Are You Tired of Your Own Bullshit Yet?

Confession: I’ve been a hot mess basketcase
for at least the last week, possibly longer.

 I can (and will) give you all the reasons why I’ve been a hot mess basketcase. Here goes:

  • I was on the road for almost the entire month of April and it was amazing, exhilarating, and motherfucking exhausting.

  • As soon as I got back we had to dive into preparing for our Prime retreat (which was only 2 weeks away). PLUS we had tons of bills to pay and had to deal with tax bills. It was a non-stop money hemorrhage. Have you ever seen a hemorrhage? That shit looks scary AF.

  • Then we hosted our Prime Mastermind retreat and it was fabulous! And I was dead tired afterwards.

  • And then I did a one-on-one Handled retreat with an amazing client of mine and it was fabulous! And I was dead tired afterwards.

And, because I never gave myself an opportunity to recover from my travels and retreats, I remain dead tired.

As a result, every day I’m just a little bit cranky

In general, my schedule is absolutely bananas, because, frankly, I have been undercharging for my services. So there has been way too much hustle happening and not enough chill. Because my schedule has been out of whack, I stopped working out, and stopped taking time for myself. I also think about work non-stop and find it nearly impossible to relax.

All of these so-called “reasons” are why I have been complaining, and tired, and acting like an asshole. But the real, dig-deep-down-and-rip-it-out-of-your-core reason is that I feel like I am not enough. That’s right. I struggle with enoughness. Always feeling the need to overcompensate in all areas of my life, ‘doing too much’ as it were leads to literally doing too much. Hence the hot mess basketcase life.

And then I got tired of my own bullshit.

Cause that’s what it is: Bull. Shit. My own. Nobody else’s.

It is no one else’s fault that I am tired and cranky. I should get more sleep.

It is no one else’s fault that my schedule is overwhelming. I should block off more time for myself and stop committing to ALL THE THINGS.

It is no one else’s fault that I’m not working out. I know I will feel better after I work out, so I should peel myself off my hot ass leather couch and go work out.

It is no one else’s fault that I don’t believe that I am enough. That is a bullshit lie from the devil’s mouth, a limiting belief that I know how to self-coach out of my mind. I should stop believing that nonsense.

But the reality is, that neither you nor I are going to cut the shit, until we get tired of our own bullshit.

Elizabeth Gilbert Quote

That is the good news. When you finally get tired of making your 1,000 lame excuses, you will experience transformation.

The fact that you are full of shit right now is entirely your own damn fault. But that is great news because it means that when you’re ready to stop being full of shit, you can and will get the results you’re after, whether that is getting more clients, losing weight, making more money, quitting your job, traveling, getting tickets to the Beyoncé concert or whatever else you want to achieve. It’s all up to you. It’s all within your grasp.

I hope you see that. I hope you know that you have incredible talents and gifts that others do not possess. They are yours. And you can squander them and hide behind your bullshit. Or you can bring ‘em out. It’s on you.

Being stressed out and overwhelmed and full of shit is not an excuse for anything. Not one damn thing will be excused because you’re feeling “overwhelmed.” If your life ain’t right, get it right.

And if you are, in fact, tired of your own bullshit and ready to commune with a group of smart, ambitious women entrepreneurs and build the kind of business you know you are capable of building, then apply for my Prime Mastermind. There are only 10 spots total and we’re getting started on July 1st.
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