How to Make $430,000 from the Intellectual Property Lying Around Your Business

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You know how sometimes, when you're doing laundry, you go through the pockets of your dirty jeans to check for chapstick and other things that can destroy your favorite shirt?
Which is rather brave of you because those jeans have been sitting at the bottom of your hamper for a month absorbing a potpourri of body odor and spilled condiments from all of the other clothes you've tossed in on top of said jeans.
So you hold your nose while courageously lifting up those smelly, bottom of the hamper jeans, shove your hand into the pocket expecting only lint (and possibly an old scrunchy) and that's when you feel it … money.

And not the jingling kind. We're talking paper, baby.

Is it a $1? Is it a fiver? how much money have you just won in the laundry lottery?
You slowly unfold the bill and your heart stops when you see it … Its a freaking $100 bill! You're rich! (Or at least you feel like it). You are marching back to the mall to get that $100 face cream that you told yourself you couldn't afford RIGHT FREAKING NOW!

Its an amazing feeling, isn't it?

Well, that is exactly how you will feel when you discover the intellectual property shoved in the bottom of your business' proverbial hamper.
Except times 5,000.
Cause you won't just find $100 bucks to buy fancy face cream. You'll find more like $500,000. That's Ferrari money, baby.
So watch this video so we can get our Ferrari on together.

[youtube width=”853″ height=”480″][/youtube]

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