But did you really try, though?

You’ve got a goal. You say you’re trying to achieve it. But are you trying… really?

On episode 66 of The Hello Seven Podcast, I share a story about Leslie Odom Jr. 

Leslie is a Tony and Grammy award-winning artist from Queens, best known for playing the role of Aaron Burr in the musical Hamilton. He’s a Black Broadway performer who continues to disrupt the theater industry and make history. He’s also a wealthy man. Estimated net worth: $12 million. 

But before he became a massive success, he was struggling…hard.

Leslie went through a long dry spell in his career. No acting gigs. No income. He considered giving up on the performing arts altogether. Maybe it was time to switch to a more “sensible” career. He spoke to a mentor and explained that he was thinking about walking away from the theater business.

His mentor said the words that forever changed Leslie’s life.

“Okay. You can do that. But before you give up, how about you actually try?”

Leslie was offended! “Excuse me? I AM TRYING.” But after some deep self-reflection, he realized that his mentor was right. He was not trying. Not really. He was spending a lot of time stressing, worrying, and complaining but not actually putting in the work that’s required to book leading roles on Broadway. 

So, Leslie got to work. This time, for real. What happened next? Hamilton. The show catapulted his career and income to an entirely new level. 

Whenever a client tells me, “I’ve tried everything!” “Nothing is working!” “Nobody is purchasing my offer and I can’t figure out why!” … I always tell them Leslie’s story. And then I ask my client, “But did you really try, though?”

Can you honestly say that you did everything within your power to get customers in the door and reach your revenue goal?

  • Did you email your friends, family, and colleagues and notify them about your new offer? 
  • Did you reach out personally to past clients to invite them to purchase? 
  • Did you do a live-stream video to share why you created this offer and why it’s so exciting? 
  • Did you send a newsletter to your mailing list to provide all the details? 
  • Did you host a customer appreciation party, open house, info session, or webinar to provide information about your offer and entice people to buy it?
  • Did you print brochures, postcards, or flyers to describe your offer and mail them out, or drop them around town? 
  • Did you attend an event, exchange business cards with potential clients, and then follow up afterward to invite them to work with you? 
  • Are you timidly hiding behind your computer screen, hoping to be “discovered,” or are you putting yourself out there and asking people for their business? 

You get the idea. 

Bottom line: did you really try? Did you make a full-assed effort or half-assed effort? Are you waiting by your inbox and hoping for something to happen, or are you taking the necessary actions to ensure that it happens?

There’s a difference between pretending to try…and actually trying. One keeps you stuck. The other makes you millions. 

I’m here to deliver the same message that Leslie’s mentor gave to him:

Before you give up, how about you actually try.


Rachel Rodgers

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