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005 Your Differences Are Your Magic with Danielle Leslie

Here's the Recap:

Two million in two years. Is that even possible? Yes it is friend. My guest today turned her rock bottom moment living with her parents and struggling to make money (she had to scrounge to put together $67 to buy a program that she hoped would help her figure out her next steps) into a two million dollar Glow Up.

This week I’m interviewing Danielle Leslie, CEO of Culture Add Labs, an organization that provides individuals with the tools they need to launch profitable products online. Danielle’s commitment to diversity and passion for helping others achieve their goals has created a brand that is influencing and disrupting the marketplace. Danielle has grown her business to $2m in just 2 short years and she shares how she did it in this episode.

Here’s what you’ll get out of this:

  • Why it is vital to invest in yourself
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with ambitious people
  • The moment Danielle discovered the power of her word
  • Why the best gift you can give yourself is momentum
  • The difference between solving a problem and building a solution
  • The moment when a guy Danielle was dating broke up with her because she “wasn’t going anywhere” and she was like, “We’ll see about that.”
  • Why diversity is an invaluable currency
  • How your rock bottom moment can help write your success story
  • Danielle’s Five Cs and Three Rs
  • How Danielle is living proof that you only need one offer to make millions

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What We Covered:

00:50 – Introducing today’s guest, Danielle Leslie

01:13 – Danielle talks about her unusual Thanksgiving holiday

06:50 – What Danielle wanted to be when she grew up

08:48 – Why women have been socialized to be people pleasers

10:03 – The importance of honesty

11:56 – What Danielle does for personal and professional development

13:04 – Danielle discusses Landmark Personal Coaching

18:34 – Investing in yourself and making haste

23:06 – Danielle shares two defining rock bottom moments in her life

32:05 – Danielle’s time working for Udemy

37:21 – The Five Cs of building a coaching course product

40:30 – The Three Rs of transferable skillsets

42:19 – Danielle explains why diversity is currency

45:38 – Rachel and Danielle talk about Supa Cent’s success story

47:22 – How being different and being yourself is an asset

50:31 – Danielle’s favorite luxury now that she’s made it

54:15 – Danielle’s current projects and advice she would give upstart professionals

57:58 – Where you can follow Danielle



[bctt tweet=”“I find that when you go after your dreams that you give the people around you permission to do the same.” #milliondollarbadass″ username=”RachRodgersEsq”]

[bctt tweet=”“The self-work is really what makes the business work.” #milliondollarbadass″ username=”RachRodgersEsq”]

[bctt tweet=”“The best gift you can give yourself is momentum. The gift of momentum, that is the key.” #milliondollarbadass″ username=”RachRodgersEsq”]

[bctt tweet=”“There’s a difference between solving a problem and building a solution.” #milliondollarbadass″ username=”RachRodgersEsq”]

[bctt tweet=”“I sell first, create later. Always. Always.” #milliondollarbadass″ username=”RachRodgersEsq”]

[bctt tweet=”“That is the best thing as black women, as women of color, that we can do for ourselves to empower ourselves is learn those skills that allow us to make money.” #milliondollarbadass″ username=”RachRodgersEsq”]

[bctt tweet=”“It is the time of the black woman. It is the time of women of color. If you’re differently abled, if you are gay or lesbian or transgender, it really does not matter. Your differences are your magic.” #milliondollarbadass″ username=”RachRodgersEsq”]

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