How to know if your work is the best.

Last week at our Million Dollar Badass retreat in Huntington Beach one of our masterminders had a breakthrough mental shift. She went from being an entrepreneur who thought that her offers were pretty damn great to knowing, without a doubt, that her offers are the best in her industry.

Not one single thing about her business changed to create this realization. Her expertise didn’t change. Her testimonials didn’t change. Her offers didn’t change.

The only change was that suddenly she KNEW.

At the retreat, she saw a book in the arms of a peer, written by an expert in her same field. Another woman mentioned in an offhand way that she’d started that very book but had never finished it. As if possessed by the confidence of a young-white man straight out of Ivy League graduation, she found herself saying: “That’s because that book is BORING.”

And in that moment, she knew without a shred of doubt that she was as good as the author in her industry who is out there making it rain dollars. There was nothing hateful about the moment. She didn’t wish ill on the author of the book. She wasn’t trying to tear her down to elevate herself.

She knew the only thing standing in the way of her earning potential was her own bullshit thoughts.

Imagine the impact you could make if you knew that your message and your offers were 100% aligned with your values, the best being served in your industry, and incredibly impactful and results oriented for your clients.

Think of the person in your industry who is KILLING it. Is what you’re doing not only providing a similarly impactful transformation for your clients… but potentially also… way more badass in the way that only you can bring badass to the table?

If you don’t feel this way, that’s not abnormal and you aren’t alone—but I’m NOT going to tell you that this is okay.

It’s not enough to wish and hope.

It’s not enough to dream of the “one day” when you are at that level.

It’s not enough to think your offers are sufficient and probably/hopefully/maybe going to get the job done for your clients.

You need to know that you are the best person for the job.

This doesn’t mean that others in your industry aren’t also able to kill it—to think that way means you believe that there are a limited number of clients out there who need help and you being great means others can’t also be great—but it does mean that you are the absolute BEST person for your ideal clients to hire.

Can you imagine if I thought any one of my clients had made a mistake in working with my team and I? If I didn’t know we were the BEST choice out there for the women we serve? How could I possibly 2x my business this year without believing in what we offer?

I don’t only believe it, I can actually see it. I have done the math. I know exactly how much money we need to make each month. This means I know how many calls we need to book and how many emails we need to send. How many clients we can invite to join Glow Up and how many we can invite to join Million Dollar Badass. I know what team members I need to hire to support this growth. I know exactly what needs to happen in my business to achieve my very specific vision.

Achieving your goals will come from a clear intention combined with heightened emotion. Know that you are the best, get excited about what you have to offer and then create a plan for growth that honors that truth.

I don’t care about growing my business just for the sake of it. I care because I know what I want Hello Seven to do for women. I want my clients to feel seen, valued, and special. I want them to gain wealth so they can make massive impact. I want to be able to contribute $100K to Black Lives Matter annually. I want my children to know their worth and see what they can achieve, while also supporting them and giving them an amazing childhood. And I want my team members to be able to build wealth, too.

What gets you jazzed when you think of creating and putting your work out in the world? Not what you think you “should” do. No. What gets you lit up and makes you say:

I am a GENIUS.

Get excited about it. Create a plan. Get very specific about the REASON you NEED to make impact and shift in your industry. Not why it is wanted. Why it is NEEDED.



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