Put this on your to do list (you’ll thank me later) + BIG announcement

Your success in life is largely dependent upon your willingness to do hard things. Hard things are hard. Most of us would prefer to trade in the hard for the easy like Sunday morning.

But that’s not how this works. (That’s not how any of this works.)

In order to achieve your ambitions, you will most likely have to do things that seem unimaginable or even impossible at this point in time.

And I am not talking about anything too crazy, don’t go all Old Testament on me. But you will have to embrace varying levels of hard things. Things like:

  • Risking your massive ego (we all have massive Augustus-sized egos, let’s be honest),
  • Letting go of your toxic childhood friends,
  • Believing in yourself enough to finally do your incorporation paperwork and really go all in,
  • Getting over your imposter syndrome long enough to ask for the business,
  • Dealing with that ancient tax issue (it sucks, but it must be done — it’s taking up too much brain space),
  • Raising your prices on your favorite clients,
  • Saying goodbye to the people that got you to where you are now (not everyone that helped you get here, can help you get there),
  • Risking your dollars … a lot of them (a whole bloodclot lot), and
  • Confrontations, saying the hard things that must be said to people who matter.

I know it can be a bit scary. It may seem too hard and some days you try but can’t bring yourself to do it. But let me tell you something exciting:

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”- Anais Nin

So you when you become courageous enough to do those hard things, life instantly expands. I speak from experience here.

This week I had to do a hard thing. Arguably, one of the hardest things one ever has to do as a business owner. In fact, I am still reeling from making the decision and acting on it. It woke me up last night. It’s still fresh and it still hurts.

But here’s the truth about hard things: they usher in the next level. The hard things are the achievements you have to unlock. It’s the monster you have to defeat at the end of the board, a sort of King Koopa, if you will (bonus points if you get that reference).

Doing the hard thing is hard. I will not deny it’s complete sucktitude. But once you do it, you will be flooded with renewed energy. You will become a positive force, you will be battle-tested and ready for the next stage. As my wise friend, Laura Wagner, told me this week:

The hard things are the threshold to the next era.

I know from past hard things, that this is true. In fact, my entrepreneurial journey can be viewed as a series of hard things, sewn together by lengthy periods of, previously unimaginable and seemingly impossible, creativity, confidence and success. 

So get excited about your hard things, in fact, rejoice. Because if you do it, if you take those scary, daunting steps, you will simultaneously be inviting in your next level of achievement. Whether it’s prosperity, profit or peace, you’re after, I can tell you with certainty that it’s on the other side of your hard thing.

What hard thing are you going to take action on this week? 

Now for the BIG announcement:

The Price of Small Business Bodyguard Will Double on August 16th

The price of Small Business Bodyguard is going up!If you haven’t heard the news by now the price of Small Business Bodyguard is going up to $1,095 on August 16th. Why? Well, because SBB has helped almost 2,000 entrepreneurs build solid businesses during the last 3 years. It receives regular praise from business owners around the globe (I know, because I hear from them) and its impact is only growing. We’re also adding monthly calls with our legal team, monthly bonus contract templates and cheat sheets, and a more interactive Facebook group to help our customers tackle their most gnarly legal challenges. The bottom line: SBB is a killer legal kit, it’s about to get even more killer, and the price hasn’t gone up in over two years.

If you’ve been sitting on the SBB fence for awhile, consider this your sign that it’s time to hop off and get SBB while the gettin’ is good. You have about a week to take advantage of the current price of Small Business Bodyguard before it increases by $500 smackers. Click here if you’re ready to grab your very own legal bodyguard.

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