We should all be delegating

Last Sunday, I delivered a passionate sermon about why you need to hire household help (cleaning, organizing, shopping, cooking, errands, etc.) right now, so you can free up 650 hours of your time every year, feel 650 times happier, have 650 times more energy, and (probably) make 650 times more money. 

Because nobody ever got wealthy by doing laundry. #Fact 

And because I want to see you folding hundred dollar bills into your wallet, not folding your boyfriend’s saggy boxers. #AnotherFact

When you start outsourcing household tasks, this is an excellent move for numerous reasons. Yes, obviously, it frees up tons of precious time—time you can use to serve your clients and make more money. 

Additionally, outsourcing tasks at home is a great “baby step” towards eventually outsourcing tasks at work. By outsourcing at home, you learn the art of delegating. You gain practice. You learn how to build a support squad that hums smoothly. Then you can apply these skills in a business setting, too.

But look, I’m aware that delegating doesn’t come naturally to every woman. Some find it really perplexing, or even feel scared to do it.

I’ve heard many women say, “I can’t handle the idea of anybody touching my dirty underwear!” Or quietly confess, “I don’t want anybody seeing my sales numbers, debt, or any financial info.” I’m sorry, but you need to get over that sh*t. These kinds of insecurities stop you from getting the help you need. You are literally putting up a wall, blocking people from helping you, and blocking yourself from wealth.

And, other times, it’s not an emotional block standing in your way, it’s more like…you literally just don’t know where to begin! You sit down and try to make a list of *things I could delegate* and you draw a blank, can’t think of anything, and then start doodling Idris Elba’s face instead, with your initials inside a heart.

Let me help you with that.

I asked the badass women in my Facebook community:

Tell us in 10 words or less: What’s one thing you’ve delegated and cleared off your plate that has made a huge difference in your life and/or business?”

Here’s what a few of them said:

– Graphic design.

– Calendar scheduling.

– Website maintenance.

– Traveling to the post office.

– Running my social media channels.

– Automating intake and appointments.

– And that’s only the beginning. Here's the entire thread of suggestions. 

What about your business?

What exactly should you be delegating? 

I suggest:

– Anything that’s not in your zone of genius. Sure, you could do it, but it doesn’t make your heart sing, you’re not extraordinary at it, and somebody else could do it better.

– Anything that drains your energy and makes you feel cramped, tired, emotionally broke, not powerful, not feelin’ like a boss.

– Anything that takes way too f*cking long because it’s unfamiliar terrain. You have to watch a lengthy tutorial to remember how to do it, it takes you 3 hours to finish it, and you’re cursing in frustration the entire time. You wasted your whole afternoon and meanwhile, a tech savvy assistant could’ve handled this whole thing in 12 minutes. 

– Anything that just makes obvious financial sense to delegate. For instance, you could spend 1 hour answering customer service emails. Or you could spend 1 hour consulting with a client and making $300. If you can pay someone $30 to handle those emails, so that you’ve freed up your time and you can make that $300, that’s a no-brainer. Smart move. Do it. 

We should all be feminists.

We should all be millionaires.

Which means, we should all be delegating.

Thank you for attending this important PSA. Now please. Go delegate. 


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