The Root TV: LLC or S-Corp?

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 3.32.47 PM In my legal career, there is probably no other question (besides “how do you get your hair like that?”) that I have been asked more than “should my business be an LLC or an S-Corp?”
I have answered that question in much detail in the first chapter of Small Business Bodyguard (if you don’t have SBB check back Monday to get a special offer on it for Cyber Monday). I have also recorded a few RRTV episodes and written multiple articles on the topic.
And yet the question persists.
One of the reasons that entrepreneurs find it hard to decide on which entity to go with is that you really need both a lawyer’s and an accountant’s perspective in order to make a final decision.
Well now you have it.
I was honored to be invited to be a guest on The Root’s web show “Bring It To The Table.” The Root is a media company that provides smart, timely coverage of breaking news, thought-provoking commentary and gives voice to a changing, more diverse America.
I went to their television studio here in NYC and recorded this episode with accountant, Ebong Eka, and the host, Harriette Cole.
Ebong and I disagreed on a few things so it was quite the lively discussion. We had the whole production crew laughing!
Check out my appearance on Bring It to the Table and finally put a rest to the question: LLC or S-Corp?


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