A lot can change in 5 days

A lot can change in 5 days. 

When you set your mind to it, it’s incredible how much transformation can happen in a short amount of time. 

Back in September when I led a 5-day challenge for our community, here’s what people accomplished before the end of the challenge: 

  • One person raised her prices from $200 to $2000 and courageously reached out to 4 potential clients to invite them to purchase. 
  • Another person took a brilliant idea that she’s been sitting on—for a year—and finally announced it and asked people to enroll. 
  • One client decided, “I’m ready to turn my side hustle into a legit, full time, million dollar business” and took serious steps to move in that direction.
  • One person had an epiphany and realized, “The world already undervalues me. Why am I making things even worse by undervaluing myself?” She made a solemn promise. No more discounts and unsustainable pricing. Never again. 
  • Another made the decision to hire two employees—one to help with social media and another with PR.
  • One person created a generous free resource for her community, designed the PDF (by herself, even though she’s not super tech savvy and felt nervous to do it), shared it, and grew her audience from 0 to 50 followers. Now she’s got 50 potential clients who are interested in her work and sticking around to learn more!
  • Numerous people followed up with leads to inquire, “Are you ready to proceed?” and walked away from those calls with confirmed, paying clients and cash in hand. 

You can spend the next 5 days doing busywork that doesn’t yield results.

Or spend the next 5 days taking action to move the revenue needle in your business. 

You’re probably going to work Monday to Friday this week, am I right? I want you to spend the next 5 days taking courageous action. 

What does this mean, exactly? It means putting yourself out there, selling your offer, asking people for their business, following up, and closing the deal—even if you feel uncomfortable. It means going after bigger opportunities—instead of playing small. It means making decisions to create more abundance, peace, power, and joy in your life—and holding firm to your boundaries. It means knowing what you want and going after it—assertively—rather than passively waiting and hoping things will work out. And, it means assuming you will succeed rather than assuming you will not.

I’ve witnessed people make enormous strides—and make an enormous amount of money—in 5 days or even 5 hours. 

How are you going to spend the next 5 days?

Decide what you want. Decide what you’re going to do about it. Make up your mind—firmly. There is nothing (and I mean NOTHING) more powerful than a mind that’s been made up.


PS. You’re invited to spend 5 transformational days with me. It’s called The Make Money Moves Challenge. Because this challenge has been so successful in the past, we’re bringing it back and giving you another opportunity to participate. October 24-28, 2022. Join the waitlist

Give me 1 hour of your attention x 5 days in a row, do the work, and you will start making more money.

PPS. Don’t want to wait for the challenge to start your money making transformation? Book a call to discuss how we can help you make BIG financial gains now.

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