The Incarati: Who They Are & Why You Need To Know Them!

Incarati*: (noun) \in-ˈk-ə-ˈrä-tē\ rock star entrepre-business owners made famous by sharing what they've learned along the way via writing books, blogs and participating in social media; usually Gen Y.
For examples: please see Scott Gerber (; @askgerber), David Siteman Garland (; @TheRiseToTheTop), Shama Hyder Kabani (; @Shama).

If you are a Gen Y business owner or aspiring entrepreneur, you need to know the Incarati! And no, Mark Zuckerberg is not a member! These guys and gals are the leaders of the business community of our Generation. And you want to know the key to their success? Well, here it is: giving things of value away for FREE!

The Incarati

The Incarati have failed and tried again. The Incarati had absolutely no trust fund or venture capital to start their businesses. The Incarati aren't running fancy tech startups (heck, they probably have no idea know how to code!). They didn't even have many years of experience. Instead, they had tenacity and an unmovable determination to be successful in business. Add to their tenacity an age in which the little guy (or gal) can capitalize on social media to market not only their products but themselves. By sharing valuable content (video interviews, articles, resources) and the stories about their “rise to the top,” these Gen Y entrepre-business owners have developed a massive following. Which has resulted in fancy book deals and columns in Inc. magazine.

Why You Need to Know Them

Okay, so, the Incarati are awesome. Why do I care? Because you want to be awesome too, don't you? And, more importantly, you want your business to succeed. And the beauty of it all is that they will share all of their business building secrets with you for free! Just check out their websites and follow them on Twitter and you will gain access to useful content about how to establish yourself as an expert, how to market your business and even new business ideas.



The #1 Thing to Learn from the Success of The Incarati
The Incarati have benefited hugely from making valuable, free content available to their constituents on an almost daily basis. Is it time consuming? Absolutely! Is it expensive? Absolutely not! It doesn't cost you a thing. So if there is one thing to take away from this post, its this: the key to success in business and making money, is giving content away for free.
Think about what kind of expertise you have. There must be something you know, that other people want to know, too. Turn it into a YouTube video, a podcast or a blog article and then Tweet it or Facebook it to all of your friends. Now you're on the road to becoming a member of the illustrious Incarati.
* Not surprisingly, incarati means “instructs” in Italian.
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