what we know we need to do. Building a sustainable business takes time and growing it to new levels takes even more time.

All that growing requires not just time and energy, but the fortitude to stay the course.

When the revenue doesn’t come fast enough, when the growth doesn’t happen as exponentially as we’d hoped, the temptation to switch gears is immense. And I’ve fallen prey to it many times. But not this time. This time I will stay the course I set a few weeks ago to the vision of my painted picture for Rodgers Collective – because we’re already seeing confirmation that it is the right direction for us, for our audience, and for our clients.

“Plan your work and work your plan.” -Nido Qubein

While, it isn’t feasible to expect that every moment of the work day will be devoted to working the plan (at least not yet), I am able to focus at least part of every day on moving us forward in the direction we want to go. And I’m calling that a win for now.
In just a few short weeks, we’ve accomplished so much towards that future:

  • Built a system to offer consistent workshops to our audience
  • Established our first 6 month set of goals
  • Achieved one of those goals almost immediately
  • Updated our website to reflect our new focus
  • Sketched out our next few months of content

As we get closer to that vision, I imagine more and more time will be devoted to working the plan. As the pieces come together, it will only become easier to stay the course. Because I have officially left the fantasy land where I can accomplish 1,000 disparate things all at the same time.
Because really, what is the alternative? Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted every single day. Living a life that doesn’t fit. Doing business that doesn’t fulfil us. That is not what we signed up for when we struck out on our own as entrepreneurs, as business owners, and that is not the environment I want to provide my employees.
So I ask, what can you do today, tomorrow, and next week to help you move forward toward the future you’re dreaming of? 

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