Aim Higher: Why You Should Stop Focusing on Six Figures

2.17.16 No playAs a coach, when an entrepreneur comes to me and says they want to make $100k, I say no and request that they come up with a bigger, badder number. Not because we all need to work ourselves to death to make untold amounts of money for no reason. But because I want you to aim higher so you can change the world.

I coach women who are creating #fempires, not women who just want to replace their $65k per year salary from their former job.

If that's what you want than yes $100k will work for you (you'll pay a minimum of $15k in taxes and $20k in expenses, so on a $100k revenue business you'll take home about $65k … hopefully.)  

But if you want to impact the world with the gifts and talents only you have, if you want to make life easier for people, if you want to spread great ideas, empower fathers or single mothers, help women rediscover their sexy, help businesses understand their finances, make sure people with autoimmune diseases know how to eat and take care of themselves, or help lifestyle brands reach more diverse audiences or any number of worthy missions my clients are on, than sister girl, you have got to stop focusing on “six figures.”

No honey.

You can do better than that.

We can do better than that.

In fact, “you just might be a black, [ female, gay, trans, Hispanic, mixed with Korean, or purple-haired] Bill Gates in the making.”

Watch this week’s RRTV to find out the revenue goal you should be focusing on.


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