How to Be Ready When the Perfect Opportunity Knocks

Woman Throwing ConfettiImagine this scenario: out of nowhere, you get the perfect opportunity. This opportunity places you in front of millions of your ideal clients or customers. You’re suddenly doing the magical work you love, for the magical people you love, AND there’s a magical waiting list of folks just waiting for their chance to hand you fistfuls of money.
Then, out of nowhere, that amazing company you’ve always wanted to work with reaches out. They love you, they love what you do, and it’s all happening. That lucrative licensing deal you’ve been imagining? Suddenly, it’s in the works.
That book you’ve always wanted to write. That dream house you’ve always wanted to buy. That massive mailing list you’ve been wanting to materialize. All at once, it is within the palm of your hand.

What does it feel like?

Does it feel like there is amazingness just ‘a shooting out from your toes? Or does it feel … uncomfortable?
For many (dare I say most) of us, discomfort is exactly what we feel when we get exactly what we’ve been saying we want all along. And the reason is:  

“In our moments of most intense joy, we realize how vulnerable we are.” – Brené Brown

Expanding your capacity to experience joy is essential to the success of your business. Your company is only capable of as much success as you can handle. Let me say that again:

Your company is only capable of as much success as you can handle.

Can you handle pure, unadulterated joy? Particularly when buckets of it are heaped upon your head?
I know it sounds crazy but you would be surprised how desperately most of us want to stay in the familiar territory of struggling. The struggle is comfortable because we’ve been doing it for so damn long. Imagine what would happen if we managed to get comfortable with not struggling?

So what do we do to get there? How do we prepare for that incredible moment of greatness that is heading our way?

We practice so we can expand.
Practice experiencing pure joy every day. This will expand your capacity for joy. The more joy you have room for, the more joy you shall receive. This I know to be true.

So let’s get practical: how the hell do you practice experiencing joy?

  • By stating what you’re thankful for everyday. (Every single motherfucking day. No exceptions.)
  • By going to yoga.
  • By recognizing the goodness in others.
  • By feeling the grass between your toes on a warm, sunny day.
  • By loving on others.
  • And by loving on yourself.

This must be your daily practice. You cannot achieve greatness if you do not have room for it.
Make room.
What has been stretching your capacity for joy lately? How do you practice joy expansion?

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