How to KNOW Your New Brand Name is Safe to Use

Oh the agony and the ecstasy of finding names. Brand names that is.

RRTV Episode 12 ScreenshotOnce you’ve gone through the hell of finding a name, the last thing you want to do is concern yourself with whether you can legally use the name. But this – is CRITICAL.

Ensuring you are not opening yourself up to legal liability with your brand name is one of the smartest, and simplest, things you can do to cover your business fanny. Trademark infringement is no joke and can lead to scary cease and desist letters, having to shut down your website, and even lawsuits so it’s definitely not anything to sneeze at. (Also, why are you sneezing at things?)

Let’s be honest though, hiring a lawyer every time you come up with a name for your latest product or service can get expensive quick.

So what’s a business owner to do?
Well, watch this week’s episode of RRTV for all the details on a simple process you can use to make sure your new name is legit before you use it. It will not only give you confidence that your new brand name is ALL YOURS, but it will also tell you when you need to take action to protect this new brand name.
Without further ado:

[youtube width=”853″ height=”480″][/youtube]


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