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Now Is the Time

044 Now Is the Time

The registration deadline for my new membership program We Should All Be Millionaires is today, April 30th, so I want to talk with you all today about timing. Shameless plug, I know. But seriously, now is the time. This epic pause the world is on has given us so much time to reflect, and truly, now is the time to pursue whatever is important to you.

Sure, take a moment to take care of yourself, relax, and reset, but don’t waste this opportunity. It’s so easy to focus on all of the reasons why now is not the time to make an investment in ourselves or learn something new. But I’ll tell you right now, that is not million-dollar behavior.

Join me on the podcast this week as I share some of the things I’ve seen holding people back during this time, and the results waiting for you if you use this strange and uncertain time to your advantage. You might think that now isn’t the time to take risks because of the pandemic, but it’s because of the pandemic that I believe now is the time.

To celebrate the launch of We Should All Be Millionaires, we're having a party tonight, April 30th, so even if you don't sign up, join us at 8pm Eastern on the Hello Seven Facebook group

What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  • The false barriers we put up that stop us from going after exciting change in our lives.
  • Why even the real barriers aren’t insurmountable.
  • How committing and living out your mission in life starts out terrifying and uncomfortable, but always becomes joyful and exciting.
  • Why I believe playing it safe is harder in the long-run than taking action on your big dreams and ideas.
  • How I’m maintaining a balance between work, self-development, and self-care and relaxation during this pandemic.
  • The excuses I see people telling themselves because of the coronavirus.
  • Why, because of the coronavirus, now is the time.

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I actually think it’s much greater discomfort to sit every day in a job that doesn’t have meaning for you and not take action on a big dream or a big idea that you have. I think it’s much harder to stay stagnant and play it safe than it is to take a risk and go after what you want. When you are taking risks, even though it’s scary, you feel alive.

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Hello, my friends. It’s another wonderful day here at the Hello Seven Podcast. I hope that you guys have been having a lovely week. It’s been very, very exciting here in Hello Seven world because last week, we opened up the doors to our We Should All Be Millionaires membership community.

And we have gotten such a huge and passionate and excited response from our audience and community. And we are so excited about it. We have over 200 people that have already joined the community. And it actually closes today. So, registration for We Should All Be Millionaires closes today. So, if you’ve been thinking about joining, you should go to and get yourself in there before we close the doors.

And today, I want to talk to you about some of the things that I’ve been seeing, some of the excuses that I’ve heard and concerns that people have expressed over the last week as they consider whether or not to invest in We Should All Be Millionaires, where or not to take the leap.

And so, I want to talk to you guys about timing. And I’m actually calling this episode Now Is the Time. So, let’s talk about all the reasons that now is the time. Because I think, sometimes, we focus on all the reasons why now shouldn’t be the time. But I don’t think that that is million-dollar behavior.

I think we really need to look at, what do we want? What does it take to get there? And what are the barriers in the way? And also, how are we putting those barriers up or making them stronger?

For example, there may be someone you’re worried is going to say, “you’re making the wrong move.” Maybe you’re worried that your mom or your sister or your best friend or your significant other, or someone in your life is going to tell you you’re crazy for trying to make an exciting move in your life, and so you don’t do it.

That’s not a real barrier. That’s a perceived barrier. There are real barriers in the world, for example, women’s limited access to funding is a real issue. That’s a real barrier. That doesn’t mean it’s insurmountable. That doesn’t mean you can’t overcome it. But it is an actual barrier that exists.

But someone’s opinion of you is not really a wall that is in between you and your goals. It’s one that you’re putting up, okay. So, I want to talk to you guys about some of these reasons that we have and remind you of one of my favorite quotes, that’s actually by Marie Forleo, that says, “You can have reasons or you can have results.”

So, if there’s something that you want in the world, you have to decide to go and get it. You have to decide to do the work. You have to decide to move through the discomfort. You have to decide to accept the uncertainty that comes with going after your goals. There is no other way that I know of.

There have been so many times in my ten-year journey of uncertainty and of fear and of reasons, really legit-seeming reasons. And I could I have said, “Okay, well, you know what? These reasons are too much. These barriers are too great. So, I’m just going to not try.”

And trust me, I had moments where I did. I had periods of time where, for a couple of months, I started dialing it in, started hiding, not taking the action that I could have been taking. That does happen. But trust me, over 10 years, I have found that there is no other way but through.

And I promise you, you do get to a point where you start to enjoy going through. You get to a point where you start to enjoy the ride, where the exhilaration of the uncertainty is actually exciting and not terrifying.

You get to a point where you actually have joy as you go through this path because you’re on your path. You’re going after your mission in life. You’re living out your purpose. And so, even if it doesn’t all work out exactly how you want it to, you’re still on the path. You’re taking action. You’re in motion, instead of standing still.

And I believe that that is a human need. We have a need to be purposeful. We have a need to do something with our lives, to make meaning of our lives. And so, you have to get on the path to do that, otherwise you will be very uncomfortable.

I actually think it’s much greater discomfort to sit every day in a job that doesn’t have meaning for you and not take action on a big dream or a big idea that you have. I think it’s much harder to stay stagnant and play it safe than it is to take a risk and go after what you want.

When you are taking risks, even though it’s scary, you feel alive. You feel alive and it’s amazing. That’s how you know you’re living. That’s how you know you’re doing something. And for sure, I want you to know that these are uncertain times and these are challenging times. And for some of us, we need to rest.

I think of my friend Robert Hartwell, who for many years was doing eight shows a week on Broadway. And Broadway schedules for a performer are very intense. They are quite grueling.

So, not only are you doing eight shows a week with only one day off a week, but you’re also doing rehearsals during the day and it can be a lot, right? It’s very demanding on the body, on the brain, all of it. And so, having done that for so many years, I remember a couple of years back we went on a retreat to Hawaii that I was supposed to be on; Alexandra Franzen’s retreat, who is another good friend of mine.

And I was supposed to be there, but I was put on bed rest and so I couldn’t travel. I had to stay home. And so, he went. And I remember him coming back – and it was a writing retreat, so you were meant to get started on a book or just write whatever you wanted to write.

And I remember him coming back and saying, “I didn’t write a single thing. I feel like I slept all week, because that’s what I needed.” And Alex has pictures of him sleeping on the couch, on the lanai. It’s like, he needed rest. He was going, going, going and he needed a moment.

And so, I want to validate that for you. If you need rest or you need a moment, like, take that moment. Take that rest. But let’s be honest; most of us don’t need months and months and months and months of rest. Most of us would get bored. Most of us would be looking for some type of stimuli after a while.

I don’t think endless vacation is really satisfying for probably anybody. We all have a desire to do meaningful work in the world. And so, if you feel like, “Right now, what I need to be doing is resting,” then rest. You should absolutely do that. But also, don’t make the excuse that you have to rest, or don’t make the excuse that now is not the time.

And that is what I’m seeing a lot of. “Now is not the time because of this coronavirus. Now is not the time.” And I think, because of this coronavirus, now is the time. Now is exactly the time.

The world has been turned on its head. Everything is up for change, which means it’s a fantastic opportunity for you to ride that wave of change and for you to step into more of what you want and start dropping everything that you don’t.

We’re also spending so much time at home. This is a great time for personal development for you to discover what it is that you want for yourself and to step into it, or you to see all the places that you’ve been hiding or making excuses or stopping yourself from achieving and having everything that you want. Now is a great time. Now is the time.

And I want you to know, what I’m seeing among the entrepreneurs who are out here getting it, who are making money, my clients who are having insane success is million-dollar behavior. And I think million-dollar behavior in the midst of a world health crisis and economic crisis is taking stock, finding out what you need for yourself, and then going out and getting it.

It’s removing all of the excuses and it’s stepping into your purpose. I think things like this are a great time to reevaluate. And that’s what we’re all doing collectively. We’re reevaluating so that we can see, what’s missing for us? What’s the next step for us?

We have so much more clarity than we did just a couple of weeks ago when the world was crazy busy and we were getting on planes all the time and we were traveling and we were working and we were shuffling kids back and forth to school.

And I’m not saying that now is not a busy time. Trust me, I’ve got two kids homeschooling right outside my office right now. I also have a toddler. I’m very aware that this is a busy time, but it’s also a time for you to not just be busy with all the things that are thrusted upon you, but get busy with what you want. Get busy getting after what you need in your life. How can you improve your life?

This is an opportunity to use this time to become a better version of yourself. That’s what I want to do. And that doesn’t mean you have to achieve, achieve, achieve and work hard, hard, hard, hard, hard and lose 100 pounds and work out every day and all this other crap. That’s all bullshit. That’s not anybody’s goal; or it shouldn’t be, anyway. And that’s not what I’m suggesting.

But there’s nuance here. It’s not one or the other. It’s not that you have to rest the whole time or you have to work, work, work the whole time. There is balance here. There is the possibility of resting and working. There is the possibility of living your life and showing up for what you need to show up for and going after what you want, right?

There is nuance. This world is not black and white and you can have both at the same time. They are possible because that’s what I’m living and that’s what I have been living for the last 10 years.

What’s interesting is that I, myself, have signed up for at least three courses since this coronavirus started. I signed up for a baby sleeping class because my toddler’s sleeping has been disrupting my sleeping for months now and I’m like, “Oh, I need better sleep.”

That is one of the things that this pandemic has shown me is I need better sleep. Good, now I know. So, I signed up for a course to help my toddler sleep better. So, that’s one of the courses that I’m doing.

I signed up for another course related to business so that I can learn some things and improve a new aspect of my business. And there was one other course that I signed up for and I can’t even remember what it was. But I’ve taken all these courses too. Now only have I signed up, but this is what I’m doing on the weekends.

When my toddler is napping and my kids are being entertained or they’re doing Legos with their dad, I will go watch a couple of videos and do a couple of worksheets related to one of these courses. So, that’s what I do in my free time.

And trust me, I still watch Netflix. I still saw the series finale of Homeland. And if you haven’t seen it, oh my god, it was so good. So, I’m still entertaining myself, but I’m also learning because I enjoy learning.

I have a friend who said that he’s had digestive issues for years. And he saw someone advertising a course. It was a $5000 program on correcting his digestive issues. And he’s like, “You know what? There’s a pandemic going on right now. I have a little bit more time because I’m not getting out and I’m not going out as much. I’m going to deal with this issue once and for all. Now is the time for me to deal with this issue.” So, he took the course. He’s like, “I feel amazing. I have never felt better. Best $5000 I ever spent.”

I have another friend who saw a course advertised, a program advertised online about improving your sex life. And so, he’s decided, “You know what? Now’s a great time to look at that for myself. I’m going to look at that.” And so, he signed up for a course to improve your sex life.

I think now is a great time to work on yourself. I have a friend who has always wanted to launch her own YouTube channel and she’s like, “You know what? I’m doing it. I’ve been thinking about it for five years. Enough is enough.”

So, you can say now is not the time because of this pandemic. But there are a lot of people out here who are saying now is exactly the time because of this pandemic. In fact, 200 women just joined my new membership community with that exact thought process. And they have shared in my free Hello Seven Facebook group that they are scared.

They’re like, “I’m ready to go for it, but I’m scared. But I’m going to do it anyway.” And there’s a whole thread of women talking about how, “I’m doing it anyway. I’m afraid to, but I’m doing it.” And I’m just, like, so inspired by them because that is the truth.

You don’t take the action when you’re done with fear, when you’re like, “Okay, I’m no longer scared, so I’m going to do it.” Nope, not how it works. It’s not, “I’m no longer uncomfortable by the idea of this next level that I want to step into. So, now I’m going to step into it.”

No. You actually get comfortable with that next level by being at that next level, by taking the action, by getting on the journey. That’s how you learn. That’s how you make progress. That’s how you build your capacity to have more, to accomplish more, to be all that you want to be in the world.

That’s how you do it is by action. You don’t do it by sitting on the sidelines and waiting for the lack of fear to wash over you, waiting for the discomfort to dissipate. That’s just not how it works, friends.

So, I’m calling you out on your excuses today because I definitely want you to sign up for my membership community. So, please don’t feel there’s an ulterior motive. I’m going to tell you what my motive is. For sure, I want you to sign up for my membership community because I know it’s going to make a huge difference for you.

I know that having community and training and strategy and coaching is just an epic combination to start to reach your goals. And I see it already. Already that group is lit. People are so excited. People are networking.

We have a self-made Sunday every Sunday and so, this past Sunday, people were sharing their webinars and their different stuff and people were like, “I’m signing up for your webinar,” and supporting each other’s work. There is magic already happening in that community, so you definitely need to be in there. And, of course, today is the last day.

The other thing that I want you to think about is, like, how do you want to stop suffering? Is there a way, is there an area in your life where you are suffering right now that you want to end? And how could you take action on making that change? What could you do to change that for yourself?

And I’ll just share, vulnerably, that I’ve actually recently signed up for a program related to my eating. I notice that I have this addictive thing happening on the weekends where I’m, like, eating a bag of Cheez Doodles and I’m saying to myself, “Okay I’m done.”

And I’m not saying to myself I’m done because I’m supposed to be done. And this is not a weight issue. I’m not worried about weight. But it’s like, I don’t like feeling out of control with food and I have felt that way more and more and I’m just now noticing it because of this epic pause that we’re on.

I’m now noticing, I do this a lot. I stand in the kitchen and just eat tons of cookies. And I don’t even want the cookies. They don’t even taste good anymore. After the seventh cookie, it’s really not that exciting or enjoyable. But I think I may have a food addiction.

And so, I started exploring that and I’ve signed up to work with someone who can help me with that. And that’s a pretty vulnerable share. A lot of my friends don’t even know that I did that. But that’s one of the things that I signed up for. I wasn’t going to tell you all that, but you know what, I’m going to tell y’all because I want you to know, we’ve got to stop making excuses and we need to look at the areas where we’re suffering and do something about it.

No one else is going to save us. No one else is going to fix it for us. We have to fix it ourselves. We have to be brave and courageous and fix those things ourselves. And so, that’s one of the things that I’m doing is looking at that, like where I feel out of control with food. I want to change my relationship with food so that I feel really empowered and at peace with how I eat.

And I understand that that is an area that is so rife with confusion and stress and, you know, politics. So, I’m not even going to get into any of that. I am not here advocating weight loss. Your girl is 200 pounds and a size 14 and I look good AF. So, just so you know. But that is an area where I feel like I love my relationship with exercise, I love how much I exercise. I feel strong. I feel powerful. I know I’m stronger than I was before and it just feels great. It also lifts my mood, but I feel like food is one of those areas where I have sometimes a crappy relationship, and so I’m working on that.

So, look at where are you suffering right now and how would you like to improve that? And if it’s something related to money, We Should All Be Millionaires might be the right fit. If it’s something else, go look for that solution. Go find that solution and courageously pursue it, okay.

Some of you guys email us. We’ve gotten so many emails recently about people sharing their situation, like what’s not working in your business, bad business partnerships gone wrong, you know, launches that weren’t successful, employees that did you wrong. There’s all kinds of struggle that is in my inbox right now that we’ve been actively responding to.

And here’s the thing. Don’t just email me and complain. I want to know, what are you going to do about it? Because I do respond to those emails and I give solutions. But are you going to take that advice? Are you going to take action? Are you going to act on that or are you going to stay in this place of complaining?

Complaining only increases the feeling of suffering. It does not make you feel better. For sure, you need to have a voice. For sure, you need to say what’s not working for you. But also, there has to be something else besides that, besides just stating it. There’s got to be some action in there as well because the world is not here to save us. Donald Trump certainly ain’t here to save us, clearly.

We have to save ourselves. And so, we have to decide, what are we going to do to make progress, to end suffering, to feel better, to get what we want, to become a better version of ourselves? That requires action.

And also, I want to share with you, listen, everyone has a story. Everyone has a story of struggle. Everyone has some story – and maybe not everyone, but most people have some version of struggle. Most people have stuff going on in their lives that is messy, that is complicated, that is painful. And some of us, obviously, a lot more than others, based on the society that we live in. But all of us have suffering and a story.

We don’t only take action when we don’t have a story. It’s not only people who have no story, who have no suffering, who have no struggle who are taking action. No. People who are in major struggle are also taking action. People who have every reason not to take action are taking action. So, you have to decide, do you want to be one of those people or not?

So, that is my message for you today. Now is the time, despite all of the reasons – I know you have many reasons, very good reasons for not going after what you want, for not changing your life for the better. But I’m going to encourage you right now to do it anyway. Forget those reasons. Go after the results that you want.

And if what you want is more money, then you should seriously consider We Should All Be Millionaires, the membership community. It is a beautiful space. I literally cried on the first money mindset coaching call that we did last Friday with our first few members. I mean, I cried. It was so epic to see the lightbulbs going off and the shift happening for people and what people we resaying in the chat and what the person in the hot seat was saying.

It was such a beautiful thing. And so, that’s why I’m encouraging you. Like, this is something that I truly believe in and I feel like you should be a part of it. So, I’m making that ask. Ask for what you want, is what they say. So, I’m asking you to check out We Should All Be Millionaires and really consider it.

We have a chat on the sales page. If you have any questions about it, you can chat with us there. Today is your last chance. So, get up in there.

The other thing that I want you to know, the last thing, is that we’re having a super-fun launch party tonight in the Hello Seven Facebook group. So, you go to Come hang out with us, 8PM Eastern time tonight.

We have DJ Shammy Dee on the ones and twos. We’ll have some guests and some fun surprises and we’re just going to have a good time. So, even if you don’t sign up, come this evening and feel good and celebrate life.

Alright, that is my message for you guys today. Sending so much love out to you in the world. Take care of yourselves and I’ll talk to you real soon.

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