How Much is This Whole Trademark Thing Gonna Cost Me?

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 11.01.39 AMThe trademark process can be fraught with confusion and nowhere is this more evident than when discussing trademark classes and filing fees. This can be a major stumbling block for entrepreneurs and business owners because they struggle to estimate how much it will cost them to file their application(s).
And that’s something we want to help you with!
To understand how much your application is going to cost you to file, first you have to understand what classes have to do with protecting your brand.
So watch on to get all the deets on classes and filing fees. 
After watching this video, you'll know exactly how to calculate your how much it will cost you to protect your own trademarks:
And never fear, if you’re unsure of which classes to select for your mark, this is a key part of the process of preparing your trademark registration application with Rodgers Collective. We will help you determine the best protection for your mark as we guide you through the process.
If you’d like more information about the trademark process, be sure to check out our free trademark guide here.

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