Tuesday, January 24 to Thursday, January 26, 2023

San Juan, Puerto Rico
More Income
More Income

What's the I in ROI that you're calling into your life in 2023?

Come to Puerto Rico. Choose your I. Find your why.
We'll see you at ROI!

What is ROI?

ROI: The Millionaire Summit is a conference on business, money, and mindset—unlike anything you’ve experienced before. 

The Details

  • Three days of sunshine in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
  • Tuesday, January 24 to Thursday, January 26, 2023.
  • Learn from brilliant speakers. 
  • Get a lightbulb moment and find your 2023 inspiration. 
  • Meet a life-changing friend, collaborator, or client.

Three Days of Absolute Magic

  • Networking
  • Business education
  • Life-changing coaching sessions
  • Coworking time to get important tasks done
  • Wellness and creativity opportunities to fuel your body and focus your mind
  • A conference created by BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and women business leaders—for you, by you.

No, you’re not dreaming. It’s real! It’s all happening at ROI.

There’s no better way to kick off the New Year. 

What to Expect

Inspiration Time

Get inspired by world-class speakers who share how they made their first million, the challenges they overcame, and how you can do the same. 

Connection Time

During breakfast, lunch, cocktail hour, and while restaurant hopping in San Juan, mingle with diverse entrepreneurs. Meet a new friend, collaborator, or client.

Work Time

Drop into a coworking session to get important tasks done. 

Quiet zone (no chatting) where you can write a newsletter, brainstorm podcast episode topics, map out your 2023 business plan, or whatever money-moves you need to make.

Rest Time 

While we’re prioritizing content that will deliver an ROI, we also know that downtime is important to integrate all you’re learning. We’ll have study halls, meals, and sessions built to help you manage your mindset. Back at your hotel, you can book a massage, get a poolside mani-pedi, or nap on the beach. 

Adventure Time

Take a break from the action and explore beautiful Puerto Rico. Close to the conference venue, you'll find spas, museums, shops, beaches, and more. 


The Schedule

ROI Kicks off on Tuesday, January 24, at 6:00 pm EST, with Shmillie Sermons — we’ll be inviting you, as a Shmillie, to speak at ROI, and we will feature a select group of you in this intimate kick off to our inaugural event.

Our scheduled sessions and programming will begin at 9:30 am on Tuesday, January 24, 2023.

ROI concludes: 8 pm on Thursday, January 26, 2023

Each day at ROI, we provide more than 8 sessions for you to choose from. 

Attend 1 or 2 activities to keep things spacious. Or come to all 7 if you feel like doing the most!

Choose Your Own Adventure

Variety of options each day. Do what you want. Skip what you don't.

Attend a presentation and spend the rest of the day at the beach. Or, join a coworking session followed by dinner with a new friend. 

Whether you want to be in a room filled with 100 people, 50, 20, 10, or a 1-on-1 experience, there’s something for everyone at ROI. 

Schedule Highlights 

Mindset. Marketing. Money. And more. We cover it all.

We know you’re going to love the following presentations we’re building out for you…

You’ll have the opportunity to pursue sessions on four different learning tracks:


What do you want to be known for? Get clear on your message, craft an unforgettable brand story, and take action to call in your dream clients. 


Every Million Dollar Decision brings you closer to a millie in the bank. Maximize your earning potential, bring more cash in the door every month, and make irl MDDs. 


What’s the exact strategy that will bring your company to seven-figures and beyond? Make a plan, set up systems, and find opportunities for expansion and evolution.


How can you generate sustainable revenue, consistently and with an offer that lights you up? Build an unstoppable offer to take your business to the next level.

All summit sessions will be guided by four tracks: Marketing, Money, Operations, and Offers. During breakout sessions, Shmillies will review their businesses, make decisions, and take steps to move forward in each of these four areas. We’re not just setting goals here, we’re conquering them IRL!

When You Leave ROI, You’ll Have…

  • Your business plan for 2023—mapped out.
  • Money-generating action steps—completed.
  • A million dollar mindset. No more settling for crumbs. It’s a New Year and that means new pricing, new boundaries, and a whole new attitude. In ‘23 we’re gettin’ that money!

Come to ROI to begin your 2023 on a powerful note. 

PS. Did we mention the sunny weather, swaying palm trees, and panoramic ocean views?

About the Venue

ROI is happening at the Centro de Convenciones de Puerto Rico Dr. Pedro Rosselló González. Known simply as the Puerto Rico Convention Center for short.

Address: 100 Convention Blvd, San Juan, 00907, Puerto Rico

  • Stunning architecture
  • 12,800 sq foot outdoor terrace with an ocean view
  • Air conditioning
  • Disability access
  • High speed Internet 
  • Lobby lounge
  • Concierge desk
  • 15 meeting rooms

About Puerto Rico

ROI takes place in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
You’ve never been to Puerto Rico before? 

Everything you need to know: 

  • In January, the weather in Puerto Rico ranges from 72° F (low) to 83° F (high). 
  • U.S. citizens and permanent residents don't need a passport (or visa) to visit Puerto Rico, because it’s a territory of the United States. Just show up!
  • You have a U.S. cell phone plan? You don’t need an international phone plan in Puerto Rico. You already have coverage. You’re all set.
  • The currency used in Puerto Rico is the U.S. dollar. Bring your Benjamins!
  • 270 miles of coastline and stunning white sand beaches. Just sayin’.
  • Sonia Sotomayor—first woman of color and first Latina member of the U.S. Supreme Court—comes from Puerto Rican ancestry. So do Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jennifer Lopez. 
  • Home to the largest rum distillery in the world. The piña colada was invented in Puerto Rico. So…  

You should definitely get yourself a ticket to ROI.

Getting to ROI

“Which airport should I fly into?”

  • Fly into Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport, also known as the San Juan Airport (SJU). 
  • From the airport, it’s a 13-minute car ride to get to ROI.
  • Puerto Rico has Uber and Lyft, as well as numerous taxi and limousine companies.
  • There are 588 nonstop flights from the mainland U.S. to Puerto Rico.

“How long does it take to get to Puerto Rico?” 

  • From NYC, 3 hours and 45 mins.
  • From Atlanta, 3 hours and 25 mins. 
  • From Miami, 2 hours and 30 mins. 

In other words: closer than you think.

Where to Stay

ROI is a 3-day event. Book yourself a room at a nearby Airbnb, VRBO, or hotel such as:

Aloft San Juan

Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel and Casino

Hyatt Place San Juan


Condado Vanderbilt

We have negotiated special hotel rates for you. 

After you purchase your ticket to ROI, you’ll receive an email with our special hotel rates and booking info, which you can use to save $$$.

We encourage you to arrive in Puerto Rico a few days early (or stay a few days afterward) to extend your trip and savor everything the island has to offer.

Why You Need to Be at ROI

  • Meet Shmillies and coaches in person. Finally! IRL not URL.
  • Attend brilliant presentations that get you fired up for the New Year.
  • Map out your 2023 business plan and get all the details written down.
  • Attend co-working sessions and get things done. Craft that email. Revamp that program. Contact potential clients and ask for their business. Tick things off your list. Get it done and get those coins. 
  • Soak in the sunshine, grab a mojito, and savor the music, food, and Caribbean vibes.

Meet the Presenters

Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings

Co-Founders, Earn Your Leisure

Rashad, a financial advisor, and Troy, an educator, are known as “the kings of financial literacy.” Their mission: bring financial knowledge to the Black community, and teach people how to spend their money, share it, invest it, save it, and make it grow. They co-host the Earn Your Leisure Podcast, one of the top 20 business podcasts in the US.

Pinky Cole

CEO and Founder, Slutty Vegan

Pinky started selling plant-based burgers from her apartment, built a fanatical following, then launched her first brick-and-mortar location—and had a crowd of 1,200 people waiting outside, lined up on grand opening day. Now with 8 restaurant locations, she’s a millionaire badass who’s been featured in Essence, Black Enterprise, The New York Times, and beyond. 

Amy Purdy

Elite Athlete, Paralympian, Founder of Adaptive Action Sports
Amy began snowboarding seven months after she received her prosthetic legs, and went on to win the bronze medal in the 2014 Paralympic Games, and a bronze and silver medal in the 2018 Games. She is the first Paralympian to ever appear on the cover of Women's Health Magazine, and one of the top motivational speakers in the world.

Other Presenters

Teri Ijeoma

Founder, Invest with Teri

While working as an assistant principal, Teri got frustrated by the low pay and rigid schedule. She loved the kids—but wanted more freedom. She started day-trading in the stock market to make extra cash, initially earning $100 a day, then $300, then more. Soon, friends got curious and begged her for lessons. Fast forward to today: Teri makes millions in the stock market—and through her company, Invest with Teri, where she teaches popular courses on trading. 

Myron Golden 

Leading Expert on Sales, Marketing, and Revenue Growth

Myron refuses to let excuses get in the way. He finds a way to succeed no matter what—and will inspire you to do the same. As a child, he contracted polio and has used a metal brace to walk his entire life. Nonetheless, he became a black belt in martial arts, record label owner, and  millionaire. He teaches business optimization strategies to help clients grow to 7 and 8 figures.

Robert Hartwell

Host and Executive Producer, Taking Back the House, a new television show from the Oprah Winfrey Network, HGTV, and Scott Brothers Entertainment

Robert is a CEO whose multi-million dollar performing arts education company hit the Inc 5000 List for rapid revenue growth. He’s currently filming season 1 of his own TV show. He believes that everyone has a story to tell—and once you start telling your story to the world, that is when your business explodes and huge doors open for you. If you want to tell stories that keep audiences on the edge of their seats, Robert will show you the way. 

Susan Hyatt

Master certified life coach 

15 years ago when Susan quit her job as a real estate agent to become a life coach, her husband was worried that she wouldn’t make any money. Susan’s response? “Watch me.” One year later, she was earning $100k. A few years after that, she scaled her coaching practice to $1,000,000. She continues to rise and soar—and prove the doubters wrong.

Full speaker lineup will be announced in October.

Meet the Guests

Who will you meet at ROI? 

  • Diverse entrepreneurs from every field: wellness, finance, design, publishing, education, law, and beyond. 
  • Angel investors looking for their next project (maybe it’s you).
  • People at all stages of the wealth journey—from “just getting started” to “earning $100k” to “making millions.” (Everyone has something to offer. We can learn from one another.)
  • Your next business bestie, collaborator, or client.

We asked our registered ticket-holders, “Why are you coming to ROI?” 

Here’s what they said.

“A conference filled with BIPOC entrepreneurs and millionaires? I literally could not sign up fast enough! I am there!”

“I’m coming to ROI because I need a break from Zoom and I’m craving in-person connection.” 

“I’m coming because I want to start 2023 feeling well-rested, focused, inspired, and powerful. What better place than ROI?”

What Is Stopping You From Having a Million Dollars in the Bank?

Whatever it is—lack of education, not having the right support network, imposter syndrome, self-doubt, or simply not knowing the right steps to take—our mission is to clear those blocks out of your way. 

This is why R.O.I was created. 
To remove whatever obstacles are standing between you and a millie. 

And, to lift your spirits, feed your creativity, and leave you glowing from the inside out—ready for an amazing 2023.

What makes R.O.I different is this conference is created by women, people of color, and LGBTQIA people. A conference created by people who look like you and love like you, who understand the challenges you face, and who share your experiences. 

Come to R.O.I to begin (or continue) your journey to wealth. 
This is where you need to be.

Health and Safety

If you are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, you do not need to provide a negative COVID-19 test result or proof of vaccination when you arrive in Puerto Rico.

However, for everyone’s well-being, ROI is taking additional safety measures above & beyond what the local laws require.

We require that each ROI guest, speaker, and staff member be vaccinated for COVID-19 (unless you have a medical reason that prevents you from doing so). 

In addition, we require that each ROI guest, speaker, and staff member take a COVID-19 test 3 days prior to the conference. Email a copy of your negative test result to the event coordinator. We’ll send you a reminder 2 weeks before the conference with instructions. 

Thank you for doing your part to keep everyone well.

Questions to Decide If You Should Be at ROI or Not

You’re considering coming to ROI…but haven’t made up your mind? 

Do this quiz to arrive at a decision.

01. Do you run a business or side-business, or plan to start a business soon?

02. Do you want to make more money than you currently do?

03. Would you like to meet BIPOC entrepreneurs who are self-made millionaires, hear their stories, and learn how they did it?

04. Are you tired of online experiences and craving in-person magic?

05. Do you aspire to build a company that can eventually grow to seven-figures in annual revenue and beyond?

06. Do you sometimes struggle to get things done when you’re working from home—but when you leave home and go elsewhere, you can focus better and make huge progress with your business goals?

07. Would you like to visit the gorgeous, sun-kissed island of Puerto Rico?

08. Do you want to break out of a rut, shake things up, and get an infusion of new money-making ideas and new energy?

09. Do you want 2023 to be the most prosperous year that you’ve ever had? And, want to start the New Year on a high note?

10. Final question: Do you want to slather yourself in lotion, bask in the sun, sip a frosty piña colada, and nibble on crispy tostones while the ocean waves lap at your feet?

If you answer Yes to all or most of those questions, then, this decision is simple:
You need to be at ROI. 

Get your Ticket 

Your ticket to ROI: The Millionaire Summit includes:

  • 3 days of presentations, coaching, coworking, and networking in sun-kissed Puerto Rico
  • Prep work (before the event) to get you completely ready
  • Fabulous swag waiting for you upon arrival
  • Millionaire notebook and pen to write down all those genius $$$ ideas
  • Breakfast and lunch and snacks each day plus coffee and tea
  • New friends, new clients, new attitude, new money-making ideas, new level!

Your all-inclusive ticket is $2,195 USD.

Admission goes up to $2,495 on October 8th.

… or upgrade to the VVIP experience featuring:

  • Access to a dedicated WIP lounge at the conference, including dedicated service, refreshments and exclusive networking opportunities
  • Priority access to Hello Seven staff + coaches for braindates, our 1-1 meeting offering
  • Dedicated off-site networking lounge for VIP guests
  • Dedicated check-in lines at the convention center and reserved seating for mainstage sessions
  • Invitation to a private VIP breakfast hosted by the one and only Rachel Rodgers
  • 5 days, 4 nights (Monday – f=Friday) at the Condado Vanderbilt 5-Star Hotel
  • Airport transportation to + from the conference (Puerto Rico only)
  • Daily transportation to + from the conference
  • Private off-site reception on Tuesday night exclusive to VIP guests

Your VVIP ticket is $12,000 USD.

Frequently Asked Questions

Terms and Conditions

Your ticket for ROI: The Millionaire Summit does not include transportation to or accommodation in Puerto Rico. 

Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.  

Hello Seven acknowledges that COVID-19 continues to be a threat, and will take the necessary precautions to minimize exposure and risk to the Hello Seven community. Accordingly, we are now implementing this Policy to promote the health and safety of our clients and employees, support public health efforts, and preserve our business continuity.  

Due to the evolving nature of expert guidance regarding COVID-19, this policy is subject to regular review and revision at the discretion of Hello Seven.  

Until further notice, we are requiring all guests, speakers, and staff to be fully vaccinated to enter this event. Each person must show proof of vaccination and will be required to take a COVID test prior to the start of the event to be allowed entry.  

We are also requiring that you wear a suitable face mask that covers the nose and mouth at all indoor settings during the event.

Come to ROI to start your 2023 on an incredibly powerful note.

Caribbean island vibes. Shmillies IRL. Inspiration to the max.
What more can we say

This is where you need to be.