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I don’t know about you but I used to watch the businesses of other people — Marie Forleo, Martha Beck, Seth Godin – and be like, how the hell are they doing it? It seemed like their businesses would just grow and grow and grow, almost by magic. My business, on the other hand, was growing slowly…and it definitely wasn’t by magic! It was by some combination of brute force, good luck and 24/7 hustle.

It took me years to understand that it really wasn’t magic that these people had in common. There are a few universal levers that make businesses grow, and they were all taking full advantage of them. I knew if I wanted to scale my business quickly, I would have to use those levers. And that’s the foundation of what I teach in Glow Up.

Today, I want to talk about the most important of all those levers, the factor that truly is the decider of whether or not your business will be successful…your offer.

You guys, seriously. This is more important than your logo, your web design, what email platform you’re using, whether or not you attend such-and-such conference, if your Facebook ads suck or not.

But why? Why is an offer so important?

>>> Because coming up with a great offer is the easiest and most proven way to grow your revenue quickly (like tripling your $$$ within 12 months). Sure, you could just sell more of what you have, or you could work harder at filling your pipeline, but without a great offer, you will always be struggling to meet your revenue goals.

>>> It puts you back in control. The right offer isn’t just what your clients want, it’s also what you’re really really good at. Too many of you are selling stuff that isn’t in your zone of genius. Or that involves work you really don’t want to be doing (like traveling a lot, or having to be on the phone a lot, or being available to your clients 9-5). When you start with crafting an amazing offer, you can find the area where your special skill set and unique experience combines with your clients’ biggest pain point. And that is MONEY right there!

>>> The wrong offer will keep you stuck. I’ve seen this with clients hundreds of times. Smart women who are very talented and passionate about serving their customers. But they’re selling something that is too hard to implement, or too hard to explain to their customer, or just too damn cheap. And so they keep hustling and hustling and then blaming themselves when it doesn’t work, and doubting whether entrepreneurship is even right for them. Which it totally is…IF THEY JUST HAD THE RIGHT OFFER!

Your offer is at the heart of your entire business. And that might mean you need to stop doing what you’ve been doing, and it might mean you need to start selling something that is priced higher than you ever imagined. But when you find the right offer, everything will change.




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