Who Is Your Shadow Client?

There’s a type of client who does REALLY well working with me. She’s motivated, curious and she believes in herself. I’m not saying this client is perfect. She might be a hot mess but she is ready and eager to learn. She may be a beginner but she is putting in the hours. She has bad days and needs guidance but she doesn’t doubt entrepreneurship and she doesn’t doubt that seven-figures is possible. She just doubts that her current tactic is the right tactic or that she is making the right decisions. When we have a call, she shows up prepared. When I give her a list of things she needs to focus on this month, I can count on the fact that she’ll do them. When she has a setback, she doesn’t think about giving up. Most importantly, she values what I’m delivering—straight up unfiltered feedback. I don’t beat around the bush and this client appreciates that because she has no time to waste.

This is my ideal client. This is who I write for, look out for, and create my best work for.

There’s also a type of client that does not do as well working with me. Like my ideal client, she also is very smart, a hard worker and has amazing ideas. In fact, I often can’t tell these two clients apart at first because they’re both motivated to make money and they want to know what to do to make that happen. But this type of client is someone who feels conflicted about entrepreneurship. When something goes wrong, she questions herself (not the tactic). She’s someone who wants to know the answer but has trouble learning; she questions the advice she’s given and then either doesn’t do it or does it halfway. Often she’s just looking for something (emotions-focused coaching) that isn’t the thing that I offer (direct business advice).

This type of my client is my shadow client.

I’m getting so clear on this shadow client that I have a few “warning signs” that I look out for:

  • Always has an excuse for why she didn’t do something or why something didn’t work
  • Doesn’t complete the assignments that our team gives her, or alters the assignments significantly
  • Questions if she is right for entrepreneurship

If you have an ideal client, you have a shadow client and the best thing you can do is be aware of the warning signs.

The faster you can identify your shadow clients, the faster you can either end the relationship or put in place a rescue mission. Depending on your industry, a rescue mission might look like telling them directly what’s not working, setting firm boundaries, or revising the specifics of your working relationship.

So here’s your assignment:

  1. Think of three clients that were NOT a fit for you or your offering
  2. Identify any patterns, behaviors or warning signs
  3. Come up with a plan for shadow clients. Will you cut them out? Give them a chance? Give tough love? Give yourself room to try a few different tactics and see what works

Remember, a shadow client is taking up the time and energy that an ideal client would be so grateful for.


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