My business was broken—here’s how I fixed it.

Are you bringing unstoppable energy to your dreams or are you bringing excuses?

There was a time in my business when I was really struggling with my revenue goals. I felt like I was trying everything and none of it was working. My marketing wasn’t converting. My offers weren’t hittin’ the way they used to. I’d write newsletters with no response and my social media posts weren’t getting the engagement I was accustomed to.

As a result, I grew cranky and frustrated and tired. But I was committed. Every free moment I had, I would try to crack the code of what was going on in my business. I’d lay in bed at night running through different ideas and contemplating different scenarios. I’d journal during the day and get my calculator out to run numbers of different solutions I might try. My brain hurt from trying so hard to come up with a solution to this very complex problem: my business just wasn’t working anymore.

This went on for several months. And it was very painful.

Then one day I was out for a hike to calm myself down from the utter frustration and dismay of having a business that was failing at every turn. I stomped through the woods, angry one minute. Then crying the next. Completely distracted and in my head. And then I looked up and I looked around and nothing looked familiar.

I was lost in the woods.
How appropriate. 

I panicked a bit and started trying to retrace my footsteps. I reminded myself that I had a phone on me and, if worse came to worse, I could call for help. It took me about twenty minutes of walking down different trails (and running at one point), and then I finally found a familiar tree stump and knew I was on the right path.

And in that moment I had an epiphany.
I knew the answer to the business problems that had plagued me for months.

It was me.
I was the problem.

My business wasn’t broken.
It hadn’t stopped working.
I stopped working.

I had become disconnected from the content I loved creating. I had stopped showing up with the energy and verve I used to bring to my business every day.

I had energetically stopped doing every single one of the things that made my business a success in the first place.

I had gotten distracted and lazy. I started making excuses. I started spending time on things that didn’t matter and forgot all about the things that did. And when I did them it wasn’t with the focused, creative and excited energy I typically showed up with every work day.

The problem was that I used to have unstoppable energy. And now my energy was very stoppable. 

What is unstoppable energy?

A relentless, enthusiastic belief in your dreams that results in a relentless, enthusiastic pursuit of your dreams.

You can check every single task off your to do list every week, but if your energy is not focused, connected and enthusiastic, all that work you did will fall flat. It may not be until several weeks or months later, but suddenly things will stop working and you will wonder why.

The energy you show up with has everything to do with the results you are getting. So I will ask again:

Are you bringing unstoppable energy to your dreams or are you bringing excuses?

Unstoppable energy believes wholeheartedly in the mission. Unstoppable energy is not deterred by naysayers and non-believers. Unstoppable energy holds nothing back, it lays all of its cards on the table. Unstoppable energy is … unstoppable. It cannot be held back. It will not stop until the dream is achieved.

Stoppable energy, on the other hand, makes every excuse known to man. Any minor setback will shut down efforts. Stoppable energy considers quitting almost daily. Stoppable energy works on the wrong things, doesn’t want to work hard, doesn’t want to fail and so kinda doesn’t really try. Stoppable energy holds back and is more than willing to quit.

We all have times when we are unstoppable and there are other times when we are very stoppable. However, if we want to see our dreams come true, it’s not gonna happen with a half-assed effort. We have to bring unstoppable energy.

So here is how to generate unstoppable energy when you aren’t feeling it:

1. It starts with belief. You have to wholeheartedly believe in what you are doing and why you are doing it. Remind yourself why you started your business in the first place. Read testimonials and other feedback from clients to remind yourself about the results that your work creates. Think about the exciting things that will happen as a result of you following your dreams. Whose life will be better because you are answering your calling? How will you and your family’s life be better as a result of you pursuing your dreams? Remind yourself of the purpose of your hard work and it will re-invigorate you to keep going.

2. It continues with self-care. Get yourself into an unstoppable feeling state. Yes, it can be manufactured. What are those things that make you feel totally badass? For me, it’s going for a run or a Peloton ride. When I am sweating my ass off and moving my body (while listening to ratchet rap music) I get off that bike or treadmill feeling like She-ra—even though what I just did was really challenging (maybe because it was really challenging). For you it might be meditation, dancing, singing, playing an instrument, chopping wood, listening to podcasts or having a mastermind session with a friend. Figure out those things that make you feel unstoppable and do them as often as possible.

3. It culminates in action. If you want to be unstoppable, you have to take action. Not just any action, but the action that will have the most impact, which is usually the action that scares you. Make the call. Ask for the business. Send the email. Publish the post. Write the book. Book the speaking gig. Whatever the most powerful action you can take is, do it. But make sure you ask yourself: if I was to take this action as my most unstoppable self, how would I show up? And then do the thing exactly like that – with your unstoppable energy.

Here’s what I want you to know: you, [First Name], are unstoppable … if you want to be.

Tap into that unstoppable energy and make your dreams come true.


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