4 words to never say again.

Here are 4 words that I want you to erase from your vocabulary.

“I can’t afford it.”

Whenever I hear someone say this, instantly, the room feels like a deflated balloon. It’s like the DJ abruptly cut the music and now there’s sad silence. “I can’t afford it” sounds like defeat. Giving up before you even tried.

Here’s what to say instead: 

“I want [describe what you desire: the house, the trip, the program you want to do, etc.] because [reason why]. I don’t have the funds available right this second. However, I can generate the money I need. I need [number] dollars. Here’s how I’m going to get it…”

Then, brainstorm 20 ways to get the cash in the door.

For starters, you can:1. Email your favorite client and make an enticing proposition. Sell them a new, exciting, VIP offer.2. Circle back to your last 10 customers. Send a personal note. Let them know what you’re selling right now and how to get it. 3. Reach out to a conference organizer. Get paid to deliver an inspiring keynote talk.4. Make a list of 10 victories you achieved at work. Use this info to negotiate with your boss for a bonus or raise. (Self-employed? Even better. Raise your own prices.)5. Do a declutter sale. That cake batter mixer you have used literally zero times? Bye. Sell items you don’t need. Stack the bills.6. Follow up with a lead who expressed interest in working with you but didn’t purchase yet. Give them a timeline to decide. Close the deal.7. Go BIG. For instance, if you need $50k to purchase what you want, create a high-end offer that costs $50k. Convince 1 client to buy it. Just like that, you reached your goal. One and done.

…keep brainstorming. Add more ideas to your Make Money Quickly list. What could you offer? Who could you approach? If needed, how could you use debt (credit card, loan, home equity line of credit, etc.) strategically in service of a bigger goal? 

Another question to explore: “Can I generate a portion now and figure out the rest later?” Make a partial deposit and come up with the rest in the future. Trust that if you can make more money one time, then you can do it again—on demand.

When you switch from, “This isn’t possible” to “How could this be possible?”, this mental shift changes your entire life. 

Once you realize that you have the ability to generate more money, any time, for any reason, nothing is ever the same. 

Can you afford it? Yes you can. That’s not even up for debate. 

The real question is: What do you want—and what are you going to do about it?

Rachel Rodgers

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