Are you making B.A.D. decisions?

What is a Broke Ass Decision aka B.A.D.? It’s when you make a decision that: – Steals your time and energy. – Makes you feel weak, insecure, and trapped. – Eliminates options rather than creating them.  Basically, it’s any decision that leaves you feeling broke: emotionally broke, financially broke, or both. Let me give you a few examples: – You are excessively generous with your boyfriend/girlfriend/cousin/whomever. You give them tons of your time, energy, and skills, and help them build their dream business while neglecting your own career. They prosper while your income plateaus. That’s B.A.D. – You do 90% of the household chores even though you and your partner both work full-time. Somehow you’ve become the maid, chef, dish washer, laundress, dog trainer, therapist, etc. You allow this to happen. You act like it’s fine when it’s definitely not. B.A.D. – You allow your kids (or your phone!) to interrupt you 57 times a day. Constant distractions. You’re never able to bring your full attention to your work, which means everything takes way longer than it should. A project that ought to take 30 minutes takes all day to complete. You’re constantly scrambling for time and money. Very B.A.D. If you’re not a millionaire yet, this is because you are making Broke Ass Decisions and engaging in Broke Ass Behavior.  You’re giving away your power. Giving away your time, attention, energy, skills, and personal space. Undercharging. Overextending. Settling for crumbs. Broke Ass Decisions keep you broke. Million Dollar Decisions make you rich. Which decisions are you gonna make today? . . . If you’re ready to start making Million Dollar Decisions, at work and at home, this Club is where you need to be. We Should All Be Millionaires: The Club is the place where smart women go to rise up, get educated, make boss moves, and build wealth.  Choose your membership plan and join the Club. Do a monthly plan (no long term commitment, cancel anytime) or annual plan (big savings, big perks) and either way, you win. We’re determined to help 300 women become millionaires within the next 3 years. If you wanna become one of those 300 wealthy badasses… join us! *Be sure to join before enrollment closes on April 30, 2020 at 11:59 p.m.* Rachel PS I know you don’t want to make broke ass decisions—you want to be financially and emotionally rich. Lucky for you, I’m offering an encore of my masterclass “We Should All Be Millionaires: 5 Steps to Becoming Wealthy in Any Economic Climate.” Not sure you’re ready to commit to We Should All Be Millionaires: The Club? Register for the masterclass here and get early access on making Million Dollar Decisions.

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