The WORST marketing strategy ever

You’ve heard of Social Media Marketing.

Direct Mail Marketing.

Email Marketing.

But do you know about… Drama Marketing? 👀

Drama Marketing is when you:

👉 Talk trash about your competitors

👉 Spew negativity online

👉 Stir up petty drama, sometimes with folks in your industry

It can sound like:

“Don’t waste your time with [competitor].”

“The entire [industry] is toxic and broken.”

“There are so many [businesses] who are so disappointing. They take your money and honestly don’t care about you. Who can relate? Has this ever happened to you? Post below!”

Sounds familiar, right?

In a nutshell, Drama Marketing means that instead of focusing on your clients and the excellent results that you get for them…

You focus on tearing other businesses down.

But why is this so common?

Why do SO many business owners engage in Drama Marketing?

Well, the answer is pretty straightforward:

They want attention.

Now, getting people’s attention is great. Your business needs that to survive.

And it might feel like Drama Marketing will give you the kind of buzz your business needs.

But I gotta be honest with you…

This kind of attention rarely turns into sales — which is, ultimately, what you want.

So, if Drama Marketing doesn’t work, what does?

Find out in my latest Meta Bulletin, The WORST marketing strategy you could ever use, where I discuss:

✨  The most crucial things you should be focusing on to boost sales

✨ Why powerful testimonials are more important than you think

✨ The #1 marketing message that beats Drama Marketing any day

Plus, there’s a special invitation at the very end of the Bulletin. Read all the way through so you don’t miss it!

See you on Bulletin. 😉


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