What Hello Seven means to me

Imagine the day you reach a million dollars in yearly revenue.

Maybe you’re still in bed, and you reach for your phone and see that you hit that mark while you were sleeping.

Maybe you are busting your ass on a big launch, and just like that, the orders are coming in, and you’re there!

My seven figure moment happened after I got serious and joined a mastermind and mapped out a plan to go from six figures to seven. But the actual moment I realized we were gonna hit 7-figures was when I was just crunching numbers for our first quarter sales and realized we were already halfway there and it was only March. I knew that even if I did nothing else, we would be over a million before the end of the year. I had a good, happy cry about it and texted my closest friends.

Seven figures is a big fucking deal! I never dreamed of making a million dollars a year as a lawyer or working for a nonprofit. And the impact seven figures has had on my life has been enormous. I’m not talking about Louis Vuitton everything or eating caviar on Monday mornings. I’m talking about real-life fundamental changes.

Sending my kids to private school

Until recently, private school (at $20K per kid per year) was out of the question. Remember, I’m the lady that once had to beg the bank for a fifteen hundred dollar cash advance to pay her daycare bill. So the day I enrolled my kids in private school, I felt like Superwoman. What am I working for if not to provide the very best educational opportunities to my kids?

Hiring a nanny, a private chef, and a housekeeper

You heard me. I have a private chef. There’s so many internet entrepreneurs out there who take Instagram pictures with giant diamonds and designer bags, flying on private jets and shit. This cracks me up because even when I fly first class, I am in my sweatpants. And I’ll tell you. There are no private jets in the world that are as fancy as having a private chef. If you want to feel like you’ve made it, hire somebody to cook all your meals.

Having more of an impact

The fact is that I’m one of the only seven-figure business coaches who is also a woman of color. When I host events, I always get dozens of other women of color approaching me and telling me this is the first time they’ve been in a business group and not felt alone. That’s everything to me. The idea that my kids are growing up thinking it’s NORMAL to have a mom who is building a million dollar empire?! I literally get teary-eyed thinking about it.

What does it mean to you?

Allow yourself to imagine it. What life changes could you make? What could you do for your family? What would it mean to the world? To other women?


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