Do THIS before you make your next decision.

You make hundreds of decisions every day. What to eat for breakfast. How much to charge for your new product. What to delegate to your assistant and what to handle yourself. Whether to text “I miss you” to your ex or nope.

Your prosperity in life is the sum total of your decisions.

I place decisions into two categories: broke ass decisions and million dollar decisions. 

A broke ass decision (aka B.A.D.) is any decision that makes you feel stuck, trapped, stressed out, depleted, emotionally or financially broke. (Undercharging? B.A.D. Dating someone who exhausts you? B.A.D. Allowing clients to treat you disrespectfully? B.A.D.)

A million dollar decision is any decision that brings you peace, power, joy, financial riches, or creates more options instead of limiting them. (Raising your rates? Enforcing boundaries? Delegating to free up space in your schedule? All great examples of million dollar decisions.)

You may be wondering, “Okay, so how can I stop making broke ass decisions and start making better ones?”

I created a framework to help you do this.

It goes like this:

The next time you are evaluating a decision (“Should I do XYZ?”) take a moment to evaluate your options using these five letters: WSABM.

W is for Want. 

What do you really want to do? What do you desire?

Out of the two or three or twenty options that you are considering, what do you MOST want to do?

S is for Shoulds. 

What are the shoulds operating here?

Are you leaning towards a particular option because that’s what society expects of you and dictates you should do, or it’s what your mom or spouse or friends want you to do?

Make sure that what you truly desire is not getting covered up in a big pile of should.

A is for Action. 

What action will you take to move in the direction of what you want?

If you have a strong desire to choose a particular option—you want to hire a nanny, move to a new home, launch a new product, etc.—what is the first action step you will take to make this happen?

B is for Body. 

What does your body feel about taking that action?

Imagine yourself taking this action step: posting a job description, making that hire, doubling your pricing, decluttering your old home and preparing to move to a new one, etc.

When you envision yourself taking this action, how does it make you feel? Do you feel alive, excited, is your heart all aflutter? Or is there a sense of impending doom? Or something in between? Check in with your body, because your body doesn’t lie.

M is for More. 

How will this decision or direction lead to more for you? What will you have more of when you go this way?

Focus on the more, rather than the cost. There will, of course, be costs in any decision you make, but pay attention to what you will gain from making this decision.

To sum this up:

A million dollar decision will be…

  • Something you genuinely Want to do.
  • Not something you think you Should do.
  • Something you’re willing to take immediate Action upon.
  • When you imagine yourself taking action, you feel alive and excited within your Body. There’s a sense of rightness.
  • And, it’s something that brings More into your life. More money, more time, more peace, more abundance.

If you’re considering a decision and it meets that WSABM criteria, then you know, “This is a good move.”

Remember the magic system: WSABM.

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Go make million-dollar decisions today.


PS. The acronym WSABM stands for We Should All Be Millionaires, which is the name of my Club, the title of my book, and my message for you.

PPS. We need a sound effect for WSABM. Maybe: Whoo-shuh-bam! Whatchu think? Please email me if you have a better suggestion. LOL.

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