8 quotes to light a fire under you this week

I don’t know about you, but sharing honest conversation, thoughtful insights, and deep belly-laughs with smart, powerful women is one of my favorite things to do.

So when I released my book, We Should All Be Millionaires: A Woman’s Guide to Earning More, Building Wealth, and Gaining Economic Power, I went on an EPIC virtual book tour, and I got to do just that at every tour stop.

I brought together some of my favorite minds, voices, and friends to celebrate at Black-owned independent bookstores throughout the country.

And I got to have deep conversations with extraordinary women, diving into topics around normalizing Black wealth, activism and capitalism, self-care, women and ambition, and tons more.

Looking back at the joy, wisdom, and stories we shared, I felt like I just had to let you in on the action!

So…straight from the We Should All Be Millionaires Book Tour, here are 8 quotes to light a fire under you this week:

“Part of the psychological warfare of these systems of oppression is that they make you think the thing that they’re keeping away from you is the thing not worth having.” 

— Best-selling author, award-winning performance poet, activist, educator, and founder of The Body is Not An Apology movement, Sonya Renee Taylor.

“As Black women in particular we know that we have other things to take care of besides just building a brand, and that our pursuit of this wealth is with the intention and understanding in mind about how it would exist in our community.

— Public academic, writer, lecturer, activist and entrepreneur, Rachel Cargle.

There is nothing wrong with good old-fashioned slow growth… Grow with a margin, grow slower, and own your company.”

— Industry leader, powerhouse fashion designer, and creator of The Female Founder Collective, Rebecca Minkoff.

“Sometimes we think all of the genius we need is outside of ourselves and that we don’t have the ability to navigate whatever challenges come our way. As an entrepreneur, you’re gonna have challenges… Self-trust is a big part of it.

— Best-selling author, self-made millionaire, CEO and Founder of Hello Seven, ya girl, Rachel(sometimes I can’t resist the urge to quote myself, lol).

“Jealousy is a sign that you know you’ve been denying your dreams.” 

— Creative entrepreneur, online educator, and worldwide storyteller, Glo Atanmo.

It’s really important to know your ‘Why?’ behind your path to wealth, and that’s different for everybody.”

— Multi-bestselling Financial Author and award-winning podcast host, Farnoosh Torabi.

“No risk, no return — on anything in life. Whether that’s starting a business, or doing something with your money, or starting a relationship. You can live a small life, or you can step out and take some risks. 

 — CEO and Co-Founder of Ellevest, Sallie Krawcheck.

“We run into a problem when money becomes how we understand our own value in the world… I was dope at $20,000, and I was dope at $200,000, and Imma stay dope at $2 million.

— Professional motivational speaker, corporate trainer, and self-made power woman, Nicole Walters.

Okay — did any of those quotes have you passionately nodding, humming “mmhm’s” or even calling out an “Amen!” right there in your desk chair?

Good news. There is WAY more where that came from. Like, 6 hours more, to be exact.

Lucky for you, we recorded ALL of my Book Tour stops.

That means all the deep questions, thoughtful answers, game-changing epiphanies, and mic-drop-worthy proclamations are yours to soak in.

If you order a hardcover copy of We Should All Be Millionaires between August 15 – August 22, 2021, and submit your receipt here, you’ll get access to the Book Tour Bundle.

In the Bundle you’ll find recordings from all 6 tour stops, including my conversations on…

– demystifying money & oppression with Sonya Renee Taylor

– normalizing Black wealth with Rachel Cargle

– what it takes to build a 9-figure business with Rebecca Minkoff

– growing an audience, gaining sponsors, and taking risks with Glo Atanmo

– real strategies women are using to build wealth right now with Farnoosh Torabi & Sallie Krawcheck

– and gaining wealth and influence with Nicole Walters.

You can watch the recordings with your glass of wine on the couch, listen to them in the car on the way to work, or tune in through your headphones on your morning walk.

However you choose to soak up this wisdom, do it with your mind open to new ideas and your heart open to growth.

So, right now, my advice to you is to order your hardcover copy of my book, submit your receipt, and get your hands on this Bundle.

And once you do, follow these simple, back-of-the-bottle instructions:

Get inspired.

Make money.



PS. Because I know some of you might be wondering… “I already ordered the book, so do I need to buy another copy to get access to the Book Tour Bundle?”

First and foremost, THANK YOU! I really hope you’re enjoying the book, and that you have a whole new attitude about money by the time you finish!

In order to get access to the Book Tour Bundle, you will need to purchase another hardcover copy of the book between August 15 – August 22, 2021, and upload your receipt to this page.

I recommend gifting your extra copy to your mom, BFF, favorite client, or anyone else in the world who you think deserves to make way more money. 

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