Introducing Rachel Rodgers TV, weekly legal tips for Gen Y entrepreneurs!

I get a lot of emails and messages from folks like you wanting to ask me a quick legal question. So much so, that if I answered all of these questions I wouldn't have time to get any work done. But I do really want to make sure those questions you have get answered so you don't wind up making silly legal mistakes that can be very costly to your business. Now, I think I've found a solution.
Introducing Rachel Rodgers TV
Rachel Rodgers TV will provide quick legal tips for Gen Y entrepreneurs delivered via short videos. The way it works is pretty simple. You ask me specific questions and I answer them via Rachel Rodgers TV. Of course, I will never reveal your identity or the identity of your business. Its completely anonymous.
New episodes of Rachel Rodgers TV will be available every Saturday morning. You can expect legal tips relevant to small and micro businesses, along with some wit and a cheeky disclaimer. I may even yell at you (yeah, you – the one without the signed, written agreement!).  So get your quick dose of legal tips with your Saturday morning coffee and start making smart, strategic decisions for your company.
If you've got your first question ready, go here to submit your question now.
And don't forget to come by next Saturday morning for the first episode of Rachel Rodgers TV!
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