Come for the outfits. Stay for the conversation.

You might have heard some whispering that I’m going on tour to promote my new book, We Should All Be Millionaires: A Woman’s Guide to Earning More, Building Wealth, and Gaining Economic Power.

A virtual book tour. Watch from anywhere in the world. No need to leave your comfy bed, couch, or patio.

I’m excited to share that the rumors are true.

Here’s what you need to know:

* I’m speaking (virtually) at Black-owned independent bookstores all around the country. All book sales will go through those stores and will benefit their small but mighty-as-hell businesses.

* I’ve announced 4 stops on the tour, with more to be revealed in the coming days. You can pick the date that works for you- or buy a ticket for as many of these events as you’d like! Go here to see the schedule.

* You don’t have to travel to the bookstore. You get to watch the live broadcast safely from home. Put the kettle on, get those cozy vibes going, and you’ll feel like you’re sitting inside the bookstore even if you’re a thousand miles away.

* Each event includes: an inspiring conversation about money, wealth, worthiness, and creating the future you want—plus Q&A time, so many laughs, so many stories, and so much #BlackGirlMagic packed into each night.

* We’ve lined up a special guest for each event, too! A star-studded line-up. You will be shooketh. Your jaw will dropeth to the floor. Hints: Sonya Renee Taylor. Rachel Cargle. Rebecca Minkoff. Glo Atanmo. Take a look at all the guests here!

* To attend a virtual book tour event, you need to buy a ticket through the host bookstore. We’ve rounded up all the links to purchase from the bookstores here. By purchasing a ticket, it’s a win-win. You get a copy of the book shipped to you (win) plus you’re supporting a Black-owned bookstore (double-win).

* If you’ve already purchased this book in the past, that’s amazing and we’re so grateful. And, consider buying a book tour ticket so that you get another book. You can give your extra book to a friend, family member, or client. They will love it.

* And YES- this purchase will not only be you ticket for admission to each event, but can also be redeemed for access to my We Should All Be Millionaires: Live coaching experience. Get those details and upload your proof of purchase here.

In summary:

* The book. It’s coming. Soon.

* The tour. It’s happening. Virtually.

* Go here to see the book tour schedule and get your ticket.

* Pick whatever date is best for you and get your ticket today—right this very moment without delay. Shower these Black-owned bookstores with appreciation, love, support, and dollars.

I will see you there!


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