Are you asleep?

As entrepreneurs, it’s in our nature to be driven, individualistic, and creative. We tend to think outside the box and are compelled to push for more. We match that drive with an equal and opposite propensity for being incredibly lazy, complacent, and comfortable.

I’m not above it—I can see this in my clients because I’ve seen it in myself over the years. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve thought I was doing just fine in my business, only to be hit by the realization that I’ve actually simply been comfortable, complacent, and a little fucking lazy.

The key I’ve discovered to not fall prey to Sleep Mode is to recognize the patterns and nip the symptoms in the bud as soon as they sprout.

Watch out for these Sleep Mode warning signs:

  1. Your revenue numbers have gotten comfortable. Here’s the thing about your money: it's fine until suddenly it's not fine anymore. And then you feel cramped, lack the necessary capital to grow, and you’re unable to get past this revenue plateau.
  2. You don’t want to show up. Your community goes unattended—you don’t feel like doing that Facebook live or recording that next podcast episode or writing that new article or executing new, fresh marketing ideas. Your entrepreneurial drive has waned, and what’s left in its place looks more like apathy.
  3. Your systems feel like they’re breaking down or not properly supporting you and your team. If your systems aren’t working for you, then they aren’t working at all—not for you, your team, your clients, or your prospects. And if you aren’t constantly working to refine your systems and do better, then you’re actually slowly dying.

So what can you do about it?

When you feel yourself slipping into complacency, comfort, and laziness, take a look at your stats for growth and think:

“There is no one else in my industry who's got what I got. I can do better than this.”

You need to get angry when you think about what you made last month. You should be annoyed that more people aren’t signing up to work with you. You should feel down right indignant that you aren’t more well known in your industry.

And what’s going to make you aware, in the future, rather than sleep walking through your business is to be around people who push you. You need to surround yourself with a community who sees your next level potential.

You need someone who’s going to keep you on your toes.

And you’re not alone. I am a pretty determined person. I’m the woman who gave birth to a child, moved across the country and still managed to launch my first digital product, all in an 8-week period. And evenget lulled to sleep at times. I’m grateful to have coaches in my life who will bitch slap me and say, “you’re playing yourself” when I start playing small. They hold the vision even when I don't.

As you continue to grow your business, you need those people who see in you things you may not see in yourself. While you’re in Sleep Mode, they'll see Oprah levels of success for you. As entrepreneurs, we are highly affected by the people in our community, and if you want to step up your revenue and your life, check out who is in your circle.

Who’s gonna keep you on your toes?


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