Is creativity killing your profit?

Growing your business is a creative endeavor. Look no further than Queen Bey, vocal artist and leader of an empire that extends far beyond her latest album.

Business is an art form.

You, as a business owner, are an artist. You are constantly creating solutions to large problems and presenting those solutions to the public at large in exchange for money. Like an artist paints a canvas to hang in my previously bare stairwell—which I am happy to hand over a fat wad of cash for.

The definition of an artist is one who is adept at something.

Are you not mad adept???

I am an artist, too, and my business’ success is the result of my commitment to strategy, metrics, logistical planning AND also my passion for sharing the message that ALL women should be millionaires—which is expressed through endeavors like creating content for writing, speaking, podcasting, and teaching.

This is why last week we brought 35 baddies here to North Carolina for a retreat—one that gave them the opportunity to connect, collaborate, and tap into their inner creative. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the metrics: revenue, profit, ad dollars—and forget that there is more to growing your business (that is equally as important): your genius, passion, and unique way of doing the the thing you do.

Listen, I love tracking metrics (probably more than the next girl), but the real fun is had when I’m creating content, sharing ideas, and getting my hands dirty. I invite you to step into your own creativity and genius and shed the expectations you’ve placed on yourself.

I should increase my online following.
I should be booking 100x more sales calls.

I should have hit that revenue goal by now.

What you could be doing is yes, focusing on the numbers (numbers don’t lie), but also finding time to connect, create, and collaborate with other badass women entrepreneurs who can help you ignite the spark for your next big idea. Because that spark is where the real magic happens.

Our retreat had so many amazing moments. From random dance parties to major a-ha moments, I am delighted we are able to create a space that brings so many different types of women together to tap into each other’s genius.

My favorite part of working with Hello Seven is the regular loving ass kicking. I come in with a lot of logic—I'm very left brained, right? Like, “tell me what to do and how to do it.” And I do get that, but I also get this reminder that I do know. And that has been hugely helpful. The community that I built here is also incredibly important. I was weary of an online group, but when we come to these retreats, and when we connect with each other outside of the online space, it makes it easier to come back into the online space because we've curated those relationships in person and we built trust laughing over pizza and wine.
Lindsay Bryan-Podvin

We also had a host of amazing speakers brought in specifically to lure out the inner creative genius in each of us: Raven Roberts, celebrity stylist, taught us how to level up our lewks; Michelle Barry Franco, speaking coach, shared about charisma and stepping into magnetism onstage; and Kelly Kingman, graphic recorder and visual notetaker, invited us to break out of our need to express our big ideas with words and break into our ability to draw stick figures (and other imagery) to get our thoughts out of our heads.

These sessions led members to HUGE breakthroughs on aspects of their businesses that they’d been stuck on for months.

I sat around a table, it was hot seat coaching, and I threw out a problem that I had been struggling with for a week—I was just really stuck in my head about it. And somebody at the table solved it in two minutes. I've met more incredible humans in this program, and in such a short amount of time, than I think I ever have in my life. The quality of the people that are surrounding me is beyond anything that I could have hoped for, and it's incredibly inspiring. And I love that.
Rae McDaniel

Growing your business is an art form, Dellea, and you deserve the support and adoration of peers and coaches who will recognize and lift up your absolute genius. And when you’re feeling stuck, mastermind with your community of driven badasses.

It's such a special community, and when you're able to experience that dynamic in person, you really—you just feel so supported and so seen and understood. It’s not everywhere that you can find a group of women who have this kind of drive and vision for their lives and it's a really special, special group.
Cailen Ascher

Don’t have a community of women with drive and vision? Check out the Hello Seven Incubator—our next live event is in April!


P.S. Enrollment for Hello Seven Incubator is now open, and you can join now to get 1 bonus coaching session before we officially begin on February 6th. By the end of this 9-month experience, you will have gained the support you need to pursue your big dream: solid, scaleable offers, an audience, a marketing system, a method for selling your offers, you’ll know your strengths and have a plan for hiring help, and solid legal, financial and customer service systems in your business. In other words, you will have a real business that you can scale to $1m and more revenue than you had when you came into the program. Apply here—spots are limited!

I would recommend this mastermind to any woman who has a really big vision for her life and her business and knows deep within her that she has the ability to get there, but she needs a container that's going to hold her and support her and give her some strategy and guidance to move in that direction in a clear way.
Cailen Ascher

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