Use this tool to make every decision– it will never steer you wrong

Our little house in NJThe movers filled my adorable little house. They were boxing up all of our possessions for our big move. We were leaving New York City for a new, more relaxed lifestyle in North Carolina. We were moving to a cute, progressive and tiny little town about 20 minutes from Chapel Hill. We had rented an apartment on a 6-month lease to give us time to find the right home for us. We found a school that we thought would work out well for the kids. Our plans were made and it was time to go live our new life.

But as I watched the movers turn each filled room to an empty room of boxes, I started to panic. I had this nagging feeling and it was gnawing at me more and more as each new boxed was taped shut.


My intuition was in a full on rage against moving to the cute, progressive and tiny little town outside of Chapel Hill. We had been there two weeks before and my Body Compass started sending signals to my brain: “this is not the right place for us!” But I ignored it because we had already made the decision, it could not be changed and maybe my intuition was wrong (note: your intuition is NEVER wrong).

But now that we were literally 24 hours away from pulling out of our driveway for the last time, I couldn’t ignore the voice that was telling me I was heading towards the wrong thing.

It was embarrassing to admit that after making all of these plans, signing a lease and paying the deposit for our new home, I had changed my mind.

So I admitted it to a friend first. I called a friend who I knew would understand. She carved some time out of her busy day to jump on the phone with me. I confessed that after making all of these plans and being so excited to move to this tiny little town for months, that I didn’t want to move there anymore. I wanted to move to a different place, a place called Greensboro, a place that I had NEVER BEEN TO IN MY LIFE.

It made absolutely no sense, but I knew Greensboro would be the right place for us. My friend told me to always follow my Body Compass. If it’s pointing me to Greensboro than that must be where we are meant to be. She encouraged me to see if, in the next 24 hours, I could find a place for my family to live in Greensboro.

First, I had to tell my husband that I wanted to change our plans.

A little slice of heaven here in GreenboroI took him to lunch and explained what I was feeling. He shook his head and told me if I wanted to try to find a place in Greensboro, he was fine with it.

So I called a realtor in Greensboro, told her how I had made this crazy decision to move to Greensboro instead of where we were supposed to move and that I had 24 hours to find a place for us to live. She immediately snapped into action willing to help us, just out of the kindness of her heart. She made some calls for us, found us a great place that fit our needs and budget, and even made all of the arrangements for us. 24 hours later we were headed to our new home in Greensboro.

Fast forward eight months later, Greensboro has worked out very well. It was exactly where we were meant to be and feels like home. And it all came to be because I was willing to follow my intuition even when it made no logical sense to my brain.

What is a Body Compass?

It’s a tool that I learned from the OG of life coaching, Martha Beck. A compass is a tool that helps you find your way when you get lost and this compass is no different. It will help you figure things out when you’re confused about which direction to go in. Tuning into your body can be extremely powerful.

I teach the Body Compass in all of my coaching programs. There is no better way to know exactly which direction you should go in then to tune into your true heart’s desire to find your way. Even if you are unfamiliar with the Body Compass exercise, you can still tune into your body. Pay attention to how it feels in your body when you consider the different decisions you need to make in life and then follow it, trusting that it will steer you in the right direction. ‘Cause it will.

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