Suffering From Launch Envy? Here’s why.

Have you ever suffered from a mean case of launch envy? You know what I’m talking about. You’re minding your own business on Facebook, scrolling through inspirational quotes and pictures of your friend’s kids when BAM! You’re smacked in the face with some other entrepreneurs’ fan-freaking-tastic launch.

They’ve got stunning photos of themselves with perfect makeup and perfect hair. The copy makes you want to laugh, cry and drool, all at the same time. Those FB ads? Slaying it with the perfect headline and they have tons of likes and comments. The sales page makes YOU want to buy the damn product and you’re not even their target market. Clearly this entrepreneur is about to make bank. Another six-figure launch and it wasn’t yours.

[Insert deep heavy sigh and a few tears shed over your laptop.]

Here’s the dealio: I see entrepreneurs talking about other entrepreneurs’ launches in rando FB groups all the time. (Yes, I just admitted I spend a little too much time in rando FB groups– don’t judge me). And the conversations usually go something like this:

“Oh boy, another six-figure launch. I’m so tired of the phrase ‘six-figure.’”

“Yeah, most launches aren’t six-figures, clearly THOSE entrepreneurs aren’t being authentic.”

“Uh huh. How about being honest about how rare six-figure launches are?”

“Exactly! It’s so fake. Plus, they probably spend half of that money on FB ads AND you know they must be exhausted from doing such a huge launch, they’re probably miserable and barely see their family.”

When you see someone’s epic launch + glossy photos + fancy FB ads + overall massive success, this is what you’re not seeing:

  • that same entrepreneur getting her ass out of bed at 5am every single morning for years (YEARS, PEOPLE!) to sit at her desk and do the work,
  • You’re not seeing her pitch herself and her business to tons of potential clients, media partners, joint venturers and the like, every week … consistently getting rejected and consistently getting back out there.
  • You’re not seeing her risk her rent money to invest in a program where she can learn what she needs to learn so she can get the results that she’s after because she believes in herself that much.
  • You’re not seeing her actually make the time to complete the program, become the star student and best friends with the creator AND actually see the results she was after from all of her hard work.

You know this, don’t you, Rachel? We all know this. And yet we let the launch envy get the better of us. We let the launch envy convince us that this entrepreneur must be lying about her success. It’s all just a bunch of smoke and mirrors, we tell ourselves.

Consider this though: What if it isn’t? What if the massive results you see other entrepreneurs getting are actually possible for you? What if it isn’t costing her her left kidney? What if you, too, could have glossy photos, fancy FB ads and six-figures in your bank account (if that’s what you want)? What if it’s just about putting in the consistent work?

What if you are choosing not to believe that this dream is possible for you and that is ALL that’s preventing your massive success?

Imagine that.

Imagine a world where it ain’t all smoke and mirrors. Imagine a world where you can use the tools of the Internet, your own personal brilliance and your good ‘ol fashioned tenacity to have everything you want in life.

I know that world exists. I live in that world. I can tell you for sure that in my world, there ain’t no damn smoke, nor mirrors.

So here’s what I want you to ask yourself the next time you get a mean case of the launch envies:

  • Am I consistently showing up for my customers? (Examples: Do I ever miss sending a weekly newsletter? Do I create content that is actually solving their problems? Do I care about them? And if I do, does it show?)
  • Am I consistently showing up for my business? (Examples: Do I have regular work hours? Do I sit at my desk and dillydally on FB all day or am I actually doing the real work: taking care of my clients, creating new things, figuring out solutions to my biggest business conundrums, hiring help where I need it?)
  • Am I consistently showing up for myself? (Examples: Have I created a positive environment around me from which I can grow? Do I engage in negative self-talk constantly? Do I exercise, eat right and ensure that I have down time to relax and do the things I love? Do I get enough sleep at night? ← that one is HUGE).

If the answer to any of those questions is no, then I invite you to take ACTION. Get off of Facebook. Forget the next entrepreneur’s launch. Re-work your schedule, your to do list and your life so that you can begin consistently showing up for yourself, your customers and your business. I promise you that if you do, you will be the one with the launch that we’re all envy of in the very near future.

Need a pep talk to move you to action? I got you. Watch this video for more inspiration. I believe in you.


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