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004 Started From the Bottom Now We Here with Sylvie McCracken

Here's the Recap:

In this week’s episode, we’re talking about resiliency. Specifically, the resiliency of my amazing friend Sylvie McCracken, who went from being a single teenage mother living on the streets of Buenos Aires to running her own seven-figure business.

I’ve found that at the heart of every true entrepreneur is a determination that just won’t quit, and Sylvie is perfect example of this. In this episode, Sylvie and I talk a lot about how many times she’s had to bounce back from failure, her willingness to make mistakes and how the risks she’s taken ultimately have become her greatest successes.

Here’s what you’ll get out of this episode:

  • Why the ability to bounce back from failure is your biggest asset
  • This gem: “if you’re hungry enough, there is no such thing as imposter syndrome”
  • Why moving from a big city to a small town can be the secret jetpack to your seven-figure business
  • How she learned the skill of selling by being a 19-year old single mom looking for food and housing for her child
  • The biggest determining factor to how Sylvie made seven-figures (hint: it involves being nauseous)

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What We Covered:

00:53 – Introducing today’s guest, Sylvie McCracken

02:50 – Sylvie’s decision to move to the small town of Ashland, Oregon

07:38 – Sylvie talks about starting her business

09:53 – Sylvie recalls a time when she was down and out

11:21 – The defining moment of Sylvie’s life

13:32 – The Church Story

16:35 – Teaching English in Buenos Aries

18:32 – The importance of being resourceful and resilient in order to succeed

20:35 – Sylvie and Rachel discuss their hatred of excuses

23:17 – How Sylvie became an entrepreneur

27:03 – Setting goals, being productive, and staying hungry

29:31 – The importance of reflection and gratitude

31:38 – Sylvie chronicles her side gig life and the importance of time management

34:46 – Resiliency training

37:11 – The transition from building one business to building another

39:17 – Sylvie details how she invested in her business in order to reach seven figures

44:18 – Sylvie gives advice on marketing strategies that can help entrepreneurs capitalize on their value and worth

47:23 – Sylvie’s process for gaining new clients

52:02 – Sylvie discusses the importance she places on supporting client goals

53:01 – Sylvie’s latest projects

55:02 – Where you can follow Sylvie

55:22 – Rachel gives shout-outs to reviewers of her podcast

57:28 – Rachel echoes Sylvie’s advice on risk taking and challenges the audience to bet on yourself

58:40 – Rachel’s Guide: 12 Creative Ways to Raise Quick Capital


[bctt tweet=”“People really underestimate the value of disposable income.” #milliondollarbadass″ username=”RachRodgersEsq”]

[bctt tweet=”“We need food, we need diapers, we need a warm place to stay, and we need it right now.” #milliondollarbadass″ username=”RachRodgersEsq”]

[bctt tweet=”“It was just 99 problems and all of them were the fact that it’s like, ‘I had to make it work, right now.’” #milliondollarbadass″ username=”RachRodgersEsq”]

[bctt tweet=”“If you’re hungry enough, there is no such thing as Imposter Syndrome.” #milliondollarbadass″ username=”RachRodgersEsq”]

[bctt tweet=”“I was constantly trying to find the hustle.” #milliondollarbadass″ username=”RachRodgersEsq”]

[bctt tweet=”“Sometimes it’s like something needs to get done, and your team is too small, and it’s all hands on deck and one of those hands is you.” #milliondollarbadass″ username=”RachRodgersEsq”]

[bctt tweet=”“I can guarantee you challenges. The question is how are you going to face them? The question is how are you going to build the muscle and get back up.” #milliondollarbadass″ username=”RachRodgersEsq”]

[bctt tweet=”“That’s ultimately what it is. Do you have what it takes and are you going to make yourself have what it takes? Are you going to figure it out? Because that’s what it is. You have to become that person.” #milliondollarbadass″ username=”RachRodgersEsq”]

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