I love it when people talk about me.

Your clients are talking about you—whether you like it or not. 

They might be singing your praises. They might be grumbling and complaining. Either way, it’s valuable information that you can use to develop a better product/service—and make more money.

At Hello Seven, we listen closely to what our community is saying. This includes our paying clients as well as people who haven’t purchased anything… yet. 

We look at the conversations happening on social media. We analyze the questions that clients ask during coaching calls. And, we regularly ask, “What’s stopping you from making more money? What’s holding you back from having a million dollars in the bank?” 

We listen carefully. Then we go create exactly what people tell us they need. 

Listen. Create. Sell. This is how you create offers that make people feel like, “Wait…how did you know?! You’re reading my mind! Yes! That is exactly what I need! Sign me up.” 

We Should All Be Millionaires: The Club is our signature offer. We call Club members “Shmillies,” short for Shmillionaires. When the Club first started, it was pretty good. Two years later, it is world-class. We’ve upgraded the experience based on what Shmillies told us they needed.

Shmillies told us, “I want to make more money—but I don't know what to do first.”

In response, we created the Hello Seven Growth Scale: a tool that diagnoses why you’re struggling to earn more—and what you need to focus on first. Available exclusively for Club members. 

Shmillies also told us, “The world feels scary and distracting right now. It's hard to focus.”

To meet this need, we added Study Hall to the Club calendar. It’s a coworking session where you pick an important task, concentrate, and get it done. 

They told us, “I want more 1:1 attention.” 

Ask and ye shall receive! We added Hot Seat Coaching with me. Raise your hand, share your trickiest issue, and let me coach you on it. Huge mindset shifts—in minutes.. 

Shmillies said, “I want to achieve my financial goals—faster!”

We createdThe Make Money Moves Challenge: a fast-paced 5 day experience that’s all about bringing more money in the door ASAP. Tickets are $95 for the general public—but all Club members get a complimentary ticket for free. 

We started the Club with 0 members and we’ve grown to 2,500—even during a pandemic, recession, and countless other challenges. How? One word. Listening. 

Listening is a skill that makes you millions.

I want you to contact your all-time favorite client or customer. Tell this person, “I’m gathering data so I can serve my clients even better. Could I ask you 3 quick questions and get your thoughts? In gratitude for your time, I’d be happy to pay you $ or make a donation to your favorite charity.”


  1. What do you want?
  2. What’s stopping you from having this?
  3. What have you already tried in the past—and why didn’t it work for you? 

Listen closely to what they say. Their answers are worth millions. 

Collect data in other ways, too—sleuth online and read comments, throw a dinner party and listen to the conversation around the table, make an anonymous survey and ask people to fill it out, or look at complaints from prior clients/customers. Their grievances are a goldmine of valuable info. 

Your dream clients are already telling you exactly what they want, what they need, and what they’re willing to open their wallets and pay for. The information is out there. It might be tucked in a YouTube comment, in a conversation, or even sitting in your inbox right now. 

Go listen.

Go serve.

Go get those coins.


PS. We closed enrollment for We Should all Be Millionaires: The Club for several months—no new members—so that we could focus on serving our current Shmillies. 

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