How Do I Avoid Infringing on Someone Else's Trademark When Naming My Business?

Need to come up with a name for your business, product or service? Concerned that you may wind up infringing on someone else's trademark rights?
Well, that is a valid concern because it is assumed that you know every trademark listed in the federal register. That means that “I didn't know” will not be a valid defense if you are using someone else's trademark in your business.
The penalities for trademark infringement can be quite harsh. Watch this video for 3 easy steps you can take to avoid infringing on someone else's trademark when naming your business, product or service.
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Don't forget when it comes to trademark infringement the question to ask yourself is: Is my business name confusingly similar to another business (i.e., will customers confuse my business with someone else's)?
What steps have you taken to avoid infringing on someone else's trademarks in your business? Have you ever experienced another business infringing on your trademarks? Let me know in the comments.

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