We made one million dollars…in one month.

My company, Hello Seven, made one million dollars during the month of June.

This is our highest-earning month of all time. Record-breaking. Historic. 

I am blown away and still processing.

This is a victory not just for me and my incredibly hard-working team. 

This is a victory for women—and most of all, this is a victory for Black women. 

I hope thousands of Black women and girls see the Instagram post where I dropped the million dollar news, and think, “If she can, I can too.” 

A win for me is a win for all of us. Especially you. As a member of my community, you showed up and showed out. I couldn’t have done it without the massive support of the entire Hello Seven Squad.

I’m especially proud of this million dollar milestone because…it’s evidence. 

It’s evidence that no matter where you come from, no matter how many financial mistakes you’ve made, and no matter how many opportunities have been unfairly snatched away from you, your future can be better than your past. 

Your next chapter can be one of affluence and joy. 

You can win.

The facts: I am a Black woman from a low-income family. I have four kids, including one who just turned two. I speak up loudly about racism, misogyny, and other systems of oppression that are royally fucked up. I say things that people don’t want to hear. I make people uncomfortable. And I used to be terrible with money (I had a 480 credit score, y’all).

This million dollar victory proves that you can be all these things—Black, female, outspoken, political, a parent with teenagers and toddlers at home, not exactly “naturally gifted” with money—and you can still make bank.

To be clear: I’m not satisfied with simply becoming wealthy, myself. I’m on a mission to help every person who has been systemically marginalized and underestimated become a millionaire. So let’s talk about you

In order to become a millionaire, you need to start making million dollar decisions. 

A million dollar decision is any decision that brings you peace, power, prosperity, or all of the above. 

Raising your pricing is a million dollar decision. 

Having a hard conversation is a million dollar decision. 

Hiring someone to handle groceries and laundry (and paying them a living wage to do it) is a million dollar decision. 

Standing up for what you believe in. Getting a fantastic haircut. Upgrading your closet so you feel like a #boss. Leaving a soul-sucking relationship. Joining a club filled with badass humans who inspire you to level up. Officially setting up your business as an LLC and going legit. All examples of million dollar decisions.

What is the next million dollar decision that you need to make?

Make it. Then make another. And another. 

That is how you will have your first million dollar year. And eventually your first million dollar month. First of many.

If I can, you can, and your daughter can, and her children can too.

We should all be millionaires.

We should. We can. We will if I have anything to do with it. 


PS. I am going to use some of the proceeds of this epic month to #buybackBlackdebt. This is Sonya Renee Taylor’s project where people of means invest $1000 a month, recurring, to pay bills that are overwhelming Black people who are struggling during this pandemic. I want to be sending money to Black families who are unable to pay rent, make car payments, or cover childcare and other costs. I encourage you to participate if you are able.

PPS. I will also be paying out profit-sharing to my 80% woman team which includes four Black women and one Latina woman. This is one of the many reasons why I love being a wealthy CEO—because I can give back to my team in big ways.

PPPS. Obviously this is our theme song of the day! “Juice” by Lizzo. “If I’m shinin', everybody gonna shine!”

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