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007 Keep It Simple, Make It Real with Luisa Zhou

Here's the Recap:

Ever wondered how entrepreneurs can start a successful business while working a full-time job and maintaining financial flexibility? At times, it can seem impossible. However, today’s guest is living proof that it’s not only possible, it’s a plausible reality. Find out more in this episode as Rachel interviews someone who has successfully navigated an entrepreneurial journey while balancing a full-time job working 9 to 5.

In this episode, I’m interviewing Luisa Zhou, CEO of Zhou Ventures, a company that provides aspiring entrepreneurs with actionable advice and inspiration to start and build profitable and meaningful businesses. After working for a successful digital advertising firm, Luisa felt unfulfilled. However, like most people, Luisa wasn’t afforded the luxury of quitting her day job. She decided to stay in her role while simultaneously building a consulting firm. Within no time at all, Luisa was able to put in her notice and focus her time and energy on being an entrepreneur. Luisa is also a launch queen, her latest being valued at $800,000. Join me as Luisa unpacks her launch strategy, shares her mindset, and provides insight into the secret weapons that have gotten her to where she is today.

Here’s what you’ll get out of this:

  • The power of digital advertising
  • How Luisa keeps it simple
  • Tips from Luisa on how to start your business
  • Why having the right mindset is vital
  • The importance of listening to customers
  • The value of market research
  • How to set goals according to your entrepreneurial strategy
  • The importance of taking action in order to make your dreams a reality
  • Why Luisa invested in coaching right from the start

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What We Covered:

01:51 – Introducing Luisa Zhou

02:28 – Luisa’s recent birthday trip

03:53 – How Luisa shifted her mindset to separate work from vacation

05:38 – The importance of focusing on quality over quantity

07:10 – What Luisa wanted to be when she grew up

08:04 – What led Luisa to such a specific goal as a young child

09:23 – The plan of action Luisa created to achieve her goals

09:52 – Switching industries to pursue a growth opportunity in digital advertising

12:04 – Why Luisa decided to leave the digital advertising firm

14:10 – The journey to digital advertising consulting

15:55 – How Luisa built a client base

17:22 – The path from getting her first client to turning in her notice at her 9 to 5 job

19:19 – Rachel recalls the struggles of starting her virtual law office

21:20 – Keeping it simple

22:46 – How Luisa’s parents reacted to her turning in her notice

25:33 – Why Luisa chose to ease into entrepreneurship rather than dive in right away

28:34 – Luisa shares some common tips she gives to her clients

31:28 – How Luisa became a launch expert

35:46 – The timeline between Luisa’s first launch and her $800,000 launch

37:15 – Luisa describes her planning stages during a launch

41:59 – What Luisa has been focused on since her six-figure launch

43:56 – Daily habits Luisa incorporates into her routine

46:28 – Luisa’s favorite luxury now that she’s made it

48:58 – Where listeners can find Luisa

52:50 – Rachel urges those looking for coaching to visit her website

53:53 – Rachel shares a recent client success story


[bctt tweet=”“Growing up, I knew I was going to be the CEO of Boeing.” #milliondollarbadass″ username=”RachRodgersEsq”]

[bctt tweet=”“I love that quote by Steve Jobs where he talked about, ‘You can only connect the dots looking back.’ And it’s so true.” #milliondollarbadass″ username=”RachRodgersEsq”]

[bctt tweet=”“It was just, honestly at the end of the day, me getting out there, showing up multiple times every day, answering everyone’s questions, engaging, building relationship, and sharing what I had to offer.” #milliondollarbadass″ username=”RachRodgersEsq”]

[bctt tweet=”“We sacrificed our lifestyle. You sacrificed your time. You know? It’s not going to happen without sacrifice. You’ve got to put in that hard work.” #milliondollarbadass″ username=”RachRodgersEsq”]

[bctt tweet=”“I’m always thankful for other people who’ve set examples that have shown me what’s possible.” #milliondollarbadass″ username=”RachRodgersEsq”]

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