It’s my birthday (week)!

It’s my birthday this week! 

I’m 41 and celebrating the big day with my loved ones … at a top secret location in the Caribbean. Think: white sand, palm trees, and a porch to sit and do absolutely nothing.

My birthday gift to myself is spaciousness

I’m giving myself a whole week to stare at the water, recharge, and ponder my next chapter. After an action-packed January, space is exactly what I need. I couldn’t be more delighted. 

What’s the gift that you desire right now? 

It might be space, free time, a change of scenery, a massage, a personal assistant who manages your inbox, or a business coach who sees your potential…even before you see it yourself. 

What’s a gift that would change your entire year? Give it to yourself.

Here’s what I’m celebrating right now…

  • Transformation.

Every day, my team and I witness Hello Seven clients transforming. We watch our clients make exciting money moves. Start side hustles. Grow businesses. Raise prices. Think bigger. Have their first six, seven, and eight figure years. Step into lives of abundance, power, and joy.

I will never, ever get tired of seeing this kind of transformation.

  • Bringing new Hello Seven Coaches into the world!

 The Hello Seven Coach certification program begins soon. 

A Hello Seven Coach is a business, money, and mindset coach—all in one. You get to work with clients and help them clear money blocks, heal limiting beliefs, and grow a business from $0 to seven figures. Change lives forever!

Want to become a Hello Seven Coach? I’m looking for a particular kind of person and it might be you.  See details and apply

  •  ROI: The Millionaire Summit was a smash-hit success! 

My team went above-and-beyond to make every guest feel like a VIP. It was beyond my most audacious dreams. I’m still on a high. ROI is coming back in 2024.  You got your ticket, right?

  • Books, books, books, and more books. 

Y’all, I have literally 5 book deals in the pipeline right now. I’m writing numerous sequels to my first book, We Should All Be Millionaires, including a book for kids on how to think like a millionaire and build wealth starting from a young age. (Don’t you wish we’d ALL had that book when we were teens?)

  • Purpose.

At 41, I feel even more connected to my purpose compared to when I was 21 or 31. 

The mission is crystal clear. 

I want every historically excluded person—women, BIPOC, LGBTQIA, people with disabilities—to own a seven figure business and have a seven figure lifestyle.

I want all of us to have plenty of savings and a phat retirement account.

I want all of us to invest in real estate. Own fine art. Take exquisite vacations. Fund charitable causes. Improve our communities. Live in beauty, joy, and peace. 

I want all of our families to enjoy generational wealth, so we can climb higher instead of remaining stuck in the same place.

My company’s mission is to close the gender and racial wealth gap—one entrepreneur at a time. I’m proud of what we’ve already accomplished. And, we can’t stop, won’t stop because the work has only just begun.


  • Get dressed up like it’s your birthday. Adorn yourself.
  • Celebrate wins. 
  • Reconnect with your mission.
  • Give yourself a gift that will immediately upgrade your life.
  • And obviously, eat cake.

You are worthy of pleasure, prosperity, and success. Today and every day.

Rachel Rodgers (…writing from a remote beach where I will remain until further notice!) 

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