On big scary launches

This week I wrapped a big launch that I had been working on for quite some time. It was a huge success and I am incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to work with a new, big ‘ol group of entrepreneurs and help them make their digital product dreams a reality.

Now that the launch is over and the results are in, I could pretend like I just KNEW it would be a massive success. On the contrary, I was a nervous wreck at various points throughout the process because I had invested time, capital and my heart into this course + community and the actual launch. I even spent one day of the launch with my head under the covers because I was upset about mistakes that were made and was worried they would be fatal to my launch (they totally weren’t and I was way overdramatizing the matter).

I was scared despite the fact that I’ve done about a million launches in the last seven years. The fears don’t disappear, you just get better at managing them.

I could have let my fears stop me from going forward with my launch. I could have pushed the launch date back perpetually until the whole thing fizzled out altogether. But the honest truth is that I really love the program that I put together and I really wanted to help more entrepreneurs get amazing results. AND I wanted to find out the answer to the question: do people actually want this? (Turned out that they do– hallelujah!).

I know launching may seem scary. You may be worried that it'll be crickets after doing so much work, that no one will buy your shit, that everything will go wrong and you'll be mortified and have to erase your name from the interwebs, but trust me none of that will happen.

Okay, MOST of that won't happen.

However, if you are willing to put yourself out there what is MOST likely to happen is that:

  • You'll have amazing conversations with your customers, business colleagues, and other cool peeps. You’ll learn a ton about these customers and what they want and need, and then you’ll be able to better serve them. This alone is a reason to take the risk and launch something.
  • Opportunities will fall into your lap (“hey, would you want to come and speak at my event, I see you are an expert on XYZ”). Speaking gigs, collaborations, guest posts and other fun opportunities come your way during and after a launch. When you make yourself visible, people notice and get excited about what you offer. Enthusiasm transferred.
  • You'll get clarity about yourself and your business plans. In the middle of my launch, I mapped out the next 12 months of my business. Executing the Multiply launch provided so much clarity about what I have to offer and, again, what my customers need and want from me. Now I know how to better serve them AND I am clearer on my own personal and professional goals. All of these things helped me map out my business plans for the next year.
  • You'll have a ton of fun. Yes, launching is so much fun, if you’ll let it be. Take some of the pressure off and just let it be a blast. Fun brings in a lot more FUNDS than worry, panic and meltdowns. I have experience with both, fun is more lucrative, in every form of currency (including your emotional and mental health).
  • And, yes, you'll work your ass off. But working your ass off feels really good. That feeling of putting in work and accomplish something should not be glossed over. It’s freaking amazing! And it’s rare to work your ass off and not see any kind of rewards. You’ll be rewarded for your efforts in one way or another, even if it’s not in the form you were hoping for or exactly when you wanted it to happen.

I encourage you to get out there and share what you have to offer with the world. And don't be shy, REALLY put it out there. Ask for help. Send lots of emails to your customer list!! (If you've been providing tons of value to them week after week, you've earned the right to share about your work #jabjabjabrighthook). Ask everyone you know to share it. And set the intention to help people, ‘cause I have to tell you, as much as I love #deposits, it's the helping people that is the massive reward.

Get your launch on. There is fun, funds, clarity and connection on the other side.

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