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Bonus: What It’s Like Working at Hello Seven

This is a super fun bonus episode, everyone: you get to hear from some of my kick-ass team members all about what it's like to work at Hello Seven. 

Brittany (Creative Director), Natalie (Director of Programs), Grace (Head of Enrollment) and Dellea (Podcast Producer) sat down to talk about the inner workings of our business and how we all collaborate. They chat about how our differences give our team an extra spark, why our mission is so needed in the times we live in, and what it's like to work with & support a black woman running a seven-figure business.

They also dish on why transparency is so important to us and why we let clients have a peek inside Hello Seven – the good, the bad, and the ugly. You'll learn about what it's like to work with our team, our supportive community, and our amazing clients: entrepreneurs with high standards for themselves and the world.

2020 is shaping up to be a huge one for Hello Seven: we're shooting for the NYT Bestseller list, an amazing retreat in France, world domination, and more. We would love to have you join us for the ride.

What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  • How all of the roles at Hello Seven work together to create something impactful and unique.
  • What glues our team together in the face of big dreams, quick decisions, and a huge mission.
  • Why more women making more money is a powerful mission in today's global climate.
  • What it's really like to work with Rachel and our remote team. 
  • Why we've all had to learn about boundaries, communication, and honesty while working at Hello Seven.

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Welcome to The Million Dollar Badass Podcast. I'm your host, Rachel Rodgers, wife, mother to four children, lover of Beyoncé, coffee drinker, and afro wearer, and I just happen to be the CEO of a seven-figure business. I am on a mission to help every woman I meet become a millionaire. If you want to make more money, you are in the right place. Let's get it going.

Hello, friends. It's Dellea, your favorite producer. So, Rachel and I had this great idea to create a very special episode featuring some of the Badass women that make up the Hello Seven team. In this episode, you get to meet Natalie, the Director of Programs; Brittany, our Creative Director; and Grace, our Enrollment Specialist.

Together we discuss the incredible life lessons we've learned from each other, what it's really like to work with Rachel, and what's coming up next for Hello Seven. This is an exclusive, behind-the-scenes peek at how this team works. And if you like what you hear, please make sure to let us know. You can email us at


Brittany: I am Brittany, Brittany Kriger, sometimes known as Brittany Lynn Kriger, and I am the Creative Director for Hello Seven. But when I came on, I was a contractor.

So, came on two years ago as a coach. And basically, my title was VA, but I coached and wrote copy, so quickly moved into copywriter. And then after, I don't even know how long, moved into handling marketing, organizing all of that. Then, we built this wonderful, glorious team. And now, I just get to work with all of them.

And I feel like the role and title of Creative Director is the job, like when you're a kid, and you're like, “What do I want to be when I grow up?” I didn't know what a Creative Director was. But if I had then, I would have been like, “Yeah, I want to be a Creative Director.”

Which means, I really get to cross between marketing….  And that is kind of my favorite. I don't want to be like, put into one little area. So, I get to work with Grace on sales. And she's, like, technically part of marketing. And then I get to work with Natalie in delivery, and Latondra and then Dellea, who is like our illustrious Podcast Producer. I just love what I get to do every day. And what I'm supposed to say is that I work in marketing. But, I feel like it's kind of more than that.

Grace: Yeah, I would tot- I mean, I think that's such a good intro point for all of us in terms of, there's a lot of cross-pollination of our roles. And it's amazing how… I was writing about this a little bit earlier, when we were kind of preparing for this. And I was, I was just thinking about how we really lend to each other's strengths to help booster, build that person up in their role.

And that's one of the things that I absolutely love about working with you ladies. Because I really feel like I'm allowed to shine in the ways that I shine. And when I need support in my role, because there's something that I have to do that is marketing based, and that's not my area of expertise, then I've got Brittany and Dellea, and the whole team, really.

And then, even whenever I step over into crossing the lines of delivery and coaching around my area of expertise, then I get the support and the coaching from Natalie on even how to improve my coaching skills. So, do you know what I'm trying to say?

Brittany: Yeah.

Grace: There's like this really incredible amount of support, where we understand each other's roles really well, right?

Brittany: Yeah, I think we do. We had those, like, 4R documents that we made a while back. I think those helped, too.

Grace: Yeah. And I think with, with everyone having been, you know, really being entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand what it takes to really be good in different roles, based on our own unique combination of strengths, right? So, yeah.

Brittany: Yeah, so who are you, even?

Grace: Who am I?

Brittany: Like, tell the people who you are.

Grace: So I'm Grace Edison, also known as nothing else. That's really unfortunate. Like, I don't have any nicknames. So, I am the Head of Enrollment, and I also coach on sales and enrollment within the programs. Yeah, Gracie-poo, exactly.

And, I came on in July. And, I also sort of started out exclusively in sales and enrollment. And then I think, you know, Natalie and Brittany, there was probably a combination there of like, “Hey, Grace can really probably coach to this as well.” And I loved being invited into communicating more with the members, and being able to help with building out their own offers in sales and enrollment as well.

So, but I don't fuck with marketing. I'll just say that right now.

Brittany: But you do. You are our spearfishing queen. Which is, like, very important to marketing.

Grace: Yeah, well, and again, this is how… We have this really, I love the way that we communicate what it is that we're seeing in our roles, so that we really are able to, like, lend to what the other person has to do.

So, in terms of what I'm hearing on the calls, being able to talk to Brittany. Also, then, being able to say to Natalie, you know, these are the people who are coming into the program, and really informing each other's roles.

Natalie: Yeah. I'm Natalie Miller. I also don't have an AKA, but Grace, we're going to work on that. We've got to find ourselves some AKAs.

Brittany: I feel like I need to interject. Because Grace, you're also the sales bitch.

Grace: That's true.

Brittany: And Natalie, you're the delivery bitch. And Dellea took marketing bitch, so I'll just be creative bitch?

Natalie: Creative bitch, yes.

Brittany: We do like to be bitches. It's true.

Grace: We do.

Brittany: It's true. And we actually, we do have a lot of nicknames for one another. Oh, gosh. Remember, Grace, when you and I knew each other for like, one day, and we were like, I was like… We were like, we were like voxing each other using the like, you know, pseudo-military, like “Over and out.”

Grace: Yeah, you were a chew toy, based on…

Brittany: I was Chew Toy, and that's when I won your heart, I think.

Grace: It was, 100 percent.

Natalie: Yeah, so anyway, so I'm Natalie Miller. I am the Director of Programs at Hello Seven. So, what Brittany and Grace were just talking about is right. There is a lot of cross-pollination. We all help each other out. And so, I am super lucky to get to come up with curriculums and to plan out, like, our monthly content for Masterminds.

This is sort of, I take a lot of what Rachel's inspiration is, and then I turn it into lessons, and I turn it into activities and worksheets. And I also do retreat planning, and figure out, like, how exactly we are helping to deliver content.

And then, I'm also in charge of our client coaching. So, in all of our programs, I'm the one who's sort of figuring out, like, what are the best ways to help out our clients? So, it is totally a dream job for me.

And I actually, I came to Hello Seven as a client. I did Glow Up, which was a shorter program. And when I did it, it was an even shorter program than it was in its more recent iterations. And then after Glow Up, I joined the Mastermind. I joined Million Dollar Badass.

And I was in Million Dollar Badass for about nine months, I'm going to say. And then Rachel reached out to me and was like, “Hey, I would like you to come and coach in the program.” And, it's kind of funny when I think about it now, that I think I just sort of naturally had started to coach in the program. Not intentionally, but it was just sort of happening.

And, obviously, she saw it and invited me into the team. And that ended up being in the role of Director of Programs. And then I do a lot of coaching as well.

So, in my previous life, I did direct and own a seven-figure yoga studio. And then, built up my own coaching practice, a solopreneur coaching practice. And that's what I was working on when I was a client in Hello Seven. So, I bring a lot of entrepreneurial experience to the table. But I think, really, like the talent I bring is kind of coaching and curriculum creation.

And then, I want to speak to this idea of all of us having complementary strengths. Do y'all know that, it's one of my favorite lyrics ever, it's that Ani DiFranco lyric from the song, Overlap? Where she says, “I know there is strength in the differences between us, and I know there is comfort where we overlap.”

And I feel like that is what our team has, like, so abundantly. We're so different, in so many ways. And that makes us, like, vibrant and sparky and sparkly, and it makes us challenge one another. And I think it really does kind of inspire our work together, to greatness.

But then there's also so much overlap of, like, of values, of senses of humor, that we also have a really good time.

Brittany: Yeah.

Grace: I so agree with that. I was literally thinking the same thing in terms of like the values and the sense of humor. It's the glue that holds us together, even in the times where we're moving through a transition, or we're growing, or we're evolving. We can laugh. We have such a good time together.

And I think that Rachel has this really unique ability to recognize that, like in the hiring process. I think she really is able to see, like, who's really going to fit in here? Even though we do have all these different unique areas of strengths and whatever, we're not the same people.

We have different lives, different backgrounds, different personalities, but we have the similar values in terms of inclusivity and feminism and our mission and our purpose, and what we really want to see happen in, I guess I could still call it a grassroots movement, right? Like, what we're doing here at Hello Seven.

And, I have never had so much fun with a group of people, let alone working on a team with those individuals.

Brittany: Yeah.

Grace: Like, I can't wait to see you guys again. Like, it hurts.

Natalie: Well, I think that that's a testament to Rachel. I mean, I think about this team, and as it has grown from the very small, small team that we used to be, with largely contractors, to now full-time employees who, pretty much we all love our jobs and love to come to work.

No one is, like, dreading their day. Unless, I will say, when we're in the middle of a launch, we're pretty exhausted. But, overall, we're so passionate, because Rachel has created this mission for Hello Seven that really makes it larger than her.

And that's something she has said a lot of times. I remember at our team retreat in August, you know, she was like, “Hello Seven is no longer just mine. It's all of ours. It's gotten bigger than me.” And she does let us each bring our unique genius to the table.

And then, those shared values, they come from her, and her vision for what she wants to do in the world. And then us, being equally aligned. And then learning, too, right? Like, we're all continually, we all have that growth mindset to learn from each other.

Grace: Yeah, I really agree with that. Dellea, were you, are you here still?

Dellea: Yes, and what have you all been learning?

Grace: We've been mentioning Dellea's name. Yeah, we mentioned Dellea's name a few times, and she's here. And I feel like, let's hear it.

Brittany: I feel like she should come on out.

Grace: Yeah, come on.

Dellea: Thank you, guys. So, I know some of you guys listening have already heard from me. I'm Dellea Copeland. I'm on the marketing team, and I'm the Producer of this podcast. And I work with these lovely ladies all day, every day. You guys have said my name four times. So, I was like, all right, well, I guess I'm in this now.

I really enjoy working on this team. It's, it really is a joy when I come together with you guys, because it's so weird how we are all…. In case you're listening and you don't realize, we don't work in the same office. We're all in different areas of the country, and Grace is even in Canada.

And so, when we do come together, it's usually for live events. And sometimes we have other things, like our team retreat. And it just feels so normal and natural, not awkward at all, which is very strange for me, because I'm just an awkward bitch. You can take marketing bitch, Brittany. I'll just take awkward bitch. And so, it is really fun.

I produce the podcast. I am part of the email marketing that we implement. I help with the live events. I run the social media channels. I do a lot of things behind the scenes. So, me being on the podcast right now is making me squirm a little bit.

But, I was really interested in hearing what you guys had to say about your experience and how you got here, and how it just seemed to fall into your lap, because that's how I feel as well.

I've had a totally different experience. I have some background in marketing, but mostly my background's in political science and academia. And, you know, doing boring research and being eyeball deep in data, which is very applicable to marketing. So, that's kind of how I made the pivot.

And the way I found this team was actually on Craigslist, believe it or not. And usually, people don't go to Craigslist looking for an awesome opportunity like this. So, I just got really lucky.

But, I wanted to chime in because you guys have kind of pivoted to a theme of learning. And so, I'm really interested to know, you guys being on this team, it's such a growth opportunity for anyone who gets to participate in this team. What have you guys learned since coming to Hello Seven? Whether as a client, Natalie, or starting from a contractor, now you're here, Brittany. You know, what have you guys learned?

Brittany: I think for me, it's largely been a journey in boundaries and self-valuing. Both of those things, Rachel is beyond badass at, and I think that's really what's helped her grow her business and put those strict parameters.

You know, because one of her things that we now all say is that you work hard once, and you don't have to sacrifice to scale. You don't have to sacrifice your family. You don't have to sacrifice what you want to be doing with your life.

And I really took that to heart, because I've always been a Type-A overachiever, doing all the things. And I was actually working as a health coach and a yoga teacher. Um, and I've had 12,000 careers. I've been an actress, I've been an interior designer, like, it's dumb. Like, I don't have a consistent string that has led to this point. Which is, I think, really, for most of the people on this team, is the story.

So, coming into this, especially in like the healing world, like yoga, health coaching, no one values themselves. They're just like, I want to give my services away for free, but then also, I want to eat food and pay my bills.

So, coming into this and like, when you join the team, especially when I was coaching, I was coaching in our Glow Up program. I was coaching in our Million Dollar Badass Mastermind. I had to really take on Rachel's philosophies.

And then, once I started writing all of the copy, I was like, “Well, now I talk like Rachel.” I remember the moment where I sent her a message. And I was just like, “I think I have a tiny you in my head, and I think she's taking over. Like, I'm starting to think like you more than I think like myself.” And what happened was, like, the integration of that.

And I was a, you know, I was definitely feminist. I was part of that terrible Women's March, like way back in the day. I was the organization – in 2016 they did that Women's March, and it was like a dumpster fire of – I don't know if anyone remembers that. But it was the Women's March on Washington and it was all a disaster.

I was the Louisiana organizer. And it was really right around then where I really started realizing what feminism meant, and what being a white woman means, and how I wanted to align myself with a really strong woman of color. And, I mean, the opportunity that's afforded in just that has been huge.

Dellea: Mm-hmm.

Brittany: Because Rachel has, I've said it already, but this, like, ginormous mission, that is almost the perfect antidote to the actual hellscape in which we're living.

Grace: Yeah. Like, I echo all of that. And I was going to say, to the point about learning about what it means to be a white woman. I had no idea about, like, white micro-aggression until I started working on this team. And just little, like, ways in which I thought I was woke. And, like, I feel like I have learned so much about what privilege means.

And something that I think I was totally blind to until I had – let's use privilege in a different way – so, the privilege of working on this team. And, I learned so much from the experience of our members, that really has allowed me, I think, to wake up. Open my eyes to what's actually going on, and to properly support true equality and inclusivity.

And I, I grew up on the East Coast of Canada. Prince Edward Island, this is a tiny little island in the Atlantic Ocean, in the Gulf of the Atlantic Ocean. It is predominantly White European settlers. Let's go with it. And, I really like for, I think for a long time in my life, like I just was ignorant.

You know, like, I just really had no idea of my own language and my actions, and how I was being. And I think both of the things that Brittany said in terms of learning about being enough. Like, my husband laughs, because I have this sticker that's, I think the second week I started working with Hello Seven, that says “Brittany thinks you're doing enough.” It's in front of me every day when I sit down.

So, while simultaneously learning about, like, being enough and that who I am is important, and also learning about, like, making space for everyone and being more inclusive. So, it's really been, it's hard to even put it into words. Like, it's been humbling. It's been humbling.

Natalie: Yeah, I echo all of that. But I think, for me, it's really fearlessness. Like, it's just like some, like next-level courage is what I access and what I continue to, like, grow in. Working, first of all, like with Hello Seven as a client, and then working for Hello Seven. I am just, I'm like, willing to stretch myself in ways that surprise me.

And not just in professional ways. Like, in personal ways, too. Like, the way that I show up in my life, and the way that I show up for myself. Even, you know, like the way I show up with my team members. I just am so much braver. And I think that that does, that partly comes from Rachel's example, you know?

That's why y'all listen to this podcast, right? Because she is so fierce, and she's so powerful, and courageous. And I, I love the word courage and courageous, because it's, like, the root of it is core, which is heart. And that's really what, that is what I get from Rachel when she speaks, right?

There's a lot of heart there. And it's partly bravery, but it's also partly like, deep passion and feeling. And so, I definitely feel like, especially being on the team, I've just had to ascend. Is it ascend or like descend? I don't know. I've had to, like, go in to find a next level of that, and it's been amazing.

Grace: I feel like, what you just made me think of is that, that “As above so below, so below as above.” Like, it's kind of both. Like…

Brittany: It is.

Grace: Yeah.

Brittany: It is, yeah. And also, it's pretty awesome. So, let's talk about Rachel. What's it like to work with Rachel, and for Rachel? Natalie, I remember when you were considering joining Hello Seven. And we knew each other, because you were a client. And I think we got on the phone, you wanted to chat.

And you were like, “I mean, I know Rachel, but you like KNOW, Rachel. Like, you know-know Rachel.” And I remember in that moment, just being like, “Yeah.” Like, I too was a client. I did her Made retreat back in, like, early 2017. So, I was a client first, right? And so there is a very different, like, experience when you're a client or a listener or an observer of her work, versus knowing her and being behind the scenes.

And I think we have an incredibly fortunate perspective into Rachel, because we get to see those moments that are defining. Like, the moment she got her six-figure book deal, right? Which we could share on Instagram, we can share on social media. But not the like, fear… and the coaching.

And how, the very reciprocal relationship between us, and she is very vulnerable. And she does go deep in her marketing, in what she shares, in what she teaches. But, I think I feel very fortunate to work with her in that aligned way, to see those moments, and see how real they are.

We always talk about how authentic marketing has to be. And I think one of the reasons it works so well for Rachel, is because there is a difference between knowing Rachel and KNOWING Rachel, but there almost isn't. I think the very nuanced difference is just the fact that you know her better, if that makes sense. Instead of vice versa.

She has that capacity to be really real. So, when you don't know her and you meet her at an event, she's going to treat you like she's known you forever, kind of a thing.

Dellea: Yeah, no, I agree. That's true. I feel, I used to listen to the podcast before I even dreamed of working at Hello Seven. I never thought I would be producing a whole-ass podcast.

Working with Rachel is really interesting, because I'm new. I'm just getting to know her. But she does have that effect of when you do meet her for the first time, you're like, “Oh, she is really cool.” You know? Like, she's a very authentic, regular person.

For me, this is part of my learning. Is when I see Rachel, I sort of see myself. I like to joke with Brittany that I'm like, “If you guys had a baby, I think it would be me.” Because I'm very much like Brittany, but I'm also very much like Rachel. And when I see Rachel, I have to admit that I don't think I've ever seen another black woman in that kind of position before. Not up close, not like that.

And so, it is really inspiring to see how she works, but also to see how she dreams. I think it's making me dream bigger. And think, “You know what? I, too, belong in this world. This can also be me.” And I think that's one of the most important things that people take away from Rachel's, you know, marketing or her podcast. Or, you know, our clients, is that they belong here.

We do talk about feeling not enough. Feeling a sense of, mmm, are we worthy of being in this space? Of receiving these things? Of doing what we're told that we should not be doing? And then, when you're in Rachel's orbit, you don't even really question that. You're like, “Yeah, fuck yeah, this is mine.” You know?

Grace: Yeah.

Dellea: And that's something that I've learned, which is so valuable, because that's something that you have to really cultivate. So, working with Rachel has been, I guess, very shifting for me, personally.

Grace: There's a magnetism. There's a closeness and an accessibility that I felt the first time I talked to her. Like, when I was going through the interview process. And, I accidentally found her by, a friend was at the Craft and Commerce, and she saw her speaking. And she happened to mention she needed a salesperson. And I, while she was still presenting, sent over. And it said, like, Badass Sales Bitch on my email.

And when we got a chance to talk, I felt a closeness that I don't know that I've ever felt in a job interview before. Where it was like, oh, this woman is available. She's emotionally available.

And, even when we have our team meetings in North Carolina, and we go to her house, and sit on her couch, and I'll sit down next to her. And our, you know, like our leg will be touching or they'll just be, we'll be super-close together and she won't move away. Like, I know that's kind of funny to say, but like, there's this very, like familiar, familial sensation of, “I've known her forever. She's family.”

There is a sense of, I think there's a safety and security in that, in some way, that allows me to just, like, let my weird, woundy triggers go, in a sense. Where I can just, like, show up and be myself, and I don't have to worry so much about having a guard up.

She doesn't have a guard up. And, and through her example, I feel like I've been allowed, or given permission, to let my guard down. And, I just really enjoy being around her. I enjoy when we have to…

Like I, for my whole life, it could have been my parents, or a teacher, or an authority, a boss, would write and say like, “I want to talk to you.” or “We need to talk.” or whatever. It's like that dreaded message. I know some people listening know exactly what I'm talking about. And it's like, panic.

I don't have that when I get a message from Rachel. I don't go into that panic mode of like, “Oh shit, I'm in trouble.” And so I've been able to, there's a healing process in this, working with this team and working with Rachel, that I think I'm only maybe even vocalizing for the first time right now, that I've been able to let that down.

I've been able to just know that if Brittany or Natalie or Dellea or somebody messages me and is like, “I need you.” or, ” I need to talk to you.” I feel relaxed. I'm like, I can't wait. It's like, “Yeah, let's get on the phone.” I haven't had that weird, there's a word for it. Anyway, I feel like I've been allowed that accessibility and that closeness.

Dellea: Yeah, I completely feel you on the ability to be authentically yourself at work. I think that is super important. So, I think a lot of us have been in corporate environments before, and now we have to unlearn a lot of the corporate bullshit that we've been taught.

And so, as a black woman on this team, it is such a comfort that, I mean, I can wear my hair a certain way. Like, we all work virtually, but we all see each other. And you all see my hair, it gets bigger throughout the day. And for some people, that would be, like, an issue. Or, I can just authentically, you know, speak as I am. I can be who I am. And it's totally refreshing.

And that actually makes me think that, you know what? When you have a woman of color and a team like this at the head, you know, in business, that really changes things for other people. It creates a ripple effect.

Yes, we're not told to shrink. Oh, just so you all know, there's also a chat function during this podcast. So, we are having two conversations at once. But yeah, we're told not to shrink. We're told to rise to the occasion, and be who we are.

And Grace, you, girl. Grace is also a comedian. So, when we have live events, sometimes she'll do stand up and it'll make you blush, but we love her for it. And in some corporate environments, it would be like, “Nah, mm-mmm.” Yeah.

Brittany: Okay, so wait a minute, though. I do want to say this, though. Working with Rachel is amazing. Working with Rachel is also really hard sometimes.

Natalie: I was about to say that. I was like, I just put it in the chat. I was like, this is like a memorial to Rachel because we're like, it's like she died, and we're just saying nice things.

Natalie: I know, yeah. Don't I know it. Yeah, so I, actually though, I mean, I have, like, an anecdote that I think kind of wraps up all of these qualities together. It's like, something, something in working with Rachel is that yes, she dreams big and fast, right?

So, I will say, right, it is entirely possible that we will create something in a matter of weeks, and like roll it out. And, like faster than I would think possible. And yet, somehow, we're doing it. And so, in that way, it's like, it's sort of like remember, I said, what am I growing in? Like, what am I learning?

Fearlessness. I'm learning to just, like, do it and to make it happen, and to not think twice. Because I'm definitely a considerer. And it's like, “Okay, stop considering, and make a decision and go.” And that's been amazing. And, but, that can be hella stressful. And in fact, I wanted to tell you all about like I, like, I got super cranky with Rachel yesterday, and I kind of want to tell you how that all rolled out.

So, I had been planning this retreat that we're offering. And I, like, set out a plan and then I gave it to Rachel, and she didn't really like it. And I was like, okay, that's fine. And we made some changes. And then she, like, sent me a vox.

We use this app, Voxer. It's like our second team room, or something. It's like our, our break room, I guess. Voxer is our break room, that's where we have, like, little conversations. And so, I'm voxing with Rachel, and she sent me, like, even more edits.

And I was like, I paused the vox. And I felt comfortable enough with her, right? Again, to that, like, you are allowed to be a whole-ass person at work. I paused the vox, and I was like, I like sent her back, and I was like, “Rachel. I'm feeling really irritated because blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.”

And she, like, messaged me back. And she was like, “Okay, do we need to talk? Like, what's going on?” Right? And so, we were able to kind of go back and forth. But that's really super important to me. Like, I'm willing to work super hard. And I think that's another thing the team has in common.

Like, we all have a good amount of hustle in us. And we are overachievers. And we do have really high standards for our work, and we are willing to bust our asses. And so, I don't know that without that ability to sort of be real, and without that ability to be like, “Hey, I'm actually really fucking annoyed right now.” And have her be like, “Okay, cool. Let's talk about it.” I think it would, it might be impossible to do this mission that we have.

Brittany: Yeah. Yeah, and that's, and so for me, that's been the boundaries lesson. Because I used to just be like, yes, anything. And I would work the fucking craziest hours. I pushed myself to the point of absolute burnout, where I was just so burnt out.

And I didn't understand that I was burnt out, because I was very passionate about the work I was doing. So what I learned was Rachel will ask if I can do something, and if I say, yes, she believes me. So, I had to start saying, “No. I can do that. But if I do that, then this is going to have to move.”

Grace: Right.

Brittany: And so that's something that in working with her, I've been able to share with, like, the team members who I ask things of. I'm like, “I totally understand this is probably a really aggressive ask. So what do we need to do to make this happen?” Because we do hit it very quickly. But it's always something that is talked about and discussed, and she is very open and receptive to that.

Grace: I think that's a really good point. But I learned this from all of you. Like, the whole team has a different and unique way of setting boundaries and learning. And watching you all learn through that, like I feel that there is examples in the way that we learn to communicate better. Oh, I'm getting very excited about this point.

It's like, I feel like women haven't been taught the best communication skills. So it's like, “Just smile and say everything's fine, and say yes, and definitely don't…” You know? Like, the boundary setting is so real, and the struggle has been deep and long and intense. That sounded like sex.

Grace: Yeah.

Brittany: This is going off the rails.

Grace: Off the rails. Pull us back, Dellea. No, it's just me. So, I feel that us being in this container of learning better boundaries and communication skills, and how we come back to the table. Like, when something doesn't feel right, there is a safety in disagreement. There is a safety in being like, “I'm fucking annoyed right now.” And that is uncommon. That is still uncommon.

And I think that we hold that, as a team, we hold that lesson constantly with our clients. And to me, that is enormous. Like, how we treat each other, talk to each other. The communication, the way that we communicate with each other, we're also showing that example to the clients. And I feel like that is something worth mentioning.

Natalie: Yeah, well they talk about it, right?

Grace: Yeah.

Brittany: Like they, they totally talk about it. They're like it, like, “I didn't realize a team could work like that.” When we're like… What did we do with the September retreat? Like, we all got up on stage and we—

Natalie: We did the Wobble

Brittany: We did the Wobble. But it was so fun. And it is. Like, we just have the best time. We like, we just have a really good time together. And then I think also, like we do, like Latondra and I, so Latondra is a fellow coach in delivery, and she I do a lot of coaching together. And we'll say… Like, look, Latondra is like all about being, like, very organized. And Natalie is all about being very flexible and nimble. And Latondra has got all her shit together, and Natalie's shit is all over the place. But she can, like, pull something out of her head at the last minute.

And it's like, it comes back around again to like, our differences are, we see them as strengths, and we love each other for them. And we, we help each other. We help each other out with them. And I think that, like, the clients getting to see that, helps them understand, “Hey, I don't actually have to do all the things. Like, I can be me, and then I can hire people. Or, I can partner with people who bring the other aspects.”

I think there's that self-honoring and individuality honoring that we do. I think the clients really definitely pick up on that.

Natalie: Yeah, and I think, too, there's this pervasive myth out there of the, the woman entrepreneur who's doing it all, and has it all. And Rachel has written about it. We've talked about it. The myth of the woman-owned business, and how she has to do it all herself. She's self-made.

And, I think when our clients come to us, and certain clients get higher levels of access to the team. And the team does contribute to our programs in ways that they're allowed to see how we work, and how we work together. And, it blows that myth completely away.

Because the people who are making Hello Seven run on a day-to-day basis? It's, yes, of course, Rachel is involved. But she is over here today writing her book, right? Like, she is able to do that and focus on those, you know, higher level, CEO things.

And in, in the way the clients get to interact with us, they get to see that and experience that. And then, it asks more of them. And we're always telling them, you know, why are you hiring another contractor? Build a team. If you're hiring a contractor, it's only to test a team member. And then, bring them on full time, as soon as you can. You know, or part time, or make them an employee.

And that access and that transparency, and… I mean, Rachel will show her metrics, like her numbers, our team numbers, to our clients. And that's just that, that authenticity that we were reflecting on earlier. That, as a client, you get almost team-level access to certain inner workings of Hello Seven.

Grace: So, to go back to the Rachel piece, and how this relates to the clients, or the interaction with the clients, it's like, as we are growing and learning and we have those sticky points, or places that are difficult, we're talking about it. And I feel that the clients are watching and learning from everything. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

And I really appreciate that, because I think in a lot of communities, especially yoga, because I don't know if we've said this already, but Natalie, Brittany and I are all certified yoga teachers. I also own a yoga studio.

And, I have seen this sort of, I call it the guru model. Or like, there's a person at the top that is like all knowing and can't really fuck up. And the fall from that is long, hard and deep. No, just kidding.

Natalie: Grace, you're fired.

Grace: I'm sorry. And so, there's got to be comedic relief here. And, how I knew I was a good fit for this team was that I made a dick joke, like, two days into this job, and everybody loved it.

So, the thing about it is that, this isn't a guru model. This is someone who's willing to be vulnerable and authentic, and show all of what's going on. And it really, to me, builds a level of trust. And I feel like our clients really trust that they're getting the real scoop. They're getting the real deal. They're seeing the behind the scenes.

And, sometimes they don't love, they don't love what's going on, or they don't love the response from us. But even in the sales calls, I'm now saying to people, “What is going to piss you off? Where are you going to get stuck? Where are you going to have resistance? How's it going to look when we suggest something to you, and you don't like it?” You know, “Are you able to have that conversation and that communication that we were just talking about, how we lead by example with that?” It's like, “Can you talk through areas that are difficult? Because if you can't, this isn't going to be great. We need to be able to have conversation.”

Natalie, as loving and kind as you are, you're a fucking hard ass. Like, there are… Right? Like, there are times where I'm like, “Do you want real honest answers? Or are you going to pay somebody just to, like, stroke your ego?” Because that's not what goes on around here.

And, I really appreciate that as much as everybody's super-supportive, both on the team and with the clients, and the clients of us, there are still those moments where it's like, “Do you want me to give you a real answer?” You know? And you guys are all really good at that. Natalie's kicked my ass many times. I think you all have.

Natalie: Well, because you know what it is, I think? It like comes back around to, like, so who are clients? Who are clients here at Hello Seven? Well, it's like versions of us. It's exactly what we're talking about, right?

These are people who have really high standards for the world and really high standards for themselves. These are people who want to do things differently. They're like, “Fuck corporate life. I don't want that. I want to build something. I want to put myself out there. I want to shine. I want to create.” Right?

And so, to be able to do that, you've got to trust yourself. And I think that is something that is super important to me, anyway, in working with clients. It's like, yes, partly what we're doing is we're, like, sharing all of these different strategies and all of these, just, different techniques. Like, different tools that you can use to grow your business and to be successful, right?

But the other thing that we're doing, is we're giving you access to this community, where that's what women do. Where it's not unusual to ask for help. Where it's not unusual to invest in yourself. Where it's not unusual to take risks and to put yourself out there.

And for me, I mean, I think, like, Dellea in the chat said that when Grace said I was a hard ass, that I had like a hard-ass laugh, when I was laughing about it. But really, what it is, is it's just like, well, you know, how are you going to trust yourself? I don't know. You have to figure it out. And that is hard. That's fucking hard. But that's what I'm here for, right?

So, it kind of circles back around to that. Like, we've got to be courageous. And how do you build courage? Well, you take chances and you, you fall down sometimes. And you soar, and you know that you're soaring on your own merits. All of those things.

Grace: Yeah.

Brittany: Is that a word? There's some…

Grace: That was a word. It was just like a dead body passed over. We're all just dead silent.

Dellea: Yeah, y'all can't see it, but we're nodding.

Grace: Yes.

Brittany: We're nodding. We forgot that this is an audio medium and not visual, so.

Grace: I forget that all the time, but.

Dellea: You guys didn't do that thing that you usually do, that, “Mmm.”

Brittany: Mmm.

Dellea: Mmm.

Grace: Somebody made that comment at the last retreat at Rachel's house.

Natalie: It was me.

Grace: Natalie, you were talking, and I was listening to Rachel, and I and somebody else just, “Mmm.” After, like, everything you said. And that, you know, like I think that's the other thing is, we are really, really good at being able to, with each other and with our clients, just be like that. That right there.

That was you, really, like in your element, you know? Like it's so funny because I catch myself with this, I can feel the expression on my face, when, at the retreats, when you all get up to speak and you're in your zone of genius. And you're… I'm just like, it's like a weird, like, proud, motherly moment. You know? I'm just like, oh, look at them. They're so beautiful.

Brittany: Well, and too, I think we all feel that way with our clients, too. Like, I think, Natalie, something that was coming up, as you were saying was – and it goes back to what you were saying, Grace. Like, a lot of the women and, and even, I mean, it doesn't even matter if they're women.

We had, we've worked with men. They come in, and it's just, we don't trust ourselves. We've been taught to not trust ourselves. We've been taught to go to a higher authority. Somebody else has the answers, and especially when it comes to making money. Like, how could you possibly do that on your own and trust your instincts, and go with your gut?

And so, there's a lot of self-doubt. And then it's almost a lesson in learning to trust yourself. We even have a training on that, right? Like Million Dollar Decisions, because it is so pervasive. And so what's amazing is, in learning to trust ourselves, we were talking about how that's been part of being on this team, is we're only better to hold space for our members and for each other.

And that, I think, my partner is in Corporate America, right? And so he's in the middle of something with work, where it is literally just older men kind of tearing each other down. And like, in order to get to the top, you have to pull somebody else down. And that is not the way we operate. It's not the way our clients are operating within.

I mean, it's the most supportive space in our communities. To see people posting wins, questions, concerns, and then the level of support that comes up. Not just from the team, not just from coaches, from the community. And that is something that I feel really fortunate to be a part of. And, it makes marketing it so easy.

Dellea: Yeah. So, y'all, we have eight minutes. I wanted to ask you guys one last thing. What are your big hopes and dreams for Hello Seven in 2020?

Brittany: Oh, New York Times bestselling book. Y'all, all buy it. She's writing it right now. Y'all buy it.

Dellea: Yes, I second that. That would be really great for marketing.

Natalie: Yeah, you know, I have to say it. Like, I have kind of an internal hope, like a team-facing hope, and then I have a client-facing hope.

My team hope is that the team grows. Like, it has grown a lot this year. And every time we invite a new Badass team member in, I feel like the team gets, like, even more just abundant and sparkly, and right?

It's like, it's more difference and more overlap. It gets even stronger. So, I'm really excited for that. I'm excited to see how the team grows. Like, you know, we're always hiring, so I'm really excited.

I mean, we, we're always hiring, and also, obviously, you've got to be, like, the right person. You have to be a good fit.

Dellea: Yeah.

Natalie: We're not- it doesn't work for everybody, right? So that's my kind of internal hope. Actually, my- I'm really excited about Worthy. I'm so excited about our Mindset course that is, yes, it's for entrepreneurs. But more than that, it's just for, like, women who resonate with this whole, “You know what? I have high standards for myself in the world. You know what? I do things differently.”

And even if you are working in a corporate space or, you know, if you're doing one thing but you have a dream to do another thing, and you're like holding back? We really feel like Worthy is the place where we're going to look at money, and our relationships with money, but also look at our relationships with self-trust.

And look at our relationships with self-valuing, and do this really- I mean, can you tell how excited I am about it? I cannot wait. I'm so excited about it. Do this really intense work, this really intense work that helps women to start to go out and claim shit, right?

Grace: Yeah.

Natalie: Like, claim their own shit, claim more space, claim more help. And, you know, do what I think, like, we all get to do, by being in the community. That just sort of starts to happen, because that's how we roll in here. Like, that's what we do in here. We say yes. We claim more space, right?

And so, I think it's like, that chance to kind of open up and to have, to have something that's not just for women with established businesses, but to have stuff for women who just resonate with the messages here. That's what I'm super excited about.

Brittany: Mm-hmm. Yeah, Worthy is, I think we- we just did that launch of it. And we were doing a post mortem. And I really think that we need to hone in on that message even more, because it's not a money mindset course. And that's what people walked away from it with. They were like, “I don't really need a money mindset course right now.”

And so that, that is like the tip of the iceberg of what that program is going to be. And I think we're all… We, we actually came up with that at Rachel's house in August. And…

Natalie: In, like, 20 minutes.

Brittany: 20 minutes. It was like 20 minutes of sitting there and it was like, it's born.

Natalie: Yeah, it was born.

Grace: Amazing.

Brittany: It was a very quick labor.

Grace: And delivery.

Brittany: Did you hear that? My dogs are like, my dogs are barking because they can feel my energy about it.

Grace: Yeah.

Brittany: And they're like, “What's exciting, Mom? What's exciting?”

Dellea: It took more time to name the course than to build it.

Brittany: To create it.

Dellea: Yeah.

Grace: Well, and I- I mean, I'll interject to say that it pisses me off, as someone who was a financial advisor for 10 years, when I hear people say they don't need a money mindset course. I have to say, like, even though that's the tip of the iceberg, I just feel like, don't play with that shit. Everybody needs a money mindset course.

If you're not making the – it's not even about making the amount of money that you want to make. The amount of money that you can make to affect change in the world. And Dellea, when you asked about the 2020 goals, it's like, is world domination too much to ask for right now?

Like, I just feel like more women, making more money, is going to be the key to pivoting what is going on globally right now, in all facets of our demise here on Planet Earth.

Like, I really just feel that the more women get up close and personal with all the bullshit that we've been taught about making money, and having more money is greedy, and people with money, do…It's like, no.

We need to shift where the money is flowing, and where it's going, and whose hands it's passing through. We need to have more vote. And I know that this is something Rachel talks about a lot, but I just get really cellularly irritated when people try to say that they don't need a money mindset course.

Like, we all need to be focused on this shit every day. We need to be focused on getting up close and personal with all the B.S. that we've been told. So, this course is so… Like, I agree. It's so important, and it's going to touch on all aspects of this perverse idea that we are not enough. That we can't take up the space. That we can't be millionaires. That we can't effect more change in the world.

It's us. We've got to do it. The time is now. We're being called upon, so it is not the time to act like we got all our shit together. We need to join forces and move forward.

Brittany: Grace, I've got to say, what you just did was an awesome demo of like, a good, like, 10% of what we do at Hello Seven. Which is like…

Natalie: Grace! Who's getting up in the pulpit?

Brittany: When we get super fired up and then, like, we just all sit back and go, “Mm-hmm, yes. I'm with you on that.”

Grace: Yeah. Just don't come around here with your bullshit. Or come. Bring it, bring it, but come with, know that we are going to completely tear that down.

And I just find that most of the time, when people tell me on sales calls – spoiler alert – that they don't need this certain thing, or they don't need mindset work. It's actually a precursor to how much mindset work they do, in fact, need.

So if any of y'all listening are going to book a sales call, please be mindful of the B.S. that you are telling yourself, because it's not going to work with us. Okay?

Brittany: Yeah, and I just got to say like, we have some really exciting stuff coming up in 2020. Like, it's going to be an incredible year to be involved, in whatever way you decide. I think you should, this is the time. Because we are taking our MDB members to France. That's going to be crazy amazing. That's in May.

And then, we also have some really awesome plans that I'm not going to reveal. But, we may be coming to a city near you for some stuff, possibly. I don't know.

And then, we've got the book deal that Rachel is working on. So we'll be teaching, you know, about how to get a book deal.

We have the new MDB member site is coming which, it is incredible. I got to see behind the scenes. I think, Natalie, you've seen behind the scenes. And it's just, like, going to up level that entire program.

Worthy, I mean, we have so much change, but it's not change, like, that's like a flip of a switch to a new thing. It's like another iteration of what we've already been doing, but just next level. I think someone said next level already. I don't remember who, but yes, more. More of that. More next level.

Brittany: What about you, Dellea? What about you? What's your hope for Hello Seven in 2020?

Natalie: Less emails.

Dellea: Okay, okay, listen. So everybody listening, I'm sure you're on our email list, and you see that we love to talk to you. And a lot of the time, I'm behind that email. So yes, I would like for someone else, or anybody else, to start sending some of these emails. It's a lot of work.

But, in general, for 2020, I feel like we're just getting in the zone of our genius as a collective, and I would love to see more of that.

And I think for 2020, I think the podcast is going to be so great, so you guys just keep listening. Also, if you haven't already, please subscribe. If you haven't left us a rating yet, please do that as well.

And 2020 is just going to be lit. That's, that's all I have to say. Thank you for listening today and we'll talk to you again soon.

Brittany: All right, love you guys!

Natalie: Yes!

Grace: Love you.

Brittany: See you in 2020!

Grace: Yeah!

Dellea: Woo-hoo!


Thanks for listening. That's all we have for you today. If you want to hear more from Rachel and the Hello Seven Team, make sure you hit subscribe. And if you haven't already, rate us on Apple Podcasts. Your feedback is always appreciated.

Now, I want to let you know that we're still on hiatus, but we will continue to release bonus episodes throughout January, so don't you worry. We are planning big things for Season 2, and we can't wait to share it with you. Until next time.

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