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002 The Importance of Financial Independence – Launch Party Panel

Here’s the Recap:

In this episode of the Million Dollar Badass Podcast, host Rachel Rodgers welcomes a panel of guests to discuss the importance of financial independence among women. Liz Dennery Sanders, Sylvie McCracken, Shanee Howard and Emma Pattee round out this panel of stellar guests as they bring a wide array of experience between the four of them. Ranging from entrepreneurs and authors to brand developers and screenwriters, these women all have one thing in common; they know how to get stuff done.

The panel discusses the societal stigma of financial success and why money has become such a taboo topic. They each touch on how they view money and what value they place on their money as it relates to time. Rachel proposes her theory centered on money and feminism and prompts the panel to divulge mindset changes they have undergone in order to achieve success. Rachel’s father once told her, “Don’t ever depend on no man,” and these women surely embody that sentiment.

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What We Covered:

  • 00:37 – Welcome back to the Million Dollar Badass Podcast
  • 02:45 – Introducing Liz Dennery Sanders
  • 04:07 – Introducing Sylvie McCracken
  • 05:02 – Introducing Shanee Howard
  • 06:26 – Introducing Emma Pattee
  • 07:28 – The panel discusses the societal shame that befalls financially success women
  • 14:50 – The importance of being a model of success for other women
  • 16:17 – The panel gives their advice on new money and what makes it worth the stigma
  • 18:00 – Why money is simply a resource
  • 23:28 – The panel reveals mindset shifts they had to undergo in order to achieve success
  • 24:26 – Sylvie describes overcoming initial fears in order to change her mindset
  • 31:57 – The panel discusses Rachel’s theory on feminism
  • 40:23 – Time management and choosing the right projects
  • 44:26 – Rachel thanks the panel for their time and words of wisdom


[bctt tweet=”My personal mission is to see more and more women making money. Making bank.”]
[bctt tweet=”I heard somebody say, literally last week, that most people would rather talk about sex than money.”]
[bctt tweet=”If I limit my own potential, I limit the potential of every single woman that I touch as well.”]
[bctt tweet=”Money is a resource and it’s not meant to suffer.”]
[bctt tweet=”At the end of the day, we’re entrepreneurs. I mean, we’re used to risk cause we don’t always get it right.”]
[bctt tweet=”If you start hiring help, you will start making more money.”]
[bctt tweet=”I have this theory that it is really hard to be a feminist if you don’t have money.”]

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