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Office Hours: Busting Your Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are a funny thing. They can be hard to identify, even though they run through everything we do. Sometimes they can be a big reason for our success, too – I know mine are. But our limiting beliefs are called “limiting” for a reason.

I know you have big goals, and at Hello Seven we want to help you achieve them. But you have to learn to look back at the goals you've set, what's helped you reach them, and what you can do better going forward.

On this Office Hours episode, I'm sharing some of my goals from 2017 and talking about which I conquered and which I didn't. I'm talking about why I think anything is possible in about two years or less, and sharing a great exercise for busting the limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

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What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why it can be useful to look back at your goals from a few years ago.
  • How our limiting beliefs might push us forward but also slow us down.
  • Why you'll accomplish anything you want if you show up consistently and stay open to learning.

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I just wanted to share something with you guys from an old journal, which I thought might be motivating. I thought it would be fun to go over these goals and I wound up pulling it out. So one of the things that's really fun to do with webinars, that is super annoying and time-consuming but I think worth it, is when you share your story, pulling out all of those old photos that you've got that can sort of help to give some color and a visual to the story that you're telling. So, that's what I did. And I was telling this story about when I launched Multiply and it was a big launch and it was miserable and I never ever wanted to do it again. So, I went to a mastermind event. And at that mastermind event, I was surrounded by all of these multi-seven-figure entrepreneurial women who don't teach. They are running very successful businesses but they don't teach business strategy. So you can't hire them. It was just being able to be in the same room as them.

And I was telling them about this launch and they were all like, “Yeah, you're doing it all wrong,” which was great. So, of course, on the way home I reworked my whole business and wrote down all these notes. So anyway, I pulled out, I wanted to give a screenshot of my original notes in this webinar because I just thought it would be fun. And as I was going through this old notebook, I saw my goals that I wrote down December 2017, for these were the goals that I wanted to accomplish in 2018. So I just thought that I would share them with you because I just thought it was one big takeaway that I wanted to share that I thought was really interesting. And for sure, I haven't accomplished all of these, just FYI. But I just thought it was interesting.

And it's also interesting to look at the ones that I did accomplish versus the ones that I didn't. I feel like it's really just interesting always to go back and look at what are the goals that I set, what are the ones that I met, what are the ones that I didn't, just like with million-dollar metrics. It's so valuable to go back and see what's actually happening in the business, what was my intention, and then what wound up happening.

All right, so here are my goals for 2018. So, the first one was be debt-free other than my house. Pay off my student loans and I had a huge tax bill as well. So, that didn't happen. I still have student loans but definitely, all my taxes are paid off. And part of the reason why I have student loans is because I'm in the process of looking for a lawyer who specializes in student loans, because I want to pay it off at one time and I want to negotiate, and sort of try to cut down what the total is. I have six figures in student loans, between undergrad, but most of it was law school. And so, I want to see if I can kind of cut it down a little bit. So there's a strategy around my student loan debt. But anyway, that was the first one.

Second one was purchase the house and hire an interior designer to make it awesome. Check, did that.

Reach 2 million in revenue. So, I did not do that in 2018 but we'll do that this year. We'll surpass 2 million probably, by the end of this year.

The other one was write a book proposal and get a book deal. Done.

Hire a full-time nanny, done.

Launch my podcast, done.

Reach 100,000 subscribers of my newsletter, didn't do that. Still haven't done that yet.

Growing my mastermind, did that.

Host two events like Multiply Live. I've hosted eight events like Multiply Live.

Take my family on vacation to Hawaii. That I didn't do, but I did an island vacation, just wasn't Hawaii.

Bring kids and nanny for work travel. Okay, I've done that and it sucks and I will never do it again.

Put $100,000 in my retirement accounts. I will probably have done that by the end of this year.

And then, get my estate planning done. I did that.

You guys, these ones at the end are really funny. Buy more cute flats. I guess I wanted to stop wearing heels. Did that.

Replace all of my pajamas and underwear with grown and sexy stuff. That is kind of embarrassing, and the hilarious thing is that I still have not done that. So, I got a book deal, I bought my dream house, but what I didn't do is upgrade all of my undergarments.

And then also on this list was get laser eye surgery, which obviously, I haven't done. I still wear glasses and contacts. And part of the reason I didn't do that because I'm still nursing and you can't do it while you're nursing. Anyway, I share all that.

“All my pajamas is leather.” I love that, Delia.

But I wanted to share these goals because the thing that I really took away from this, I want you guys to understand. All of these goals felt so far away and so not doable when I wrote them down, like buying the house, paying off debt, getting to 2 million in revenue, getting a book deal. That felt it would be really hard to do and highly unlikely, even when I was writing a book proposal. I was like, “This isn't going to work but fuck it. I'll try it.” It's kind of where I was at. All of these things, even hiring a full-time nanny at the time felt like it would be too expensive and too hard. Hosting more events, getting my estate planning done, a lot of these things felt really, really challenging.

But the fascinating thing to me is that after looking at this, and also I looked at some of my other goals that I've set, I really feel like you can accomplish damn near anything in approximately two years or less. All of these things happened. I wrote these in December 2017. We're not even to December 2019 yet and a lot of them, especially the bigger ones have happened. And also too, obviously, I need to spend more time thinking about some of these personal items. Oh, who was that, Sara, that had recommendations on bras?

Anyhoo, I just wanted to share that with you, and read that list, and just remind you guys that the things that you are dreaming about now that feel so far off, they are so doable. And really believing in it and showing up and taking the action is all you got to do every single day, and you don't even have to get the action exactly right. If you just keep showing up, you will figure it out. You'll figure out, oh, this email didn't work, let me try it this way. Or this messaging didn't work, let me try it like this. Oh, sending newsletters is not as effective anymore, let me start doing some podcasting. Whatever it is, or this offer wasn't working as well, I'm going to shift it to this. Or webinars, that worked well, but now I want to rerecord it and update it. You will figure it out. You can tweak and test and adjust as you go. You just have to keep showing up and keep doing it every day. And really start to look at how you're spending your time.

November is going to be a super fun month. We're going to spend a lot of time, it's a sort-your-systems month. So, it's going to be a lot about projects, how you get projects done. We're going to be tracking your time, we're going to be doing all of these things that really help you to see what are you spending your time on? But if you just focus on these things and just keep holding these dreams, trust me, they will happen for you. You just got to believe it. So, anyway, two years or less on anything that you want to accomplish. trust me, I think that it's 100% doable after looking at this list.

So, anyway, hope that was helpful and inspiring for you guys. And let's get into some questions. All right. So, (beep) is up next and I love all of this hilariousness. Go underwear shopping this weekend. Yes, (beep), I will absolutely do that. Oh, I feel like there was one other thing I wanted to share with you guys. Before we dive into questions, one more exercise for you to try. And it doesn't even have to be… whenever you want, on your own time or you can even start by doing that right now. But here's what I want you to start thinking about. What is it about myself and or the world that prevents me from living my dream life? So, I'll ask that question again. What is it about myself and or the world that prevents me from living my dream life? Ask yourself that question and start to write down some of the things that come to you. Put on a 20-minute timer and just write it down.

Anybody want to share some of the thoughts? And this is really about bringing up some of those limiting beliefs, those thoughts that you have. When you make yourself more aware of them, you can't solve it in a day. But when you're more aware, you can see how they show up in your life. Actually sometimes, they can benefit you. But a lot of times, they can hinder you. And one of the ones that comes up for me when I do this exercise is, “I'm going to die young.” Which is pretty sad. Like these are not, this is not a fun exercise, just FYI, but I 100% think it's worthwhile.

And one of mine is, “I'm going to die young.” And the reason why I believe that is because my father died young of cancer and his mother died young of cancer. So it's almost like I've accepted it as a given. And because of that, that's what drives me to set goals and accomplish them, and waste no time and just go, go, go and not let my fears hold me back and take action. Because my goal is to just build wealth and change the legacy of my family in one generation, so that my children's children grow up and experience something completely different and have assets left to them. So, that is my mission. And so, I just run, run, run. And it's because of this limiting belief, which really, it benefits me. Because it pushes me to keep going. But then it disadvantages me in some ways because I might add more stress to my life. I might try to do too much in too little time. And a stressful lifestyle, of course, that can bring on the kinds of cancers that my family members have died from. So, it's not really helping me.

So really taking care of myself, investing in my self-care and not just thinking, “Oh, I don't have time to take care of myself. I've just got to make money and I got to do everything that I could possibly do before I die.” So, really evaluating that and seeing where it shows up. And I'm still kind of looking at it, but I just wanted to share that example for you, and invite you guys to share some of the limiting beliefs that might be challenging you. Because this is the stuff that matters so much more than…

And the strategy is very important, of course, but what you believe is possible for yourself. Or the kinds of shit that's holding you back, sometimes you might find yourself like, “I'm not taking that action and I don't know why.” Or “I'm procrastinating on doing that thing and I don't know why I keep procrastinating on it.” A lot of times, it's because there's a limiting belief hidden in there that you need to uncover. And then once you do, and allow yourself to be aware of it, and really look at it and start to look at where is this showing up in my life? Where is this benefiting me and where is this hindering me? And you get better at identifying it and stopping it from slowing you down.

(beep) says, “I have to be responsible with my money. Therefore, I can invest in business but not fun stuff or self-care. Or I can invest in it only if it has a dual purpose, like MDB retreats but no vacation, in over a year.” Yep. (beep), I used to have that one too. Totally. And so, what you got to do is start challenging that and ask yourself, “Is that true? Is that true that you have to be responsible with your money, or is that true that it's irresponsible with your money if you are investing in self-care?” Challenge that thought and think of what evidence is there to show that investing in your self-care is actually being responsible with your money. Investing in self-care is actually helping you to make more money. So you can start to build a case against that thought.

(beep) says, “I am so scared that I can't replace my salary on my own and I won't have enough money to pay my bills now or enough in savings to help build a legacy for my kids.” Yes. And again, you've got to ask yourself, is that true? Is it true that you can't replace your salary, on your own? Start to really analyze that and look at that, because you will find that actually no, you're absolutely more likely to make more money and leave a legacy for your kids as an entrepreneur than you are working where you do right now.

(beep) says, “I'm 40 and just now cracked the limiting belief that I can make more than 150K.” Yes. Yes, it takes time. It does.

(beep) says, “I feel like I'm not popular enough or famous enough to make more money.” Interesting. Isn't it crazy how some of these things pop up? And popularity and fame, I can tell you for sure, having been a lawyer and worked with a lot of influencers and very well-known entrepreneurs, a lot of them are not making that much money. So they may have lots of followers, that doesn't mean that they know how to turn those followers into clients. But yes, challenge that thought that you're not popular enough or famous enough or that you even have to be popular or famous to make money. So, awesome.

(beep) said, “Mine is being a successful business owner. This is like a bad word in the house I grew up in. Good people aren't successful.” Mm, that is a good one to tackle, for sure. So start to look at, what are examples of successful people that you feel are good people are there out there, so that you can start to challenge that. And you guys, you can make this really practical. (beep), one of the things you could do is, if you find some successful people who do things that you feel like make them a good person, you can start to follow their Instagram accounts. And flood your Instagram feed with wealthy people who are doing good work in the world. And just seeing those messages on a daily basis will start to shift your thinking. So you can really attack your limiting beliefs in a very practical way. It doesn't have to just be this esoteric thought work.

But I do want to encourage you guys and if you do it, ask yourself that question, “What is it about myself and or the world that prevents me from living my dream life?” Ask yourself that question and really spend 15, 20 minutes just writing down all the thoughts that come to mind, and then start to analyze them. And maybe I'll create a worksheet, or I'll just put it in a Facebook post, this exercise that you can do on your own, or if you want to get into a group and do it together. But I think that that stuff is really helpful. As you work on your business and do the strategic stuff, make sure you're also working on your mind as well because it makes a difference.–

Alright, guys, that’s all I can share with you today. The Q&A section is where I share my top strategies and help my clients work through their challenges. That part of Office Hours is exclusive to members of my Million Dollar Badass Mastermind.

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