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The Magic Money Dust Is Available to You

049 The Magic Money Dust Is Available to You

We’re in the middle of a major world correction right now, and this leaves massive opportunity open for you. Over here at Hello Seven, we’ve developed the perfect program to help you move your business forward in ways you might have never thought possible before now.

We know that the world is geared towards cis-gender straight white men. But as disgusting as that is, there is opportunity available to you. You just have to say yes. And that is the theme of my talk today. You are not denied, the door is not closed in your face. You just have to be looking for those opportunities and, most importantly, willing to say yes when you see them.

Join me on the podcast this week to discover how to start saying yes to the opportunities that are available right now. I’m sharing what we’ve got going on over here at Hello Seven to help you up-level your business and your mindset during this time of opportunity, and showing you that the magical money dust is available to you, despite what you may believe.

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What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why it’s up to you to acknowledge your desires and be open to the success you deserve.
  • How I’m expanding my capacity for abundance every day.
  • The insane power that comes with you starting to up-level your squad.
  • Why I believe this sacred pause that the world is experiencing is the perfect time to share your honesty with the world.
  • The truth about making mistakes when sharing your authenticity with the world.
  • How we are helping people every day and showing them that the magical money dust is available to them.

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And so, a lot of us spend so much time and energy trying to shove our stuff down other people’s throats and trying to get people to pay attention to what we’re creating, when really, you’ve got to – don’t lead with the product. Lead with the story. What is your story?

Why are you creating this offer? Why did I decide to do the town hall? Why did Robert decide to buy this house and what’s the story behind that, right? People are very interested. Our whole lives, we’re surrounded by story, right?

Welcome to the Hello Seven Podcast. I'm your host, Rachel Rodgers, wife, mother of four children, a lover of Beyoncé, coffee drinker, and afro-wearer, and I just happen to be the CEO of a seven-figure business. I am on a mission to help every woman I meet become a millionaire. If you want to make more money, you are in the right place. Let's get it going.

Hello, hello. I hope you are doing excellent today. I’m like, where do I even begin? What an insane day and an insane week, really, and an insane month, all of it. But I really want to talk to you just about this ridiculous glow up that is happening right now and my thoughts on it, and how I recommend that you move in order to make the glow up happen in your life as well.

Like, it is within reach and totally possible. This is not this sort of magical thing that is only available to a select few. It’s actually much more available than we believe, than we realize. And so, I just want to talk to you guys a little bit about that. I’ll also answer any questions that you have about The Club.

A lot of people have asked, when will we reopen it? I literally have no clue. Like, I’m taking it day by day at this point. So, I don’t know. It is totally possible we’ll reopen it in a month. Like, I definitely didn’t expect to do this launch when we did our initial launch. But then, it just wound up happening. So, it’s possible. Or we might wind up waiting until the fall. And so, we’ll see.

I want to share some, hopefully, some motivation for you about how you can win. But the last month has really been insane. But I’ll just start from last night. Literally last night at midnight, me and Robert Hartwell were on the phone because Robert Hartwell is my best friend and he bought a house yesterday.

He literally saw it three weeks ago. You guys have got to go read that post on his page. But he saw a house three weeks ago and he really wanted to buy it and he reached out and inquired. And, you know, of course, they immediately were like, “This is a cash only. The seller will only accept cash in full. So, does that take this off the table for you?” And he was like, “No.”

So, he went and bought the house in cash yesterday. So, now he has this beautiful white house that he’s going to do some renovations to. And you may not know this about Robert – so, he teaches musical theatre education, but he’s also a Broadway performer. And he’s also an interior designer. He has that skillset. You should see his apartment. It’s stunning. So, definitely you’ll want to follow that renovation because it’s going to be insane.

But his post, he put it up yesterday. Then he put his phone on airplane mode by accident. So, we was, like, meeting with the architect and just busy yesterday and didn’t notice. So then, he went to call his mom late in the evening. And he calls his mom and his mother is like, “Holy shit.” And he’s like, “What?”

I mean, she didn’t say that because she wouldn’t say shit. Buts he was like, “Oh my god…” and she told him that the postman brought – it had 212,000 comments last night and thousands of shares. Now it’s going all over the place on Instagram. It’s gone viral.

So, anyway, that was bananas. And just another example of exactly what I want to share with you guys, right? Like, that if you just speak your truth and you are out there going for what you want, that is such a light and so inspiring to other people that it will get shared. People will see it.

And so, a lot of us spend so much time and energy trying to shove our stuff down other people’s throats and trying to get people to pay attention to what we’re creating, when really, we’ve got to – don’t lead with the product, Lead with the story. Why are you creating this offer? Why did I decide to do the town hall? Why did Robert decide to by this house and what’s the story behind that?

People are very interested. Our whole lives, we’re surrounded by story. Whether it’s Netflix, which we’re all obsessed with, or Instagram – again, story. All of social media is that. Marketing is storytelling. Everything, whether it’s the news or it’s a movie, it’s all about story. And so, how can you share your story?

You have a story. You have an inspiring story, right? There is something magical that has happened in your life that you’re not sharing. And because you’re not sharing it, you’re not seeing the response that you want. And this I not me saying you need to share all your personal business, because I’m not about that life, okay.

There’s plenty of shit I don’t tell y’all because it’s just very personal, right, and my husband is a pretty private person, so I try not to have him plastered all over social media. My son, my middle child is exactly the same way. And so, you’ll see a lot more pictures of my daughter and my youngest than my son Jackson, because he doesn’t want to connect like that.

And so, you can still respect your own privacy and the privacy of the family members around you and still find a way to tell your story. And that is what I encourage you to do. It’s magical what can happen when you just share what you have to say and what’s on your heart and speak authentically and don’t worry about the façade and what it looks like and saying the right things and not offending people.

We have to let that go. People will be offended. My mere existence offends people. This shirt offends people, particularly because in the bottom it says “Pro-Ho.” People are offended by that. They’re offended by every line of this shirt.

People are offended by my hair or my skin color or I talk too much or I curse, you know, whatever it is. People are going to be offended by your mere existence. So, stop altering yourself to not offend. You are going to offend, so just accept it and let people deal with it, you know, and find a way to get your story out there too and share more authentically and be more transparent.

I think that’s what this sacred pause, as Rha Goddess calls it, is asking us to do. All of the truth is coming to the surface. And so, how can you be more honest in your approach to building business, to building wealth, to being successful whether you’re working in a job and there’s shit going on that’s not acceptable and you’re just pretending it’s fine and not saying anything. Maybe you need to go have that conversation with your boss or supervisor or whoever, HR.

Maybe you’re an entrepreneur and you’re seeing things in your industry or you’ve even done things in your business that you’re realizing you’re not okay with anymore and just sharing about that and being honest. That is what this time is calling us to do. And you will see that there’s massive rewards for sharing that honesty and being transparent and acknowledging that you aren’t perfect and acknowledging that you make mistakes.

Another beautiful example is Francesca – I forget her last name but she had that viral video a couple of years ago that I think was called – and some of you guys probably know – I think her Instagram is @heyfran, or @heyfranhey.

But she had that video about how white girls talk to black girls or something like that. I can’t remember exactly what it was. But it went viral. And in it, there was something that she had said that she felt like, “That was kind of offensive and I no longer believe that anymore.”

And so, it started going viral again just in this last month and she was like, “Hey, I notice my video is going viral again, let me just say. I said X, Y, Z and that was kind of offensive and I realize now that I shouldn’t have said that and I don’t believe that. And I just want to let you guys know because you’re watching this old video. I’m not going to delete it. I’m not going to try to pretend it didn’t happen, but I’m going to be honest about where I’m at right now.” No one is dragging her over that. No one.

So, you think you can’t make mistakes. But you can. It’s just about what do you do after that. Do you say, “You know what, let me go look at that?” and just share your honest about it. Or do you get defensive. That’s what it’s about.

So anyway, that’s what happened for me. Almost a month ago now, I just got angry on a Saturday and decided to do a Facebook live about it and, you know, really wanted to represent voices that weren’t being heard and weren’t being acknowledged and it was pissing me off.

And so, I was very angry in that video. I did not have a bra on. In the beginning of the video, I’m turning my camera because I had it all jacked up. Nothing about it was polished or perfect and that video just happened to go viral. And it was not what I was expecting. And you can’t plan for that kind of thing but it just happens.

And that video has created a lot of positive momentum, not just in my business, businesswise. Although it has affected that. But it’s also just getting all of these people who DM me. Literally, every day I get hundreds of DMs now from people who are like, “I watched the video and it caused me to do X, Y, Z.  And they’re changing their behavior. That’s what’s so exciting about it.

That video caused me to do this town hall and now that’s featured in Forbes today, and hopefully more people will take the pledge. And we have had thousands of people take the pledge, and hopefully thousands more will.

So, it’s just when you share honestly and authentically, you can literally change the world. And that’s really what I want to share with you guys. And when you’re doing that, those two things are not separate. So, you can see massive change in the world and massive impact in the world and get the rewards as well.

Hello Seven is having its biggest revenue month that it has ever had. We are at approximately double the revenue for our highest month ever. And that’s a very high number, you guys, because this last year we made $2 million. So, you know, we make a couple hundred thousand dollars a month. And now we have more than doubled that and growing by the minute. It is unbelievable.

It’s so funny because I taught a class on product market fit. That’s actually in The Club. You can watch it when you join The Club. Like, two months ago, I taught a class on product market fit. And one of the things that we talked about is when something becomes so sharable that it’s no longer you – because when you’re growing a business, it can feel like you’re pushing a boulder up a hill, step by step. And that’s what it is for a while.

And trust me, I’ve pushed the boulder too. I’ve been pushing a lot over the last 10 years. But then, at a certain point, it just starts – you get to the top and it just starts to roll without you. And that’s exactly what this feels like. This launch has been mind-boggling.

We’ve barely sent any emails. We have not been posting a ton about it all over social media. Other people are sharing it. And that’s when you know you have product market fit, when it is sharable, when people are telling their friends about it, where it’s not about your marketing now. It’s about this word of mouth that’s happening. And that’s what’s happening with The Club, which is just incredible.

You can watch the video on Instagram. It’s on Facebook too. If you just go to my personal profile on Facebook, it’s there and it’s public so you don’t even have to be friends with me to see it. But you can also see it on Instagram. I’m @rachrodgersesq on Instagram, so you can find it there as well.

So, anyway, I hope that that helps and I hope that that gives you some ideas about moves that you should be thinking about making in your business and how you want to grow, but you’ve got to be open. Like, the first step is you have to want it and you have to be willing to acknowledge your desire for what you want and not shame yourself for it because the world is designed to do that.

The world is designed to tell you, if you’re a woman, if you’re a black person, if you’re a person of color, if you’re differently abled, if you’re LGBTQI+, as long as you are not a straight cis white man, the world is designed to tell you that you can’t build wealth, that you’re wrong for wanting money, that you’re wrong for being ambitious, that your desires are dangerous.

And you know what, Natalie, our program director at Hello Seven always says, “Damn right my desires are fucking dangerous. You’re god damn right.” Because this whole world can be turned upside down, which it needs to be, based on our desires. Our desire literally creates the world that we want to see. And so, you have to acknowledge those desires and say yes to them. Be open to this amount of success.

I literally am expanding my capacity for abundance in real time. Literally every time I check our – we have a Money Chimes channel in Slack that is like, we can’t keep up with it. It’s going off nonstop. The amount of people joining The Club, the amount of people, my social media following has grown by 30,000 people in the last month.

The media opportunities, I’m talking to my publicist – I had to hire a publicist because I had so much coming into my DMs that I was like, “Fuck, I can’t handle it.” So, I hired a publicist and now she’s the one sending me so many opportunities. It’s amazing what can happen when you just share authentically and honestly.

This absolutely, you can recreate – the success that you’re watching me experience right now, you can absolutely have it for yourself. But you have to be open to it and say yes to it. And, of course, it can look different. It can look like whatever you want it to look like. I was just talking to – and hopefully she wouldn’t mind me sharing this, but I was just talking to Laura Roeder in my DMs. And we’re not friends but we have a mutual friend and she messaged me offering her help and services, which is beautiful, earlier today.

And Laura is an example of somebody who’s built a company that’s a multimillion-dollar company. And she doesn’t work in the business anymore. She’s just home with her kids and enjoying her life. And that’s another path.

She’s not going viral, but her business is highly successful and she has exactly the life that she wants. So, whatever you want your success to look like, you can absolutely make that happen. And that’s the message that I have for you. And it’s all up here. And that is exactly why, in The Club, we start with worthy. You have to look at your mindset.

And so, we call it money mindset. But it’s really about your self-trust, your ability to trust yourself and your own desires and therefore take action on them. That’s really what we’re trying to help you do. And everybody needs that. I need it. And every entrepreneur needs it.

We have so many – I can’t believe the amount of entrepreneurs who are already making seven figures that have joined The Club. I was like, holy shit. It’s been amazing to see. We have people who are starting from scratch or who have never started a business or who are just working a fulltime job and want to build more wealth within their job or want to invest or just want the community, and that’s why they’re there.

And then, we have people who are making multi-millions. We have people in The Club who have eight-figure businesses. It’s bananas. So, I’m just so excited about this community and what can be created in community. And one of the easiest ways, which I’ve talked about again and again, but I’m going to say it again because I feel like it needs to be talked about constantly, is you have to change who you’re rolling with.

You need to up-level your squad. And that means it’s not about money and it’s not about how much success they’ve acquired. It’s about what do they believe. Who are you hanging out with and what do they believe? If they believe that they can do anything, that they can have anything that they want, that they are capable and they believe that for you as well, that’s who you want to hang out with.

It’s not about the dollar amount that they’re making. It’s about how do you talk to them. What are the conversations about? Are they someone who complains all the time and believes that they can’t have shit, or are they someone who believes, who believes in the possibility? That’s who you need to roll with.

And if you just change that, if you just up-level your squad, literally, you will have success coming at you and you won’t be able to stop it. It will rub off on you. It will affect you. The magic money dust will just get sprinkled all over you every day because you’re having these conversations and starting to believe in yourself in a way that you didn’t before.

So, that’s what I wanted to share. It’s been a crazy month. But it’s been amazing and I get scared too. I have these moments of fear and I just keep saying, “I’m grateful.” And I think that is the key. And I really learned that from Brené Brown. When you’re feeling that fear come up and that feeling of, things are going well and you’re like, “The shoe’s going to drop because it’s going too well.” You really just have to stop and say, “I’m grateful.” And just sit in gratitude. And that is how you start to expand your capacity for more.

Alright, so I’ve been not looking at the comments, but y’all are going off in the comments, which I love. Yes to magic money dust. Yes, I love it. We Should All Be Millionaires is my support system, my IV infusion of power and goodness and level-up. Oh my goodness, I love that so much, that’s beautiful.

“Is all of the content in The Club delivered evergreen or do you lead live classes?” Yes. So there are four training programs that will probably take you a good, I would say, four to six months to get through. And then we do a training. I do a training every month.

And here’s the thing I want you guys to understand. What’s on the sales page for the club, what our goal was, was just like, let’s have minimal promise and let’s just overdeliver. So, we’ve already added coworking sessions every Wednesday, which was not, that’s not even on the sales page, I don’t think, still. And there’s other things that we have in the works as well.

For example, we’re doing a one-day mastermind event that you had seen me talk about on Facebook, what we decided to do was just offer it inside The Club for free to any club members who are making $20,000 a month or more. So, we’re doing a virtual mastermind day to talk about building your team, your money mindset, how to scale up your offers.

And so, that’s just a free workshop that we just decided to include in The Club. And so, there will be more things like that where we’re just seeing, how can we serve people, what do they need? And we just keep up-leveling as we can. And there’s going to be more content that is available that you’ll unlock after a certain period of time. Like, after six months in the club, you’ll unlock another part of the member site that gives you access to some additional stuff and some additional experiences.

We’re planning a retreat for The Club, a virtual retreat this year obviously, because we have to. But we have plans to do in-person retreats in the future. So, there’s so much magic that is going to be a part of The Club that we’re still sort of figuring out all of the logistical details. And so, that’s why we’re like, we’re not even putting it on the sales page. We’ll just surprise people and delight them.

So, know that there is more to The Club than just what’s on the sales page. But just what’s on the sales page alone will serve you and will help you change your life, literally.

“I’m in The Club and yesterday’s Work and Slay was fire.” I love it. “Do you have to join for the whole year to get the live classes, or if I just join for the monthly, are those trainings available too?” Everything is included. So, when you join, you get everything.

So, when you join, we do have a process. So, we have you do Worthy first. It has nothing to do with money. So, we don’t have you do Worthy because we don’t want you to get access to the other stuff until you pay a certain amount of months. We’ve never even thought about that.

It’s really about we want you to spend the first 30 days working through Worthy because the homework takes you some time. So, people will bang through the videos. And honestly, people watch them again and again because they’re like, “I just saw a whole bunch of different stuff when I watched the second time.”

But there is work for you to do in there and the work is going to take you a little bit of time. And so, we really want you to take the time to really work on your money mindset.

And here’s the other reason, you guys. Because we want the kind of people in The Club who are leveling up their abundance mindset. You’re in community with a whole bunch of other amazing entrepreneurs who are vulnerable, who are trying to grow and up-level and so we need you to get your mind right the moment you walk in the door.

And that’s why we have you do Worthy because it’s almost, like, as a protection for the whole community. We need everyone to have gone through this work and to have looked at themselves and to have looked at the reality of what society, the messages society sends us as non cis straight white men, and look at our money mindset first so we can up-level that and then be in community with everybody else.

So, of course, you get access to the Facebook group right away. But we need you to be working through this work. And that’s part of what makes the community so amazing is everybody is sort of seeing their stuff and laying it out there and there’s discussions happening. There are small groups forming. Like, our Michigan-ers. We have a bunch of Shmillies. We call everybody who’s in The Club a Shmillionaire. So we have a bunch of Shmillies from Michigan that formed a small group and now they get together every week.

And when they put it out there, they were like, “Hey, we’re going to take X amount of number of people, we’re going to meet on this day, and you’ve got to be all in. You can’t say you’re going to join and then quit next week. We’re not having it. So, if you’re all in, let us know in the comments and we’ll add you to our group.

And, you know, it’s completely free and they’re doing it by their own choice. So that’s some of the magic that happens. So, all of that to say, whether you decide to join The Club or not, you have to start saying yes to yourself. You have to start saying yes to your desires. You have to start following your instincts.

The reason why I did that video that day about Marie Forleo and the good white liberal response was because it was on my heart and it was nagging me. And I knew, I was like, this is going to bug me all weekend. Let me just go get it over with.

So, I just went and did it. I followed my instincts. I had no idea where they were leading me and I expected a lot of backlash. But I was like, I’ve got to speak my truth no matter what. And I did get some backlash too. That’s always a part of it, but you can’t let that stop you.

So, you’ve got to follow those instincts and let them guide you to what are your right next steps, and stop denying yourself, what you want for your life. You don’t owe your life. You’re not a martyr. So, don’t martyr yourself for the people around you. You’re not doing them any favors. I guarantee you, you’re hurting them by martyring yourself. And the one thing I see all the time, especially as women, is we use our children as a reason why we can’t.

And I’m telling you, your children are the reason why you must, okay. That’s what motivates me. I talked to my kids today, I was like, “Listen, today’s the last day of The Club launch.” Also, we’ve got some personal stuff going on, like there’s some work being done on the house that my husband is managing. I was like, “It’s going to be a busy day.”

Yesterday was my son’s second birthday, so we had super-fun. We went to this drive-through safari. It’s like one of the only activities you can do in social distance, so we did that just to get the kids out of the house for the day and we had such a good family day and I didn’t work.

And I was like, “Today, mommy needs you to entertain yourself because I’ve got things going on.” She’s like, “Cool, I got it. I got my little brothers. We on it,” you know. And she’s down for the cause. Your children, talk to them, right? Be honest and open and authentic with them too.

No, you can’t have 100% of my attention, and no, you don’t deserve it. Like, I’m sorry, are you confused? I am a human being, right? I’m like, I have my own desires and wants and they don’t go away because I had children. So, you can balance all of that together.

And I actually have some articles coming out soon about motherhood and entrepreneurship and just being a working mom, because that is such a big theme for my life, like figuring out balance and always rebalancing and always refiguring it out.

Anyway, any other questions about The Club or anything that you guys want to know about? So, you should definitely go check out the Forbes article that came out today that talks about the town hall that we did. Definitely check that out.

I was so happy that one of my clients was featured in that article, so yay for her. So, check out the Forbes article. You could check out the little mini class that I did for Create & Cultivate’s instagram earlier this week. It was 30 minutes. Quick and powerful. Go read my friend Robert Hartwell’s viral post. There’s endless amounts of content for you guys today.

Awesome, let’s see, “Can’t wait to join The Club. My business has been on hold during the pandemic.” Listen, there is so much opportunity in the midst of this pandemic, it’s not even funny. I am watching my friends’ businesses blow up. And it’s not just Black people, by the way, because I know that this Black Lives Matter movement, rightly so, has made a lot of us start to focus on, “Hey I need to really pay attention to the diversity on my podcast and my retreats, in my events, in my mastermind. I need to be amplifying melanated voices.”

And so, that’s a beautiful thing. But I’m also watching my white friends, my various people of color friends, like, whatever is going on, there are a lot of people who are blowing up right now. Their businesses aren’t contracting. They’re getting bigger because, again, like what I taught in the Create & Cultivate class and the webinar that’s at the top of The Club sales page, there is always opportunity in the midst of things like this.

There’s a massive world correction happening right now that we’re in the middle of and that leaves opportunity open for folks who are just starting. There is cash available from the government and there are all kinds of grants going on right now. PayPal is giving millions of dollars to, I believe, Black business owners. Facebook is giving out money.

Listen, there is money available to you. There is opportunity available to you. You just have to say yes. And that is the theme of my TED Talk today. It is all available to you. You are not denied. The door is not closed in your face. It is available to you. You have to say yes to it. And you’ve got to just be looking for it.

And part of that is you taking a step. Usually how it works is like, “I’m just going to sit here at my desk quietly and wait for this opportunity to come my way.” No, no, no, you have to go out the door, take a few steps. And once you get out there, then you’ll start to see more opportunities. So, you take more steps and more opportunities and then you take more steps and more opportunities. That’s the way it works.

So, you can’t sit and hide and think it’s going to come your way. You’ve got to be out there. You’ve got to risk something. You have to risk your ego in the process and then you’ll see those opportunities coming your way.

So, I hope this is helpful. Yes, if you have any further questions, ask them in the comments of this video. My team is actually having our quarterly planning meeting right now, so none of them are here. But Jacqueline is going to be here in a little while and she’ll respond to questions.

You can also, if you want to talk to Janet on my team, Janet is amazing, she’s our customer service representative. And she’s on Chatra today. So, if you go to the sales page at, then you’ll be able to talk to Janet and she can answer any questions that you have. If you email us, we can answer questions there too, but Chatra is easier and Facebook is easier here.

And I have one favor to ask of you guys. If you don’t mind, we actually just decided in the last couple of days that we’re going to create an Instagram specifically for the business. So, the new Instagram is @hello7co. So, I’ll actually put it in the comments here.

Give us a follow. We haven’t filled anything out yet. It’s like a completely blank Instagram. But that’s the new Instagram for Hello Seven the business because they’re starting to diverge, where the business is its own brand that is run by my incredible team. And of course, I’m a part of that. And then I have my own personal brand as well. So, we’re starting to develop that.

And I don’t recommend that when you’re just starting your business, honestly. I think it’s better to keep it simple and streamlines early on. And then, when shit starts to blow up, then take it to the next level.

So, alright, you guys. I’m going to go about my day. Thank you guys. I love you. It was delightful to spend this time with you. I hope you have a fabulous day. If you have more questions, go talk to Janet on the sales page or ask your questions here and Jacqueline will be all over it. And if I missed any questions, because I’m certain that I did, Jacqueline will come back and answer your questions today. Alright, talk to you guys soon, bye.

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