CASE STUDY: How Kara made $30k in three weeks (and you can, too)

I arrived at the restaurant around 6pm. I was meeting my client, Kara. An accomplished lawyer turned life coach whose young business was already doing quite well. She traveled from NYC to my quaint little corner of the country to spend a day together fixing a business problem she was having. As a life coach (and one of the best damn coaches I know) she had been serving a particular niche, women lawyers, since starting her business and it was going well. She broke six-figures in her first full year of business and had developed a niche following through her podcast.

The problem was she was starting to feel pulled in too many directions. In addition to her main focus, she had begun coaching women on dating, and more and more clients were coming her way for these services. She was starting to get bogged down in one-on-one coaching calls which made her schedule intolerable at times. She had several different paths she could take her business down. She needed to make a choice and go all in to reach her next level of success.

Over short ribs at my favorite restaurant in Greensboro, Kara and I discussed what she really wanted (an apartment in Paris), what her secret sauce is (unfucking women’s brains) and what she wanted to be sure she left with (a plan to take her business to half a million).

The next day we met first thing in the morning at my office and got to work developing the new plan for Kara’s business.

First we had to see what was there, analyze her strengths, and match her lifestyle goals and desires with a business model that got her clients results using her unique talents and skills.

We quickly realized that the work she was doing was far too limited by both of the niches she had chose. We figured out that what underlay her current work was her true calling: teaching high-achieving, feminist women how to overcome stress, anxiety, and insecurity so that they can get what they want in life. Or in other words, how to unfuck their brains. Instead of focusing on rebranding, building a new website, and all kinds of preparation for something we hadn’t tested, we focused on creating and selling the program that would serve her ideal clients.

Kara went home with her new proprietary coaching framework mapped out, a new flagship offer fully developed (we even came up with a great name) and a detailed sales process (including my proprietary scripts) to sell this thing. Not to mention a new one-to-many business model that would get her clients amazing results and allow her to show up at her very best.

Instead of waiting for a rebrand, Kara started sharing content that previewed what she would be covering in her new program called Unf*ck Your Brain: A feminist blueprint for mastering your mind and getting the life you want. She started recording podcast episodes on related topics and sent regular emails to her small list about the program as well.

From these content marketing efforts, Kara booked several sales calls with potential clients for her new program. Within a three week period, she closed multiple new clients generating $30,000 in new revenue for her business. I repeat: that’s $30k in revenue in just a three week period. And it’s only been two months since the day Kara and I worked together.

Of course, Kara is just getting started and will surely have 20+ more clients registered for her new program before it begins in January.

Here’s why Kara was so successful:

#1: She listened to her coach. I will never understand why folks hire consultants, coaches and other professionals for advice and then DON’T LISTEN TO THEM. This makes no sense. If you prefer to figure it out yourself, stop giving professionals money. And if you need professional help and pay for professional help, you might as well accept the professional advice, no? In fact, Kara told me that when she hired me she had committed to herself that she would do everything I said she should do for her business, no matter what her brain told her about why she shouldn’t.

#2: She didn’t spend time worrying about websites, branding and bullshit. She could have gotten really caught up in the fact that her current website and podcast is focused on her (now) old niche. She could have waited to launch this program until she updated her website and rebranded her podcast. She could have spent $10,000 on said new web design and branding. She could have spent time obsessing over FB ads, launch strategies, social media and building her list. Had she done that she’d have $30,000 less right now. Instead, she created killer content that spoke to her audience – like a free guide on how to overcome imposter syndrome.

#3: She focused on selling the damn program. Instead of planning and prepping a rebrand, obsessing over Facebook ads or some other busy work that wasn’t actually necessary to make money, Kara focused on validating her idea and actually selling her program. (You know, the whole point of all of our businesses in the first place?!). She created fresh, relevant content once per week that she sent to her current list (though it be small, thems be humans who are actually already interested in what you have to say!) and pointed them to her new program. And, lo and behold, it worked! She’s $30,000 richer and has only just begun her program launch.

If you want to get better results, stop focusing on minutiae and go all in on the entire point of your business– to sell your services and get results for your ideal clients.




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