I asked, and the universe answered + three steps to getting what you want.

As an entrepreneur with lots of ambition, there is probably some stuff you want right now.


  • A speaking gig in front of a large audience of your people,
  • A mailing list of 10,000 people hungry to learn from you,
  • $5,000 more a month in revenue ‘cause that would create so much freedom in your life,
  • To finally make that dream trip to Paris happen.

And, even though you know you want all of these things (so, so bad) chances are you have no idea how to actually make them happen.

Here’s the deal: you can manifest the things you want, and make them come into your life. For reals.

ParisYes, you can. And it’s not some mystical thing ruled by the unseen spirits of the universe. It’s ruled by you and your desire to make it happen. And science. Specifically, quantum physics. But I’m not gonna try to explain quantum physics to you (you’re welcome). What I do want to explain is how you manifest the things you want in life. It’s a pretty simple three step process:

  1. Think about the thing that you want. What you focus on expands. So focus on the shit that you want. Pretty simple, right? For example, when my toddler tells me he’s hungry and I tell him he has to wait until I finish doing whatever is that I’m doing, he continues to think about eating. Then after exactly 60 seconds, he decides he’s waited long enough and goes into the kitchen, pulls a chair up to the cabinet, climbs up on the chair and manifests a cookie for himself. That’s exactly how it works for bigger stuff, the more you think about the additional revenue you want, the more you will talk to people about it, gather information about it, come up with ideas of how to do it and then, of course, eventually take action to make it happen.
  2. Feel what you want. This one is harder. It’s not enough to just think about the thing that you want (although that is a great start!) you also have to FEEL it. And by feel it, I mean you have to believe it can happen. Once you allow yourself to believe, even if you have no worldly idea how you will make it happen, you also allow your emotions to get caught up in this idea. You will desire this thing with great emotion, you will love the idea of it, you will picture yourself having it, you will daydream about it and sigh dreamily, with some regularity. So basically, you have to stop keeping your emotions safe and let yourself go. Let yourself be completely vulnerable to this thing that you want and the fact that it’s a total possibility that you won’t get it. The more you feel the thing that you want, the easier it will be to manifest it.
  3. Slay daily. I was talking about #manifestinglikeamother with my friend, Susan Hyatt, and she said “Manifesting is easy when you slay daily.” FACTS. That is why slay daily is step #3. But the reality is, when you think about what you want often and you also allow yourself to feel that desire fully, you can’t help but slay daily in an effort to make it happen. Let me give you an example, this year I have invested in myself and my team at a level that I never have before. I have spent a great deal of money on training, events, and retreats this year. I knew I was going to do this at the end of last year but I was scared to do it. It required several big investments of money and time simultaneously. But choosing to make those investments was the best damn decision I could have made. I am already reaping the rewards of taking those actions.

Positive energy begets more positive energy. Which is exactly why success begets more success.

The amount of unexpected slay that happened in my life this week alone is unreal. UNREAL. And totally related to the thinking, feeling and slaying I’ve been busy doing since January. Here’s a small sample:

  • I was thinking about submitting a speaking request for a conference that looked awesome. Woke up to an email from that conferences' organizers asking me to come and speak. #manifestinglikeamother
  • Then the very same thing happened again the following day: I was gonna reach out to speak to a particular entrepreneur’s audience (it was literally on my to do list for the day!) and before I did, he sent me a FB message requesting me to speak.
  • A FB ad wizard, showed me the path to 10x the amount of SBB we sell every month, something I have been working on behind the scenes to make happen for months.
  • In an unscheduled phone call, a friend helped me figure out a complex part of my employees' compensation that I had been struggling with for months.
  • When I was at Mastermind Talks in April I committed to doing more video. Then a friend of mine called me last week stating that he thinks I should do more video and then went ahead and set up a video shoot for me in a gorgeous studio complete with incredible videographer and hair and makeup. Yup! It’s happening next Tuesday.
  • Another friend offered me some high level training materials on running masterminds for free (and I am getting ready to relaunch my Prime Mastermind so the timing was perfect!)

As Dr. David Che puts it: “What you constantly FEEL AND THINK about, and consistently focus on, you attract in your life.”

This is not just about your thoughts. And it’s not just about saying your daily affirmations as you plaster on a fake smile in the mirror. It’s about what you believe is possible and the emotions you feel in your heart that back up that belief. And slaying. Don’t forget to slay.

Want help thinking, feeling and slaying your way to more revenue, more time and more impact? Why wouldn’t you?! Want to invest in yourself, have an adventure and grow your business all at the same damn time? Of course you do! Waltz over to this page right here to get the 411 on having a one-on-one retreat with me in Paris! Yassssss, boo, I said PARIS! Me, you, the City of Lights and all your dreams #manifestinglikeamother. It’s called Handled: Paris and it’s going to be spectacular! See you there! <3 

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