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Hello Seven with Rachel Rodgers | The Best Way to Get More Clients

080 The Best Way to Get More Clients

Have you ever wondered what the best way to get more clients is? Of course you have. And the answer is surprisingly simple. Whatever business you’re in, you need to get people the results they paid for. If you do this, so much of the other work takes care of itself.

When you get one client results, they’re going to tell their friends, colleagues, family, and then more people will come knocking on your door wanting a piece of the action. So, in this episode, I’m giving you a masterclass in getting your clients the results they came for.

Join me on the podcast this week to discover where you might not be providing your clients the experienced you promised them, how to refine any aspect of your business with your clients in mind, and why making this a priority will always lead to a packed client list.

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What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  • What contributes to an amazing client experience.
  • Where you might be focusing on the wrong things in your business.
  • Why nothing else matters if you’re not getting your clients the results they paid you for.
  • How to gain more insight into the client experience that you currently offer.
  • The client-success benchmark that we work towards here at Hello Seven.
  • What you can do to refine your offerings with only your clients in mind.

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Do you ever wonder how can I get more clients and customers? Would you like to know the best way? It’s very simple. Get people the results that they paid for. That is it, get people results. Create an offer that actually works. Of you run a college prep company and you say, “I can help you get into your dream college.” Then you need to deliver on that promise. If you are a health coach and you say, “I can help you get better sleep, get more energy and feel amazing.” Then you better make sure your clients are getting those results.

If you sell organic goat milk soap and you say, “This soap smells so good it will transport you into the rolling green hills and you will feel like you’re on vacation.” Then your soap better come through and deliver. Make sure your goat milk soap is the goat, the greatest of all time. Whatever you sell you need to make sure that your clients and customers are getting excellent results from their purchase. If you do this your clients will be delighted.

And you know what happens when people are delighted? They talk. They talk to their friends, they talk to their colleagues. They post photos on social media. They rave about you. And then what happens? More people come knocking on your door wanting to meet you, and hire you, and get the goods. So bottom line the best way to love on your customer is to create an offer that actually works and that gets them results.

Welcome to the Hello Seven Podcast. I'm your host, Rachel Rodgers, wife, mother of four children, a lover of Beyoncé, coffee drinker, and afro-wearer, and I just happen to be the CEO of a seven-figure business. I am on a mission to help every woman I meet become a millionaire. If you want to make more money, you are in the right place. Let's get it going.

Are you doing this? Are you delivering results? Or maybe you’re delivering something but it’s not results. Okay so I want to tell you a quick story to illustrate what I mean. Once upon a time I had a very bad boyfriend. And I mean bad as in shitty, not bad as in she’s a bad bitch like Rihanna. So this bad boyfriend you know what he would do? He was constantly bringing me flowers. And he was constantly saying all the right words. He was a real smooth talker that one.

But you know what he was not doing? He was not being faithful. He was not being reliable, or dependable, or available when I needed him. He was not emotionally available. He was not mature. And he was not a good boyfriend. So eventually I got wise and I dumped his ass because if I’m going to bother with having a boyfriend, if I’m going to bring you into my life and give my precious energy to you then I don’t want your dumb flowers. Flowers are nice but flowers are just decoration.

What I want is a real partner. What I want is genuine love, care, concern and dependability, someone who is going to show up for me, not a bouquet of carnations in its place. So are you listening? Are you being like my bad boyfriend to your clients? Are you focusing on superficial things? Are you spending a lot of energy doing things like sending your clients a gift in the mail or making sure your stationery is branded and looks amazing? Or trying to figure out a perfect clever name for your new program? And you know what? That’s nice but kind of who cares?

A gift is nice, beautiful stationery is nice, having a snazzy name for your product is nice but all of that is ultimately decoration. It’s just flowers. It is not a replacement for results. None of it really matters unless you are getting your clients the results that they paid for. So ask yourself, am I getting my clients the results or not? It’s pretty simple to find out. There are a lot of ways to do this. You can send people a survey that they fill out after hiring you to find out what changed for them. Did they achieve the results that they wanted?

Another option is you can do an assessment when someone hires you and then do another assessment when they finish working with you. This is an excellent way to measure their results, to measure the transformation that being in your program or using your product has delivered. Ask them, “What was happening for you then and then what is happening for you now that you’ve completed the program or finished using the product?” Find out what has changed for them since working with you, where is the growth?

And of course another option is to look at your inbox, look at what clients and customers are telling you. Do people constantly email you saying, “Oh my God, this changed my life?” Or do people buy your products and then it’s crickets, you don’t hear a peep or mostly you hear complaints? Those are a few ways to start figuring out does my shit actually work? Am I actually getting people the results and the transformation that they paid for or not? And maybe you will discover yes, 80 to 100% of my clients are getting excellent results. Fantastic.

Or maybe you will discover not very many of my clients are getting the promised result. Then your next question needs to be why, why aren’t people getting good results, how come? Is it because you’re offering a program that is too long, too complicated, too boring, too confusing? Maybe people are getting overwhelmed and they’re not able to successfully complete the program. Okay, that is something you can work with, that’s good information that you can act on. You can simplify the program. You can make it shorter. You can refine and improve.

Another step you can take is look at the clients who are succeeding, study them. For the clients who are getting excellent results ask yourself, why is that? What do they share in common? Is it because they have a really positive attitude, because they are willing to ask for help when they need it, because they have a support network, what exactly? Investigate to find out what do the peeps who are being super successful have in common? And then whatever you discover, use this information to make your product or your service even better for all of your clients.

Over time instead of being like my former bad boyfriend who only brought me flowers but didn’t actually deliver on the relationship, you can evolve and you can become the amazing partner who brings love, commitment, intimacy, orgasms and diamonds. And I want to emphasize, this is a process especially if you recently started to do business or recently rolled out a brand new offer. Most likely you are going to do a lot of testing, tweaking and refining especially in the first year. This is normal, this is the journey.

You’re not going to see a 100% of your clients getting incredible results the day you roll out your offer. It usually does take time. Even after you’ve been running a company for 10 plus years like myself, the refining never stops. You will continually look for ways to make your offer better than it was before.

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No matter what industry you’re in, whether you’re a physician, life coach, yoga teacher, SAT tutor, HR specialist, website designer, stylist, or a high school music teacher you have specialized knowledge, valuable knowledge that people want and need. Let me show you how it’s done.

Come to my Power Offers Masterclass, it’s completely free. And I will show you how to develop a scalable offer that your customers will find irresistible, head to, that’s And pick the time that works for you. I cannot wait to see what power offer you create, now back to the show.

Here at Hello Seven as a team we put the following language into our mission statement. We say, “We know we have succeeded when a 100% of our clients increased their income by at least 30% within the first 12 months of hiring us.” That is the benchmark we are aiming for. We have a clear measurable goal. Does this mean a 100% of our clients get that exact result? No. Currently it’s more like 90%.

Some of our clients don’t get results for a whole variety of reasons. They may have changed their minds about building a business or building wealth, or they have something come up in their life and they decide to leave the program. There’s any number of reasons why a 100% is not necessarily common for most businesses. We’re aiming for a 100% but 90% is probably more likely. And we may never reach a 100% but we can always keep moving in that direction and keep striving for that 100%.

It’s like the Japanese concept of kaizen. Continual improvement, you are never going to attain perfection because perfection is not attainable. But you can continually improve. So everyone listening take the following statement and fill it in. I know I have succeeded when a 100% of my clients x. Or if you have a team, we know we have succeeded when a 100% of our clients, blank, fill in the blank.

Maybe as a business owner you know you have succeeded when a 100% of your clients get into their dream college, or when a 100% of your clients navigate their divorce while feeling empowered instead of powerless. Or when a 100% of your clients get luscious glowing skin and look like they just got back from a trip to Hawaii. Decide what success means to you and your company. And then ask, “What can I do to make sure a 100% of my clients get this result? What would help them get there? The answer will be different for every single business.

This is where your imagination and creativity comes in, what is going to help your client get from point A to point B and get the transformation they want? Start thinking on this, start talking to your successful clients, and getting information, start fine tuning your offer until it is super effective. Do this and you will have extremely happy clients who rave about you and send new business your way and rehire you again and again.

As a business owner creating an offer that actually works is the simplest and hardest thing. This is the real work of entrepreneurship, people. And if you’re not getting results for your clients right now that’s part of the process. And it’s good information for you to act on and make sure you do act on it. If you’re not getting them results decide what you can do differently to make it happen. Experiment, try new things and get there even if it’s something outside of your control.

And if your clients aren’t getting results because Covid is happening, what could you do to make your product or service more friendly to this Covid world that we live in now? It may not be your fault but it’s still your problem. It’s still your problem to solve as a business owner.

Before we finish up I want to recommend a resource for you. A while ago I did a masterclass called Power Offers. It’s a class where I walk you through how to find your million dollar idea, that amazing business idea that’s going to make you millions, your power offer. In order for something to be a power offer it needs to meet certain criteria. It has to be something that genuinely excites you and you love doing it. It has to be scalable, something that you could scale to seven figures in revenue and beyond. It has to be something that people actually want.

And it has to provide some kind of transformation. It has to bring people from point A to point B. This is just another way of saying it has to provide a result. And if you missed the Power Offers masterclass, we have a recording and you can go watch it for free. Go to and click Learn and then click Free Masterclass, you will see it there. The people went nuts over this Power Offers class. It was one of the most popular classes we ever produced, definitely worth your time.

If you want to figure out how to create an offer that really works and delivers results go watch that class. That’s a good place to start. Again, bob over to our website,, click Learn and then click Free Masterclass, it is already there waiting for you, please enjoy.

And to sum this up, don’t be a bad partner. Don’t give your clients empty promises, and chocolate, and flowers, give them results because that is what they really want. Give them the results that they paid for and they will love you for it, they will love you up and down and six ways to Sunday and to the moon and back. Results, people, that’s what they want. They want results.

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