Hello Seven Community Guidelines

Respect each other's identities

We welcome & uplift those who have been historically & systemically disrespected by society. Don't assume pronouns, backgrounds, ethnicities, sexual orientation or gender identity of our Shmillies.

Use inclusive language

We want to use language that allows us all to be included. Avoid generalizations like “ladies” or “gals” because those terms don’t represent all of the folks here. “Ya'll” or “Team” work great.

Take personal responsibility

A core value of Hello Seven and essential to everyone’s growth. We all exist at choice, and we refuse victimhood. The number one person responsible for their experience in this community is you.

Be respectful, even when you disagree

This group is here to foster positive discussion. If you have value to add, respond! Hard conversations & vulnerable shares welcome – we’re about uplift, support and growth – not trolling or bullying.

This is an actively inclusive community

We don’t ask Black and systemically marginalized folks to assume positive intent. We do suggest you cautiously assume folks who joined are doing/want to do the work needed on their unconscious biases.

Share value! No hate, No shame, No good-byes

Introduce yourself, share wins, ask questions, give opinions and insights! We’re all here to support each other and be real. The more you give, the more you get back. No good-bye posts or nastygrams.

Be resourceful

Before you post a question, take a moment to see if the answer is already there in the FB group or in the member site. Don’t treat fellow members as your personal Google.

No private messages or links

Yes to networking! Build that community! But be respectful of fellow Shmillies – no links, spam, or sales pitches. You must have explicit permission to PM someone in the group – including the H7 team.

Ask for help when you need it

We're here to support you! However, we can’t help if we don’t know what’s going on. Make a habit of reaching out to us with ideas, concerns, feedback, and issues at info@helloseven.co.

Change is constant

As our community grows and continues to amaze us, we will continue to adapt, adjust, and change rules and guidelines as needed to thoughtfully support and uplift our members.

Updated: May 2022

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